Gotcha ....

It was autumn, I decided to go looking for mushrooms in the direction of the station Mihnevo.Na station and there were people waiting for a man with a basket avtobus.Zametiv I approached and asked where it is better to go for that guy invited to go with him for the company and that the special places he znaet.Voobschem mushrooms we collected together, sold and bought vypivku.Vecherom already colder I zasobiralsya home but a new friend offered to come to his house first, and drink another pokushat.Podymayas the stairs I noticed that it is as if the rear leads to the other does not and girlfriend. ..but I was well drunk and not particularly paying attention to the strangeness, chatted horrible, told him that a woman would have to be what some priglasit.Ya then and had no idea that the role of the girls will carry me.
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Finally we went to the apartment, one immediately locked the door and hid it like that ego.Potom sighed with relief ... I then realized why ... I was in full its rasporyazhenii.Ya sat down on a chair and went something chat, mushroom passing by looked at me and especially to my mouth completely different ... While talking he stood in front of me, the conversation ended he asked how I feel blue, I drew the eyes, and why no skazal..da kak.Podnyav look I saw that mushroom rastegnul pants pulled huy.Ya watched spellbound as his fat cock rocking stared me straight in the blue rot.Ya he said, and you're going to him now sosat.Ne voluntarily, I'll beat you and still otsosesh! I understood that escape not much, but at that time head of the penis close to my lips close ...

I could say that women never licked a dick ... but he was already Nala led by a dick to me in gubam..i continued ugrozhat..Ya obediently opened his mouth, and immediately there was a thick zalupa..Bolshe it out of my mouth had no words only my moo and savory chmokane..Mne was not pleasant but what to do !? I by a dick in her mouth looked at the rapist and he looked at me with a kind of master and even perezritelno and taking my head began to stick my mouth on my dick and penetrate all glubzhe.Gribnik I would not let a few days, constantly fucked in her mouth, kissing passionately and almost none of which of course he did not govoril..i lowered menya.Iznasiloval ass. Of course, I myself got cancer but on his orders.

He slowly began to enter my dick in asshole, moaning with pleasure and after a time he cried and I felt something as his dick started to twitch and pouring into me spermu.Tak I became passive pederast, cocksucker and vaflerom .. (In the mouth it is me too finished) and sex with activists like me now with coercion and humiliation. And I love to suck dick ... I want to I iznasilavali two assets but of course the type of game !!!!! Now my mouth and ass at your disposal Geyi !!!! mushroomer Say thank you !!! I understand you too .... the girls need ... !!! I'm ready udoletvoryaet free !!!