The most zingy tights

Last my story about how I fucked pantyhose from 10 of the most incredible women from whom I stole approximately 5 voskhetitelnyh tights. But one woman wanted to tell on more detailed. My name is my heroine Zinachka, it looks Snog sshibatelno, big woman with a big ass and at the same time with a very beautiful face. This woman drove all just crazy, once I walked down the street, and who it was passing by, be sure to turn around after her, and I'm with them saglasen, a member of the strained like mad. How lucky her husband, jealous of just about everything she had a son, Igor, in his childhood he was a bit shy and I was easily his breed.

One fall, he fell ill and neposhol to school, I was pleased
I decided to call him out. I began to persuade him that he stole from the Nurse tights that she took the day before, because I had seen on the morning of what she went to work. At first he refused, obasnuya that home grandmother and make no udasttsa, but then suddenly his grandmother was going to the store and then upiratsya nebylo opportunities. A minute later, her stockings were at me, he ran to her room and chat with the chair grabbed zingy thin tights. To my delight nebylo limit home exploring tights prishol to believe that she has such an ass, and was a huge vagina, because she changed her pantyhose every day, such as gloves. Even panties nemogli keep her urine stream, specifically tights were wet, and what I need to night I endured as I could so as not to nadrugatsya over them, when suddenly there was a knock at the window, I looked out and saw standing Igor.

The time was about 18 hours, by which time the work comes from his mom and I just proshiblo then, I wrapped in newspaper kolgotochki, I felt sorry that I have not taken advantage of Zinochkinymi tights. Vyskachil the street and came to Igor ask what happened nurse saw the loss? No it does not even pay attention, I immediately dropped the stone from the soul, and what-have you come running, but that's for the nurse watched, she took off her tights and otnyasla to the laundry, and I stole them from her and brought.

I was taken aback, at first I did not know what to do, because she really sees loss, on the other hand Igorek will not be able to enclose their nazat and suddenly caught and I decided to take them too. I Went early on such gifts my dick did not want otkazyvatsya, Dastan prearranged sandals and began to pull the tights on the penis, my penis easily took them in herself, it was as healthy as the same awesome they fuck. A large woman, and I absorbed it like a candy stockings, pulled prezervativchik top and sandals and fucked them bezzhalosno. And another pair licked most of the night, as if she worked for me specifically. What is the charm, I 3 times a night finished on the tights in the same condom. I still wanted to be happy, to repeat with her pantyhose, but Igor has grown up married, and I myself, alas pull her pantyhose does not work. But one thing in my life, even so izminit, my wife really wanted to know that I was once in a lifetime. And I would like to be engaged in sex, I first somehow shyly offered her a try through pantyhose, she immediately saglosilas. After I boldly told her about my past, about the pantyhose and the fact that I had a relationship with my aunt. Now everything is great, my wife is glad that I told her everything. And that
that was my aunt, that's no problem.