Birthday Aunt Amy

Fifteen-year Gennady always liked his friend Igor mother, aunt of Light. Aunt light, so it called Gene, he was an adult woman sorokapyati years, with a fourth the size of breasts, wide hips and big ass, especially liked Gennady. Gennady was still a virgin, and so it is often jerked off, imagining how he fucks her in various poses. He even could not imagine that his dream will soon come true, when he agreed to come to the birthday of Aunt Amy. It asked him to Igor, to one not to miss at the festival which will be one adult.
Gene late birthday as buying flowers as a gift, and when he walked into the room, the room where the celebrations are held, his eyes appeared a strange picture: the middle of the room has a chic and festive table, the head of which sat himself hero of the day, as the later learns Gennady Light aunt turned sorokpyat, sitting at the table except for Igor (who had already sat down, after he opened the door) four more men and a single woman! Throughout Gene feast his eyes on the birthday girl. Aunt Light almost never for a moment ceased to drink, small glass of vodka first, and then, and brew from the glass tumbler. When the feast began to wane already pretty drunk guests began to sing a song, and Gena Igor¸m went to his room to play on the computer.
Two hours later, they ran into the roar of beating utensils. The room was completely empty table, and all that it once was, lying under it, starting with a half-eaten plates of salad ending with a white cloth. By Igor staggering drunk approached his mother patted him on the head and said:
- Go to bed, and you'll be late to school tomorrow - she said.
- Which school? Tomorrow is Sunday! - I said Igor puzzled.
- I said, go to bed! - His mother said sternly.
- And close the door!
They went into the room and began to lay Igor pastel, Gennady immediately guessed that it would be a continuation of the party, and he longed to take part in all of this. But this was not possible. They went to bed. It lay on the floor, and Igor on a bed, they still chatted, watched TV, and then Igor turned out the lights and turned to the wall, and the noise and moaning at the door continued. Judging by the reaction of Igor Thus ends the holiday is not the first time.
Gennady was very interesting what's going on behind the door, he waited for Igor zahrapit, stood up and quietly tiptoed to the door. Carefully opened it, waited until his eyes adjusted to the light, and looked into the hall. There he saw a table on which lay completely naked Aunt Light to throw on the shoulders ebavshego its men on both sides of the table were men myavshie her chest, stroking her stomach and possibly lower, and this time, Aunt Light was engaged in that wanker their half embarking members, trying to regain their standing state. She then took them into his mouth, then oblizavyvala, then leaned against his chest and did it so professionally, as if engaged in this lifetime. The fourth man was just sitting on the couch and watched, he likely could not do anything, or just waiting for their turn. Gennady was so fascinated by the sight that he forgot about the door and opened it too much. Suddenly, he saw a man sitting on a chair looking at the door and started to get up. Gennady left the door, and on tiptoe and ran down the mattress on which he slept, covered himself with a blanket and began to snore. At this time, a man came to the door, made sure that everyone is asleep, closed the door and left.
Gennady was overexcited by what he saw. He lay there, listening to muffled groans and slaps, the creaking of the table and jerked off. Then suddenly it was over. There was the sound fastening shirinok, the clanging of plaque belts, a few minutes later the noise of the door closing and silence. Since Igor is still snoring, Gene emboldened, rose up and opened the door, the room really was no one, only dimly lit room lamp. He entered the room, took a couple of steps and was stunned. On a sofa covered with a blanket on the couch lay the object of his erotic fantasies - Aunt Light. She lay on her back and snoring loudly. He reached up and rubbed her shoulder, checking how much she slept. There was no reaction. Then he shook her even more. Snoring at the time stopped, but resumed snoring a few seconds later. Then Gene completely emboldened and decided not to waste the time and finally realize their fantasies to life. He slowly pulled the blanket down, and now she was lying in front of him completely naked, he could see it, even the most intimate places. A second thought, he gingerly touched her breasts, as there was no reaction, he squeezed his chest stronger, and then with the force squeezed her breasts. Gene decided to use the chance to one hundred percent. He put his hand on her stomach and began to slowly descend to the bottom. Gennady always looked then at the woman's face, in the place where he fumbles hand. He did not know really what to do, I found a hole in the crotch and brought his finger back. A member of his already torn out and wanted to get to work. Then he pulled his finger, walked over and picked up both hands to her right leg, picked it up and pulled it's not much to the side. Now vagina mature woman looking into his eyes with a smile split lip. He almost went to her and put my weary waiting for a member of the opposite moist lips and his hands leaning on the sofa, he took a comfortable position, and then gently introduced into the vagina a member of the women and began to fuck her. He was not trying to prolong the pleasure and began with great speed moving member, and the sofa began to creak badly. Then he felt a heaviness comes to his penis and did not even try to get a member, finished right in it. Conchal he long continue to extract and retract member into the vagina. When he finally poured out all that was in it, he got up and holding both hands on the left side, a woman barely turned her on her stomach. But suddenly he heard noises in the bedroom where he slept Igor probably creak woke a sleeping couch companion. Gennady reluctantly covered his "sacrifice" blanket and went into the bedroom.
-Where have you been? - Said Igor with prosoni.
-I went to the toilet. - Gene said.
-A. 'said Igor.
Gene once again looked at the door that separated him and the woman lying on his stomach, took a deep breath and went to bed. And in the morning, he, as if nothing had happened, drank tea with aching "after yesterday" another mother.