For the first time in a sanatorium

For the first time in a sanatorium It was 20 years ago-be. Then, still handed out vouchers for free, on the union line. So I got PUTEVOCHKA the resort. Years when I was nothing, full 23 years old. The guy I was always cheerful, thought Rock out on the full with the girls, and then in our factory all the old bag across. But everything turned out differently than I had imagined.
I came to the resort. The sea nearby, a double room. Girls full!
Beauty! Neighbor was a man about forty years old, Caucasian ethnicity.
He called Anwar. Ask who he is by birth, I was ashamed, and then there was no time. The man handsome, strong, shows that the former sportsman and heavily overgrown with hair. I am compared to him looked like a girl belyanochka. Although I have an average height, but I had him on the shoulder. Looking at him, I thought that such a handsome man will be my competition, but after seeing how many women walking on the sanatorium, stopped worrying. Enough for everyone!
He and I went together for dinner, they lie on the beach, then as
usual dances. But nobody zakadrit first evening, only hurt
We made the next day as I thought. They took with them a couple of vodka bubbles, and went to the room to fix so well begun dating.
Pili-pili, but I was no match for him. I have not been able to drink as
fell asleep, I do not remember. I woke up from what I rubbed all over the body! I
She is lying on its side, and my back pressed against someone's big and hot body! Hop in my head roared with might and main, and I could not figure out, not that who it is, but where I am!
Hands continued to crush me, sinking lower when my dick
completely drowned in an unknown hand to me, I realized that I was lying completely
naked. And then the fun began, my cock stood up! And I must say that I know did not know that a man can have sex with a man. Not that it was time, and not in the place I was working, there was no one to enlighten. But it is good to have sex, I loved. So when my
horseradish jumped like a stone, I do not think someone is hugging me, I would like to continue as an exciting and pleasant experience.
Hands continued to massage my penis, and lies behind became slightly
nibble on my ear. He rubbed his groin against my ass. And so I
was pleased by these movements, I began to meet the same. Invisible lover flipped me on my back, and I found myself face to face with his neighbor, Anwar. Although I suspected that I was not a woman caresses, but still see next to him in bed hefty guy was for me a few shokiruesche. And Anwar is not giving me time to recover started kissing me passionately, with naglazhivaya my nipples. I felt quite mixed feelings. On the one hand I understand,
I'm doing something wrong, but on the other! Stubble on his face as Anwar
scratched my skin, his hands gripping her nipples brought me such
pleasure that I could not stop. I started to answer him, first,
clumsily, then more passionately, surrendering to the power of his strong lips.
He almost lay on me, crushing the bed of his powerful chest. I began to understand that women feel for the guy, and inadvertently spread his legs apart. Anwar felt my movement, hugged my thighs with his hands and began to knead my buttocks tightly, dropping his lips all over my body below. It was strange to feel his hairy on my skin, his hard kisses did not go to any comparison with women. They were much more exciting. I began to softly moan with his caresses.
- Anton, I want you, - whispered Anwar.
How many times am I told the girls himself, and now he heard. But
I did not know what to do next!
- Anwar, I want you too, but how do we do it? - I asked.
- I will do everything myself, and you listen to me.
I just nodded my head, I was in a daze from his hands and words.
Anwar spread my legs apart and put it back under my pillow,
why is my ass rose high. I still do not know what awaits me,
for some reason it seemed to me that we would rub against each other and members of
Then it's over.
Anwar continued to stroke my body, more pressing on my
buttocks. His fingers stronger and stronger massaging my flesh,
picking up the hole. I started to pull away from the fun, trying
placate by his movements, and then felt a hole in something
Bound. I thought it was your fingers and massage Anwar holes around and go further. I continued the motion pelvis.
And suddenly I had something slipped! Startled, I screamed, but
Anwar has clamped a hand over my mouth and fell on me. I began frantically
twitching, trying to get out from under him, but to move a body was
impossible! I was hurt and I froze. Anwar released the hand and said:
- Everything, everything. Are you the first time or what?
