Stasik X

X. X is not the first letter of the surname, name, I did not change, for greater proximity to the action. Who knows, he will understand and confirm. Let me forgive Stas, but the story I have to bring to the people.
I do not even know where to start. Whether with a history of Stace, or with how we met. I'll start from the beginning.
Last winter, I happened to be in my, in part native, northern city. The road I chose not fast, the train went through almost the whole of our vast country. Before Yekaterinburg drove the car in full, fellow travelers in the compartment were replaced as gloves. Well, that was a change in Ekaterinburg and I could relax in the hotel midday. The next train, departing in the evening, was almost empty, and I thought that my compartment remains only for me. As the door slid open and he first poked a huge bag, like a shuttle, and only then frail body, I began to rejoice that this fragile girl that I have to while away for almost two days. But it was a guy, and even got accustomed to it, I recognized it, his classmate, who had not seen since the day of release from the school. It was Stas, he has not changed.
- Stasik! - I cried. - What a meeting! Long time no see!?
- Roma? - He was surprised. - Where are you from here?
- Yes, for the food in your region, and you?
- So, I do not much and never left, that's how I'm better, it turns out that something is not, but the bread and butter enough.
Stas began to undress, putting his trunk under the shelf, along the way talking about his life. After two hours, we drank the first bottle of brandy, eaten a hearty dinner and chatted about who got what, who saw that he had heard. Normal conversation classmates met after a long break. The train sped us through the snow-covered fields, the car was no more than seven people, some slept, someone was smoking in the vestibule, lazily walked the waitress from the restaurant, with a straightforward set of eatables. We loaded it for a bottle of cognac, and she quickly returned, expecting either a tip, or our offer to share our table and the bottle of brandy. Which, judging by the exorbitant price it was more or less true of all of the proposed range in the restaurant car. I looked at Stas reaction to the waitress, and without seeing the interest in his eyes, politely said goodbye to her, with instructions to return in the morning with breakfast in our compartment.
Razomlev of cognac and heating, we dimmed the lights and began to prepare for bed. I took off his clothes and left in his underpants crawled under the sheet. Stas stripped naked, and rummaged in his bag, or slightly embarrassed me. I looked at his tanned body, and so tanned by nature, with no white stripes. From the back, I would have taken him for a girl, became a member of the treacherous swell, but I drove on my own vision and thought of the conductor.
- Are you on the nudist beach sunbathing? - I tried not to give themselves a voice.
- Well, yes, and I go to the solarium. - Stas turned to me. And I saw that he did not fully ensure that shaven and seemed proeppilirovan. Smooth thin sinewy body, with such a good medium term. Stas muttered something about the things that can not be found, and wrapped in a sheet. Spilling more.
We started talking to family issues. Stas had a wife, but she went to study, not returned, only sending the documents for divorce. Our conversation became more acute affect intimate topics. About tendencies and orientations. I wanted to tell something so ordinary and intimate, but Stas ahead of me.
- Rum, and you know that most people are bisexual by nature, but some do not realize it or do not want to show it. Afraid not be understood. Wear it to myself, to hide. Because of this crumbling family relationships do not add up, so not a certainty to some sexual camp breaks life.
- Well, I have this calmly. Everyone chooses his own path as a vital and sexy. We do not despise those people who have chosen to work the seller, military, working, driver. Why, then, the man who has chosen the path is not as sexy as most, driven by society. This, I think, speaks in our Soviet past. To be like everyone else! Think and live the same way.
- Roma Here I see that you are a normal person. Here you would have thought that I was gay or bi?
- Stas, you are always different in this regard. Do you remember your speech at the after-school hours in the school? We then all thought you were queer. But when we were kids and we did not understand everything.
Here it is necessary to step back and tell the backstory of Stas.
