Drugs will bring to no good!

By the time began to play a melody doorbell, they were all assembled. Vadik and Oleg stayed in the room, and Cyril, in the host rights, went to open. On the threshold stood a seventeen year old girl in a white blouse and black trousers. It was evident that she still had not decided for himself whether or not to cross the threshold.
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- Sveta, - the young man broke into a smile. - We have been waiting for.
The girl backed hesitantly.
- What are you going to leave? Well ahead - Good riddance! - Waved the landlord. - And I'll make a few calls, I think two will be sufficient - to the police and to your parents.
After only one flight of stairs, the girl froze like a slammed into an invisible wall. After standing still hesitated for half a minute, she finally entered the apartment.
That's better, - Kirill confidently pushed her into the room where his friends were expecting.
This girl they caught on the hook for three days ago. Silly schoolgirl contacting bad company tried to buy a potent drug. Three friends just came back from the service center, where the car was distilled. The girl bought a first dose of life on trembling with excitement feet bumped directly to Oleg. Vadim instantly picked up the fallen bag of white powder that fell from the hands of the hapless addicts. Deciding to take a chance, young people put the girl in front of the condition: either they give it to the police, the benefit of all the evidence on the face, or it for one night to perform any of their whims. The girl tried to protest, but Vadim cleverly confiscated her mobile phone number and copied the parents by threatening to call them immediately. And of course, the guys have not stinted on the horrors of prison terms of description and threatened to young drug addict. The girl broke down and gave their consent. At home, she had to say that spending the night at a girlfriend, and she immediately after school to go to the address left by her Kirill.
And here is our beauty, - smiled at the boys as girls. The reason they had indeed. The girl was good. A shock of red hair, large eyes gleamed nice, but the main advantages of the girls were of course the chest and buttocks. For his age Sveta had incredibly impressive bust, at the sight of which all the male within a hundred meters of itchy hands, did not disappoint and buttocks - wide and elastic. She obviously did not exhaust yourself diets from which protrude through the skin edges. Tu had to hold on!
Guys can I still money ... -zalepetalo naive creation.
Well, I do not! - Chorused the young people. She cowered in fright from such pressure.
- Let's start! - Vadim eagerly rubbed his hands.
- Guys, I'm still ... I ... - stuttering girl recoiled from the impatient guy.
- No objections! - Vadim still caught unhappy schoolgirl and jumped behind her began to squeeze her gorgeous breasts. - Oh, and I come off today!
- Please, I'm still a virgin! - Sveta almost cried.
- Wow! - The guys looked at each other. - So even more interesting! Let's see what you're willing to keep their innocence !.
Vadim sharp movement pulled the girl's blouse, and she has not had time to utter a word as lost and bra. Young people do not like what had happened continued to have fun with her breasts.
Kirill also approached the schoolgirl, stroked her stomach and, to cope with the lightning, rescued her from the trousers. Considering that sufficient at the moment, young people sat on the sofa and unzipped his fly.
- Well? Which one of us do you smite your first wonderful minetik? - Oleg smiled.
She was about to protest, but Vadim demonstratively waved the handset, and with a sigh she sank to her knees in front of him. Carefully picking up his dick she is unsure froze with his mouth open. Oleg broke down and laughed. Vadim also has long suffered enough, so the girl grabbed her head with both hands, he forced her to take take in your mouth genital organ. Sveta moaned in protest, but Vadim tired of baby talk.
- I timed 5 minutes! If I do not finish it, you're out of here, if not passed testing and I'm going to refer to the statement mentovku.
She paused for a moment, and then began to suck hard. It was evident that she is trying. Friends having fun watching how underage virgin red with shame sucks dick adult man, smacking fun at the same time. Vadim even closed his eyes in pleasure, he leaned back on the couch and smiling blissfully, then suddenly threw Vered left hand, put it on the back of the head girl and pressed her face to his groin.
- Swallow it! Do not skive - he shouted in ecstasy. With barely suppressed retching girl to obey orders.