- Yes, first I did not know that you do so! Are you crazy, that
- Anton, as everyone does. I am a man, you're my girl.
At the same time he began to quiet movements inside me. I involuntarily
I shrunk, as the pain is still not passed.
- Oh, you're my play the virgin. I am pleased that I was your first man.
Hold on, it only hurts today. You and I have still 23 days ahead,
I ofigel slightly at the prospect! Laski were very pleasant,
but somehow I did not think that the whole holiday I will tear your ass.
Anwar went quietly to fuck me. Since I no longer
twitching, he began to increase the tempo. I lay beneath him, legs apart, all in his grease, pinned to the bed and felt the last whore. My complete immobility led him further, he lifted my legs and put on his shoulders.
- Look into my eyes - he ordered. - I want to see you
like. I did not like too much, but I did not dare to disobey.
I looked into his eyes, and he pecked my ass, as I used to be
hollowed girls. relax a bit, I decided to surrender to the sensations.
Despite the pain in the ass, I felt like my movement Anwar
pleasant. He had a rather large member, but not so big,
to break me and I could feel it throb in his ass. Across
for a while I felt that Anwar rhythmic limb movements in
my pope have become my start. And I involuntarily began podmahivat him like a real girl!
-Oh, you umnichka! Come on, my girl, come on! I knew you
enjoy it!
From the fact that he called me a girl, I was suddenly broken through this
languor, I groaned and pressed his body to men. Anwar from such movement, sharply drove his cock into me until the end and pulled in
me. It seemed to me that his sperm burnt walls of my rectum.
The pulsating flow of his seed burning my insides and this feeling
and I began to cum!
- Yes, Anwar, yes! More more! - I muttered in a perfect ecstasy of
pleasure. The orgasm was so bright that I was poorly understood,
what happened with me. Anwar went to the bathroom, and I continued to lie on the bed,
and without moving his feet.
He lay down next to me and one arm, began to stroke me, and I
She clung to him all over, feeling his girl. Very soon I felt that he was excited again. Anwar took my head and just pressed it to its members. Honestly, I do not know what a blow job! I it never did, so I do not even know what I should do! I stared at Anwar.
- Take it in your mouth and lick like ice cream, but rather suck a cock on a stick.
I did as he told me. Carefully picked up in his mouth a member, he was acutely
groin sperm. Despite the fact that Anwar was in the bath. This smell
somehow excites me, and I began to lick a member of Anwar with real pleasure. I carefully licked him from the base to the head, then I ... tried to take it in his mouth and began to suck completely. It turned out not very good, but I tried that on the chin drool flowed.
-Well it sucks, how lucky I am to you. But it could get into the other room!
From his praise, I became even more try my own
sucking movements have brought me so that my cock stood stake. I sucked Anwar, and began to masturbate himself. Suddenly Anwar jerk tore me away from you, put on all fours and with a sweep thrust into me his penis. I just groaned with pleasure! This time the pain was almost no, on the contrary, I loved to stand in this position! To me she seemed wildly obscene and from exciting.
Anwar firmly grabbed my hips and began pulling on his dick.
I sit down on it like a real girl, but do not forget
masturbate his penis. I turned the ass and podmahivat him with full force. My hole is so stretched as if all my life fucked in the ass. I have not analyzed at that moment my feelings and I could not understand from what I feel so good. It was only later I learned that a prostate massage. And at that moment I just dragged a member of a healthy, hairy and passionate man.
We came together again! We were beaten cramps joint orgasm, and I think that is unlikely I want to fuck with women. This time we went to the bathroom together. Anwar was very tender and fully into the role of his girls. He himself was surprised by this, but was glad I did not refuse him.
- Anton, why do not you pushed me?
- I do not know, Anwar. At first I did not understand what was happening, and then I
- You're so fuckin 'eager. I do not believe you have not tried before.
- Yes honest Komsomol, I for the first time with a man.
- Even Komsomol! So you can not refuse me?
- I myself want you! Anwar, I enjoyed it so much!