In our school loved to do outside school hours, from 4 to 7 class somewhere inclusive. Under the guidance of the class teacher and some of the parents we were going on the weekends at school, in class. Namyvali it were tables, the girls baked pies. There were various competitions and performances classroom performances. One of the rooms was the performance crown Stas. He was dressed in women's clothes and singing to the sound recording, posing Pugachev, Rotary and other singers. It is now popular and known all these parodies, and then it caused laughter and admiration for the skill of Stas. He used all the female parts of clothing, a few dresses, even a stuffed bra. We certainly felt it in blue, or simply by a fag, but until the moment is in high school, he did not attract the weaker sex. Even they said that a couple of young teachers went through his penis.
He looked, as it is now fashionable to say, as a metrosexual. Watched and cared for him, he was a dark by nature. Long curly hair framed his face, with refined features. By constitution he was thin and even wore insulting nickname, something to do with the plant. With parents and teachers was polite and courteous, which did not prevent him from being slobs and truants. At that time I met him, he did not change much. In the army he was not taken due to health problems. His parents have been divorced for a long time, he lived with his mother and sister. She Stas was beautiful, the same dark and slender, his senior by two years, in relation to the brother she was without complex and gave him a lot of advice in dealing with girls.
Continuing our conversation.
- But with that it all started somewhere probably from the 7th grade, I was 13, however, is not to disguise themselves but ...
He moved on my shelf in shielding the sheet and shaking hands with a glass of brandy began to tell. Then follows the story of Stas in the first person.
Although there was a case when I changed clothes in the hallway on the third floor, where there is usually no one there, so even on weekends. There were two of them, how the wind has brought them there, I do not know. But just at that moment I was in some pantyhose and bra, bending down, trying to pull over the head of a narrow dress that stuck and I just heard a noise and rough steps, approaches me. I was standing with his back to him.
- What's a girl to help? - I felt a cold hand on my ass. Trying to twitch and turn, I was immediately imprinted in the wall face, dress hurt to breathe. His hands were chained above his head. Somebody's hand reached into her tights and lapaya my ass started to move, he probably thought, to the crotch, hoping to find there a virgin pussy. My penis and testicles had been raised to the stomach, so as not to interfere with the dance in this dress. At that time, the genitals were not yet fully developed and more .... I jerked and dress ripped, flew down from the head. At the same moment his hand, finding no sexual sponges, rushed up and stumbled on the testes. The man jumped back, and I took advantage of it.
- You Th, assholes? You do not understand - I turned two PTUshnik stood in front of me.
- Fucking fag! What are you, bitch? Ohrenel? - The largest swung, the second not so did not understand, was drooling.
At this point, the call came from the bottom of the classroom, was my way out. The guys got cold feet and having time, goodbye, kicked me with his foot, fled. I realized that if you do not stay alive, unharmed. In their wacky world do not forgive people like me, brought up on the street and zonovskih laws, but does not happen in prison, teenage substitute the concept and this happens a lot frostbitten actions on their part.
This incident prompted me to think that my transformation happened a hundred percent. And I decided to be neither more to get used to the role, to experience it to the end and not be recognized. The right moment was not, I copied the behavior of the sisters, she tells me, not how much surprised I transvistizmu. I dreamed of becoming an actor and dreamed of entering the MAT. So I trained for a year, watching all kinds of movies and tutorials. Sometimes I went on the streets in rags with sestruhinyh daubed face. And although I can say he lived a double life, I'm not a bit lost his heterosexuality. I Met, or rather, just friends with girls drank vodka and smoked with boys. But something seemed not completed in my way. When I stood in front of a mirror in a short skirt and fishnet tights. I shaved all the hair on his body, so that at the crucial moment I was not given any hair. I thought that my ability to play the men and women who play no small role in theatrical revenues. In our province there was not some circles, except the school theater. But I was afraid it was a play female roles, unless there is fairy-tale characters, Baba Yaga, and others. Since the school and so almost reputed by a fag, and a lot of effort had to make, to fling away the shadow of suspicion.