Before she even catch his breath, the young people are forced to serve Oleg Svetlana and Cyril. As soon as she finished, Vadim lifted her from his knees, squeezed his chest, grunted and brought the girl to the table. Then, without giving the poor thing knew it, put it on the cool surface of the stomach and arms strapped with tape on the reverse. Sveta again opened a sad song about his integrity. Oleg, ignoring the protests of her no attention, walked over and pulled the white pants to the ankle. The young man sat down on his haunches and two fingers parted pink lips sex girl. He gently ran his fingers over her clit, making Svetochka tremble, and tried on the strength of the hymen.
- Okay. Until bude touch m, -. Finally he decided. However, this does not bode redheaded beauty easy pastime. For at the beginning of, Cyril brought a tube of Vaseline, he squeezed a little on your finger and began to massage in a circular motion ring anus of the victim. The girl became nervous, started to sob and poskulivat. Kirill, like pressing the door lock button pressed a finger on the narrow hole. The girl certainly stiffened, and received a threat of deprivation of virginity immediately. She had to relax. Cyril pleased developed finger point the girl moans and sobs only excited him. Finally he stood up and looked around with a smile at his friends.
- Well we start our marathon?
Cyril slowly walked around the table in a circle and held the head member of the lips girls.
- Let's work the tongue - it is in your best interest.
Sveta only threw the man hunted look and carefully smacked. Making sure that a member of the saliva glistens Cyril again approached the loin part of our beauty. Parting soft hemisphere, he slowly began to penetrate. Svetlana whimpered again.
- Oh, what could be there!
A powerful impetus Kirill member drove all the way! In the girls eyes bulged! Grasping it with both hands around the waist, the young man took a relentless pace. Sveta squealed with every slap on the buttocks thighs Cyril! A man tormented her for almost twenty minutes! He finished the course in the rectum schoolgirl. After removing a member, he was pleased examined the ass girls. The anus was red as a ripe tomato and twitching to the beat of her mistress's sobs.
- Great! - With emotion Cyril with full force slapped the girl on the ass. Smack and red handprint caused a new batch of sobs. However, the fun does not end there. Another tear Svetku Vadim began in the ass. Bored Oleg forced the girl to take a cock in her mouth to shut endless stream of requests to let her go. In the end the girl tearing ass alternately young people to think what to do with it, until they rested. As a result, the poor girl had to endure many blows on the ass, from what she has got beetroot hue. In the end, tired, young people born Svetlana taped with duct tape, and in the silence enjoy football match on TV. Then, filling power, they began again to torment anus girl. Fuck her most severely tried screaming girl could not - Scotch decided not to shoot, it only lowed and the floor flooded with tears. Again, turn the girl had finished in the anal, the guys decided that it is not enough. Cyril rummaged in the closet ... and found a large yellow candle. With a smile, waved to the red eyes Svetka, the young man rubbed her the remnants of Vaseline and began to push in the red painful anal schoolgirl. The candle was thick and ribbed - even broken three partners anus she walked with difficulty. Girl lowed the last effort. Finally rectum capitulated and took the candle completely. Young people calmed down a bit removed from the face of Scotch schoolgirl. Girl panting softly whispered.
- Let go, please. I would never try drugs will not ... please.
Well, we almost believe - young men looked at each other cheerfully. - To work on the mouth, and lastly free!
Girl attacked members like crazy - Shes seen she wanted to go home. Making sure that the unfortunate victim of the drug industry has swallowed the last drop of semen, Kirill released the girl's hands. She tried to straighten up and collapsed on the floor - still almost 6 hours to stand with cancer, receiving a portion of a portion of sperm in the ass, but still ... this candle is not surprising that young people have their own dress schoolgirl and help get to the door. Candle decided not to listen to - too tight it stuck! Sveta and did not mind, funny raskoryachivshis she sought as quickly as possible to get out. Already on the verge of Vadim in his favorite manner, stealing up from behind, grabbed her breasts.
- Pretty woman, do not forget, we stayed telefonchik your and your parents.
- But we agreed - the beginning of Sveta.
- That contract was linked to smack, - Vadim pain squeezed his chest before she could finish, - now we've got to a small kompromatik!
Sveta stared in horror at Oleg, holding a small video camera on the bickering forces but she did not have. She only nodded and began to stagger down the stairs.