- And no women? Just going to sleep with me?
- I agree with you only to sleep.
- You'll be my girl? I want to call you Helen.
- I like to be a girl. Only when all I do not
call! To no one here knew.
- Okay, okay, no one will know, let's go have sex once more. Very narrow ass and you sweetie.
He slapped me on the ass, and grabbed his arms. I surprise embraced his neck with both hands and screamed like a girl.
- You dropped me!
- I scare, Helen? I'm a man! I came to his girl
crib, do not worry.
He laid me on the bed, and we continued so wonderfully begun
evening. I completely lost his shy, so Helen Helen.
In the morning I awoke to the fact that Anwar has inserted his penis into me and
quiet fucks. I was half-asleep, but sharply excited and almost immediately ended. Anwar long fucked me and came inside, did not take out his cock until sperm almost absorbed. I really liked the feel of his sperm in my ass, I did not even go to wash. When we finally woke up, I started to behave like a real girl. I romped and frolicked, hung around his neck and kissed him passionately.
He played along and I was very glad that I found myself on the whole vacation a suitable boy.
On the beach, I began to ask him why he did not want to find yourself
- You know, kid, I'm married. I'm so fed up with women and. Boys
quite another matter! Firstly, you do not get pregnant, and secondly men
much quieter, and thirdly if anything, you will be silent. A woman once hysterical sunset.
- You're probably right. Maybe I'm with a man earlier tried to, but I was not with anyone.
- Anton, believe in the word, you're not a man. I at once saw it. You - the girl-Helen! You are created to give, not take. Such as you are called passive, and I'm an asset.
At first I was offended, but thinking about his words, knew that he
rights. I liked to be given to him, I did not want to fuck Anwar, I would like to push the legs in front of him and suck his cock, standing in front of him on his knees. From these thoughts I am so wound up that dimmed eyes. Anwar seeing my reaction, picked up our things, and we ran into the room. As soon popped into the room, I began to fold clothes and fell on the bed, will lay legs. Anwar did not even undressing, fell on me, and taking only the term quickly entered me.
I bit his hand to hold their loud moans. Wow, a couple
days ago I could not imagine that I will have to fuck a man and
I call her a girl. I almost lost the orientation of the resulting buzz, and therefore did not notice that the room is not a young man and quite stunned looking at us! He nervously swallowing and breathing often. I even had time to be afraid not, because if they knew what we're doing, be expelled in the two accounts or to the police surrendered. It's not like that now! Seeing him, I realized just what he sees me naked, a man, and the thought I began to finish. Groans could not hold back and I rolled my eyes. Anwar also finished almost immediately after me. When I opened my eyes, there was no man in the room. I do not know why, but Anwar I did not say anything. I thought that if the guy did not immediately yelled and police are not called, then all right. I met this fellow on the same day in the corridor. I wanted to sneak past, but he came up to me.
- Come on, let's talk, - he said.
I trailed behind him. He took me to his room and closed the door. Sel
a chair, and I stood in front of him, nervously wringing her hands. I thought
he would ask for money, but the money he did not need.
- I saw it all, - he said.
- I n what condition? - I was delighted. - Let's agree!
- You will come to me, and I will do to you the same as that of the man!
I was blown away. Yes, rest ceased to be weary.
- In a sense, the same thing?
- I want to use you as a woman. What is there to understand? So, under the black you can moan, but I refused, bitch?
From such rudeness, I fell into a stupor! Anwar was gentle with me, and
in general he a nice man! And then sitting some old fart and commanded me! Suddenly this guy stood up from his chair and came up to me, slap me close up! I have already reeled in surprise. My tears flowed from his eyes!
- Undress, Whore! Or do you want the whole resort knew who you are? Answer me!
- No, I do not want, of course - I shook his head.
- Then shoot all in bed!
I frantically began to pull off his shirt and pants, and quickly
He slipped under the covers.
- Blanket clean!
This old man commanded so that I thought there was no and did not
He was stripped naked. His body was younger than his face. pretty
sinewy, with strong muscles, although covered with gray hair. is he
He came to me and sat down next to my legs spread. Then he turned sharply
my stomach and began to feel my ass.