Ended Grade 8, the street was already summer weather, the girls walked in the short skirts and all thoughts were on the street. The school was learning from scratch, especially German. New lecturer was angry and did not like slobs like me. At one point, after the lesson, he left me a long time and chastised, I was broke and insulted him. The German immediately when I wrote a paper on the director's name, written out all my grades and truancy. He said that today is waiting for my parents, and then tomorrow will be a paper on the table with the director, and I was waiting for the imminent expulsion. How evil mother left behind belongings in the Baltic States, and we lived with my sister. It may have been for the better. I told him that I could after school to call his sister, who was a student in the 10th grade our own school. When I told my sister Angela, that I want vyperet from school, she was in shock. Because his mother would not survive this. She said that I was waiting for her at the German cabinet. Having come to the office after school, I went to him, since it was opened. It was dark, and only a single desk lamp was burning, illuminating a pile of notebooks with the control. Nearby stood a thermos and lay two sandwiches with cheese. I swallowed hard, (we learned in the second shift, due to the overcrowding of the school had three shifts) and I have not eaten. I went to the end of the class, to the shelves with books, taking some work on the German philosopher, I began to leaf through it in the darkness. For rack were two chairs and a table, where sipping tea, our German, when we wrote the pilot. He usually looked back at us from behind the books, I watched someone withdraws. In the hallway, he heard the conversation, German and Angela went to class.
- Oh, please, well, he corrected. - Aching sister in the back of the teacher.
- What are you shouting for the whole school. - The German went to the table, without turning on ambient light. I'm going to go out and join them, but he thought that he had missed time. Okay, I sit, listen, sister can soften him with his whining. The teacher sat down and continued to leaf through the notebook. Angela stood before him, her hands folded on his chest. In his small, almost flat chest. How many times have I helped her with the clothes, and she did not nearly embarrassed. And I did not consider her as a girl, even when she was standing naked, begging to fasten a bra that has significantly increased, something which was not under it. Soon she refused, wear them, as her chest was very hard nipples, which made their way out of any fabric. Angela seemed to be so much more erotic and noticeable breast, even so small.
This evening, Angela was dressed like all the girls in her class, almost over-year. Flared skirt and blouse, like the Chinese kimono top lightweight jacket. Though school uniforms at that time was canceled, school officials required to adhere to at least: black bottom, white top.
- Well, you want to talk with their parents, so were not going to give the director a piece of paper? - In the room was stuffy, Angela took off her jacket on the desk.
- I waited for someone from the adults. - Nudil the teacher, not looking up from his notebooks.
- I graduated from school a year later, and quite an adult, give a report of their actions, bear for himself and his full responsibility, can affect a brother and he will learn. - Next Angela started a song about the fact that my mother did not survive, and that it is so hard, and the other will not take me to school. And naturally I began to cry.
- Well, let's still there to roar. - The German stood up and walked over to his sister.
Angela turned to the desk and reached for a handkerchief in his jacket. The teacher walked right up to her and took her shoulders. Sister started and stopped. It is evident that the teacher decided to finish off the poor girl.
- What, do you love your mother and your brother? What do you stand here to humiliate? And I still will achieve its contributions out of school. - He went to the table and took the memo to me.
- Here, everything is written, how ugly your brother. I'll take the right Wait director. - The teacher went to the door. Angela threw her cutting off and blocked the doorway. Arms outstretched to the sides, and she did not notice that two hooks blouse unbuttoned.
- Please, what are you so hard?
- What are you here to arrange a circus? - He did not take his eyes off the piece opens, delicate skin. Taking her for it collar, lifted, he dragged her away from the door. Matter cracked, hooks, buttons flew in different directions, and a blouse was flung open to the waist, revealing a flat chest and sleek tummy. My sister wanted to smell, but stretched to the top of the blouse, clamped in his fist, did not allow this possibility. The teacher pushed her on the desk. Angela turned and tried to button, but the hooks already rang under his feet, then she rushed to the jacket and pulling her blouse and tried to wear a jacket. At this time the German had time to close the door of the castle, one jump was my sister. He pushed Angelou person on the desk and pressed one hand to the table.
- If you want everything to be okay, shut up, bitch.