- Arch ass! And push the bread hands.
I got cancer and resting his head against the pillow and arched spread
buttocks. The old man abruptly entered my ass just three fingers and began
roll them inside me. I was very sick, but I was afraid of angering him. Plenty of bruising my ass, he again turned me on my back and put those fingers into my mouth, forcing them to lick and suck. I felt the taste of their own stool! I almost puked! But I
carefully sucked his arm, afraid that he hit me again.
Then he lay down on the bed and said:
- That's just my dick suck, fucking whore! Do not like it, I will beat on
fucking face!
I began to suck his cock. Of course, to Anwar, he was far away, but all the same size was not bad for his age, he was fine. So, after a while, I even got carried away. After all, it was the second term of my life! The old man grabbed me by the hair and began to stick sharply on itself. I almost choked, and he continued to hammer away at all ... my throat, but fortunately he quickly finished, forcing himself to lick the drops.
- Before breakfast come. I got it, bitch? And that without quirks, and then lowered to the entire resort! And his ink to a single word!
- I understand everything, I realized. Can I go?
- Pshel out, damn.
I departed from him a bullet! As I hid from her frightened Anwar
face, I do not know, but I was able to restrain himself.
It took several days. All night, I fucked with Anwar, and in the morning
I rushed to starikanov. Given that Anwar was very temperamental
and a man by night tore me at least three times, and even a couple of the morning, and then another, and my grandpa dryuchil, it turned out that I was fucked without
half-day stop! Santa so got a taste of that day and demanded more
parishes! I somehow izvorachivayas, ran to him at lunch and or sucked him or substitute the already well-developed ass.
My grandfather did not talk to me, just gave the orders. Get down! Stand up! Cancer! Foot push!
If at first it jarred me, then later, even pleasant. It was such a contrast to Anwar! I especially liked that the old me
insults. When he called me a bitch or a whore, it seemed to me that I flow in the legs, and I was almost finished by his rudeness. I do not know, the first time he pulled a Man or experience he had, but he spoke to me like an animal. And I am, after all, loved it! I began to take some perverse pleasure to run between him and Anwar. It seemed to me that I really damn real.
It was a week of my vacation. Santa fortunately left, and I was
a little easier, but I strangely bored by the thrill. I
long ceased to think about why it happened to me. The main thing that I really liked my position! I wanted to try something else, I was excited danger. I would like to have more time anybody saw. And this case is soon introduced!
We drank Anwar firmly and rapidly began to have sex.
- Anwar, I'm hot, let's go out to the balcony.
- You're crazy, - he said, kissing me - we shall see!
- Well, Anvarchik, well, please - I said to him flippers. - Three
night hours. Everyone is asleep. ikomu not tell you, but on one condition.
I jumped up and flung open the door, went to the balcony, in the buff. I
He rested his hands on the railing and arched invitingly ass.
- Go to your girl! She wants you!
This spectacle temperamental Caucasian could not bear! He ran to the balcony and grabbed me zasandalil his trunk over the entire length. I just gasped! He began to tear me, and hardly was kept standing on tiptoe. We went into a rage so that did not notice that much shumim. The door opened on a nearby balcony and I saw a disheveled head. In the darkness, it was hard to see, but I soon noticed that two heads! They quietly about something whispered, bringing me additional pleasure. We are watching me! I this is what I wanted. Anwar did not notice the process of absorption fucked. He rapidly began to cum in me. And I turned my head toward the observer, and stared at them, letting them know that I saw them. They disappeared before my lover took from me my end. We went to bed completely satisfied.
The next day, two men came to Anwar on the beach of the same
nationality as him. He went with them and something long
I am talking. I relaxed lying on the sand. Let's talk, he lay down beside
with me and oddly silent. Usually we chatted with him, and here
- What happened?
- Anton, there is such a thing. I saw these two men?
- Well, I see. What's that?
- They last saw me you fucked on the balcony.
- So it was them?
- Have you seen them? Why was not I told?
- I did not want to interrupt. You're so cool doing it. Repeat?
- Anton, it's not a joke. They want me to give you to them.
- How is it given? I'm not a thing. Maybe I do not want?
- Baby, I can not refuse. They are my countrymen. And very dear
people. They think you're my whore, and offer for your money. I
I have to give you!
- And how are you going without me?
- Well, I'll use you. But not so much as
I would like to.
- And if you have a wife, they asked?
- Wife can not, is sacred. And you're a boy, you can be given.
- Anwar, but I do not want them.
- Anton. It's a done deal, do not resist. In the evening, go to
him, and is now going to spend the night with them. Do what you are told. My
Good advice! You do not know them, they are dangerous people.
I lay in silence for a long time close to Anwar and wondered how he could me
so give? After all, we were good together? About I recalled the old man,
after surrendering to him, I saved more and Anwar. And it is so easy to me
refused! I jumped up with tears in his eyes and without saying anything went to his
The room I threw myself on the bed and wept aloud. I did not
I expected that Anwar is so dear to me.
After some time, Anwar came and went with me next. I began
feverishly kissing him, pressing his body. He hugged me and
I patted on the head, and then we made love, as the last time. We did not even go to dinner, could not tear himself away from each other. Somewhere in the nine in the evening, Anwar took me into the room to the neighbors.
He walked into the room with me.
- That led. It is yours. He lives here another two weeks use.
I stood nearby, her eyes downcast and afraid to move.
Two men, low, very dark-skinned Caucasians, with a long mustache.
One fifty years, the other older. Strong, bow-legged, and as I later found out the hard way is very temperamental!
- Stay, Anwar. Have a drink with us, dear. You tell us that for
Boy, he can, he can.
Anwar sat down and began to drink, and I stood beside them.
- Normal guy, here for the first time tried.
- So you're at it first? Ha-ha-ha!
- And second, we will! Mash his ass, if you did not have time.
Boy, go to the bathroom and undress pomoysya. Who will be to fuck you.
-By the way, you're out of town?
- From N-ska, - I said.
- ha ha ha - just went in laughter Hachiko - countryman means. Where you used to be? We would first have you!
I went to the bathroom, and he was thinking about how I was! Leaving them
naked, I just hid behind his hands.
- Yes it is hairy! Whores do not have to be hairy! Go, sbrey
I trudged back to the bathroom, soaped and began to shave all the hair from the body. Very soon I became completely smooth. I smeared his advance
Vaseline hole and returned to the room.
- Come closer, darling. Anwar said he is calling you. Lie down on the table, stomach, girl.
I went as I was told. The older one came up behind me and
almost immediately plunged into me his penis. I lay there, his head turned to one side, and his eyes met with Anwar. I saw that he was really hurt by
give me, he was worried about me. And this bowlegged knotweed fucked me
- Ah, good slut you Anwar. The narrow!
He violently pulled me its not a small penis. I thought that here I was the third guy and fuck dick again healthy. So gouging a hole can! And that know, play me in the ass! Fuck, he was far and fucked me at least twenty minutes. Conchal it as actively as fuck. Trying to get into me as deeply as possible. And I lay there and cried!
The second man all this time sat side by side and watched as I squirm at
- Get on your knees and suck me. Sperm will flow out to fuck in the ass. In the meantime, suck.
I silently followed his orders. While I sucked ... his trunk, his legs in
I ran the sperm of his team-mate. Soon he had finished changed into his mouth and said,
- Fuck him in the end, will not soon get it. Good hole! We're going to visit relatives, take with you.
I thought that Anwar refuses, but to my surprise, he got up and
I knocked on the back table. Very parted my legs, he put in
me his penis and began to fuck quickly. He never left me
reproachful look. As if it was my fault that he gave me these freaks!
However, he deliberately tried to hurt me, tearing my
hole! I began to squirm beneath him, and these Hachiko happy laugh:
- So his friend, so! Know a whore of his master.