- You what? Release. - Angela tried to do something, but the big guy put his whole body fragile tenth grade to the table. I do not even try to do something to help, just stood and watched. Already skirt was Zadran and panties lowered. German with one hand quickly freed himself and his sister of clothes, foot stepped on her panties, and Angela's legs were tangled. Her mouth was stuffed by hand while holding the chalk duster. Member of the teacher was in full readiness. It was his short and thick, a sort of sausage. The head, like a mushroom cap, dark blue cast. Red hair groin, scrotum ... completely concealed. He fell in and despite the attempts of the sisters to escape, tried to insert it.
At first I did not understand why this sister cried because she was not the girl for a long time, met with the boy. The German was looking for something on the table, pitting thermos and touching the lamp. The lamp has improved coverage of what is happening, I saw he was holding a sandwich, with which he smeared butter fingers, and began rubbing the crotch Anzhelka. As it turned out, he rubbed her ass and stuck to its process. Through the fingers and cloth covering the mouth of my sister, I heard her muffled wail. Tears flowed and snot and all Germans pecked her ass. His belly was on the back of Angelina and hairy buttocks to make quick jerks. Benches, one after the other drove away in the end of the class. And in the end, just two meters away from me they stopped. The teacher is simply pressed into her sister's face in his jacket and with the other hand paw her body. Short thick fingers fumbled all the hiding places, thrusting her vagina, he massaged his cock through stenochku. Tingling clitoris. And more and more I entered her ass. The amplitude increased, heard the sniffles, a member of the full display and re-immersed up to the eggs. Angela lost her mind and went limp, I was scared. German without taking out a member of the flipped her on her back foot hooking, and put them on his shoulders. Rag pulled out of his mouth, and began to thrust his fingers stained her secretions in her mouth. Lipstick, and all cosmetics, chalk, were smeared on the face. He thrust his thumb into her vagina, he lifted her pubic bone, and slipped under the thigh, crumpled jacket. Then he pulled her legs knees to her chest, as if trying to fold it in half and pulled her by the hair to his head. Well that Angela was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics was plastic, and the muscles in the body of an unconscious were relaxed. Otherwise, a German would break it in half. He ended violently, without removing a member from the ass sister. He waited until all the sperm will not leave his cock. He made a couple of moves.
Throwing it on the desk, he walked over to the sink and began to rinse his drin. Then he picked up the memo, crumpled it and tried to stick as far as possible, into the vagina unconscious body. Then he put on panties Angela lowered her skirt, and wore a buttoned jacket, blouse tucked inside his jacket. And let her lie.
The German villages is gone to check on the control. Ten minutes later, he heard a groan, Angela slipped from the table and got on all fours.
- Oh, you bitch, like it? Now also obvaflyu your muzzle. - He got up and came down on his knees in front of her sister. Taking limp dick began thrusting it into her mouth. But Angela shook her head and clenched lips. Strong teachers hand fell on the delicate neck and squeezed it. Sister gasped and immediately choked member. No, she did not make him a blowjob, teacher silently fucked her in the mouth, is not fully embarked member. He has not wanted to stand, it was necessary to lower the girl in full. Angela was doomed cancer. From under Zadran skirt could see wet, dirty panties and a piece of memo because she made all this horror. According to the shin dripping semen and blood.
Stas finished the story, omitting what happened next. Yes, and I did not ask him too much he said resignedly.
- I see you like it? - He nodded toward my cock, I heard a that did not notice that he was sticking, ottopyrivaya cowards. Stas sheet slid to the floor and he sat naked, cross-legged. Member he is resting on his legs, but as soon as Stas noticed my erection, his penis swollen and markedly raised. He pulled by mistake, my bedsheet covered.
- Yes, now I do not sleep all night, and another two days on the road. - A member of my standing pillar, and did not want to deflate. I'm just waiting, when it is possible to glue the conductor very young.
- This night has just begun and it is not the last thing I wanted to tell you, let's pour more and listen more.
To be continued .. (Stas sorry again and write to me!).