When he finished, Anwar, left without saying goodbye, and I was left with these mountaineers.
They moved the bed and put me An intermediate. As soon as they have not
fucked! They were simply inexhaustible! Either they have not had the women, whether
young boys were for them a special treat, but they have not
lowered from its members.
The next morning I almost went to breakfast. Legs I barely kept! Several
days, I almost did not go to the beach, released only in the dining room. we
lunch, then one of them, I went up to the room, went to the second
beach and fucked there before lunch. Then we had dinner, and I in the room
I tore is another. After dinner, at night they fucked me alone! I even
imagine in a nightmare could not imagine that you can screw around so much.
After three days of this life, I did everything on autopilot. I am lying on the bed
outstretched legs or mechanically rode on somebody's dick, from the constant sucking in my cheeks already drove. And these mountaineers, despite his age, was just tireless! Anwar, I saw only briefly, when you come into a room for things. With me he did not talk more than me and fucked.
A few days later, Caucasians, as promised, came to visit and took me with them. By this time, I became an obedient puppet. I did not care, I just obeyed. I saw the strange looks that were thrown at me rest, but did not pay attention. And the heads of the sanatorium have not touched since these Hachiko just littered with money. And perhaps because of this, the administrators at all turned a blind eye.
We sat in the chic Volga, in those days, cool car, and
I went in an unknown direction. The road was serpentine, went
for a long time and came to some remote village. But at home there were
good, large and well furnished. Arriving to this house,
Honk. He jumped out a bunch of men, and with loud shouts of joy all
began hugging.
We met them as honored guests. They talked in their language, so I do not understand anything. However, I realized that asking about me. My host said something and gestured that they pull me.
Owners of the house together neighing and some began to feel my ass and
member. I even scared! Really, I thought they would all be me
One of the men, beckoned me to follow and led him to a room
without windows, where the carpet hung in place of doors.
- There is live. When needed, will be called - he said, and left.
I was so tired that once lay on the couch and fell asleep.
How many I slept not know, but I woke up I saw a tray of food.
Quickly all ate and began to listen to the sounds of funk. Somewhere in the house was partying. I realized that just because I do not live here, be sure to fuck, but how much and for how long?
Soon I learned. Carpet leaned back and entered the room of a senior
my Hachiko, the owner of the house and a boy of 14.
My Khachik, something began to say pointing at me with his hand. Boy
He looked at me with interest. I hunted looked around,
knowing that I do not get.
- Lena, you were brought here as a present here this jigit! It's time
to become a man, you'll do this at the time. Undress.
First, all the guy explain himself, where and how. Then he will understand himself,
how to treat such sluts.
I undressed and stood up in front of them. They began to turn me and older, something sputter on the, poking me in the ass and mouth with your fingers. The boy nodded his head.
Then they left, and I was left alone with this kid. He is not
Wordlessly I showed that I should get cancer. Then quickly took off his clothes and fell in behind. He was so deliriously began to fuck me, I realized that the experience he has. Who is he here could fuck if I gift for his training? Then he learned - fucked goats! I, of course, better than a goat. They generally believe that if the guy does not fuck the guy, he is not a man. Women are only after the wedding, and they are necessary for procreation. A temperamental highlanders people, all the time want to fuck. That boys and amuse themselves. The boy quickly finished, but almost immediately began to fuck me again. He fucked and fucked me without interruption, where only the forces were taken. Cum in me no less than seven times, he was gone. I lay curled up, when his father came into the room of the boy with some man. They laughed merrily.
- You like my son. He said that you are enduring. Now we'll find out. Lie down on your back. Now we will have you.
I lay back and have a familiar movement, put a pillow under his ass and spread his legs.
- PhD, a whore - he said, and lay down on top of me.
His cock barely fit me, so it was huge! I barely comprehended
it in itself, and the Highlander, without even allowing me to get used to, began to fuck me with some kind of animal ferocity. He thrust at me with his trunk, like a knife. I was torn by pain, I cried, and he fucked and fucked changing, all quickening pace.
I fainted! I woke up from what I fuck again. Opening my eyes, I saw that it was another man uzhu. Fortunately, it was not great, I had hardly felt. He gladly finished with me, and they were gone.
Almost immediately, the room came a woman with a basin and a pitcher of water. About us
smile looked at me and walked out without saying anything. I washed and
I fell asleep. I have lived in this house for five days. And all this time I fucked different men. They brought their sons, to show how it is necessary to fuck guy. Someone fucked me and by their example clearly shows his son where to insert a member of the boy or immediately provide my hole. All fucked me with such enthusiasm that it was clear to them such birds do not fly frequently. Generally satisfied with the goats!
All these days I have spent in a daze. I did not resist and allowed
do with them whatever they wanted these men. Whether my feelings
dim, then I turned into a complete whore, but the result was
on the face. I regularly suck, swallow sperm and inserts its point, the heap
unfamiliar men. And I do not even want them to escape! With some
I even liked to fuck, and I ended up under them. If suddenly a
happened, I was fucked even more. Everyone wanted to bring me to
orgasm! But I finished only on the thickest and longest members, I
like the way they are pushing my point and rub the head of a treasured
point in my ass.
Five days later, I plunged into the Volga and brought back to
sanatorium. I dragged to his room and fell into bed exhausted, Anwar was not. I waited for him with impatience and fear. I imagine my surprise when he did not come alone, but with a very young boy! I sat on the bed and looked at him in surprise.
- Ah, you're back. Well, as you like it, slut?
I stared at him and could not understand why he had me so? For behold happened because of him! The boy looked from one to the other and frowned in confusion.
- Do not look at him, kid. He can not hurt us.
- ... Turn your back to the wall and keep your mouth shut.
I turned away and quietly wept. I thought, now that Anwar will take me back, and he is found yourself another. I heard them laughing softly behind me, heard the sounds of kissing, fuss, and a quiet sigh. Follow this sounds left no doubt that Anwar fucks this boy. I was jealous of him! He was my first man! It was he who taught me to love men, and he has a good time with the youngster! I lingered turned to face them and saw that the boy was sitting astride a member Anwar and jumping on it, clearly pleased that he fucks adult man. Now I understand that the whole situation at that time was a wild, but nevertheless it was. I think it would not have happened if I did not behave so obediently. Of course, willows Soviet times guys fucking each other and pulled young boys, just all this carefully concealed. This for me was the discovery that it is possible to engage in this sex! And in that moment, I silently wept with anger and resentment. But what I saw was very exciting. Thin, flat boy riding a hairy, burly men! I so wanted to be in his place! I quietly began to fondle his penis, looking at their fun. Anwar perfectly saw that happening to me, but did not stop to fuck the boy on the contrary, he put his cancer and began to fuck back, while looking at me. And when he began to finish his narrow hole, roaring loudly at the same time, I finished quietly on his bed!
They continued to fuck the whole night, and I, as well all night watching them and masturbate himself. I fell asleep all exhausted. The next day, I was called into my room my Hachiko.
- Well, then, girl. We thought to leave you here, but now that we have with you went so well, we will meet with you. Dictates his address, Helen.
I was so crushed by Anvar attitude to me that thought,
Now I do not care what will happen to me. I did not even think that I can go back to my old life and to meet with the girls, I needed Anwar and he left me. And I thought, since I fucked like a whore all 24 days, let him fuck the future. I liked it because in some places! Maybe better to go further?
I said I would meet with them, but not for free. Their is
great cheer, but they said that the price get together. I gave the address, and we agreed to meet in the city. They
It appeared somewhere in a week and since the beginning of my new life in
as whores for Hachiko. Going on vacation, I had no idea how to change my life, but it happened! I resigned from the factory, took
apartment and more than 10 years he worked as a whore. All their diaspora grazed me.
Unfortunately, 35 I did not have such success and a career prostitute
I had to finish. I'm 45 now, I am very far from those times, but often nostalgically recall the sanatorium. You can write to me at
E-mail: [email protected]