I want to share a story that happened to me. It is about 5-6 years ago when I knocked on 25-26 of years old. My wife went to the session, she was studying by correspondence, and I stayed home with my daughter ... We lived with his wife is not bad, but it's not that. It was close to meeting prom-ing and I was going to participate in it because Long time no one met his former classmates and graders, respectively .... Passed daughter and mother-in school.
It was boring as usual, then went to the pub, the signature and the time flew more fun. Among the pro-chih in our company was a girl, call her Lena, with whom the school in the distant past I was not novel, of course, but she sympathized with me that's exactly what the results-which were obzhimalki in the dark corridors of the school. But unfortunately after the 8th grade went our separate ways she left to study in medical school and I was left to finish the 10 class-owls.
After that we saw of course but then hello how are conversations did not go. She was a girl, and then at least somewhere, and now but still under the influence of alcohol consumed was about one hundred divine. The figure is very appetizing when it was all as it should be according to the canons of the genre: a large chest, the waist thin, swaying buttocks when walking so that his eyes were in tears, in general, the years have gone for her. After the feast as usual started dancing, and dancing with her after the first joint movements began just is infinite-controlling-excited and cling to her thigh as a member.
She could not help in feel and ...... reciprocate, laid her head on my shoulder and hugged me ... ..I do not know why, but suddenly offered her to me and she nodded. Further as in a detective story, they went separately, met came up to me. I will say that I have simply exhausted with desire. By the way this is my first betrayal and inner-ny restrain me, but not for long. Removing the cloak went to the kitchen, poured the wine and all ... .. on a blur just attacked her. Kiss my hand under her skirt right on the kitchen sofa pull together stockings and panties .... And eagerly bites tongue in her pussy, it's probably something that I just never dreamed in my school years.
She sits in front of me stretched out his legs, and I varnish her pussy, I caress eagerly panting with passion overwhelms me. Her hands on my head and pushed me into itself. Enough to get drunk her children preles-I rose from his knees giving her the opportunity to show their abilities. She froze Vila persuade himself. Deftly pulling my cock she immediately put it in his mouth, and she'll tell you honestly know what to do. I did not finish in her throat.
A wider spread her legs and put in, I think we both cried and finished in a few movements. It is time for a break, she went to the bathroom and I took a sip of wine each. After that, everything was like a fairy tale, I did not expect that I finished so many times I probably 5-6 and whence da only forces were taken that night. I think we tried everything known to mankind poses and ways to fuck. But more about that in the next story .......
Continuing his story, or rather try unfolded tell everyone how still spend time with a smart woman. As we started our sex with Lena-cial adventure it was described in the first part. And now I want more-Ost novitsya some memorable moments of our conversation. While undermining Lenka-las I as mentioned above sat and sipped wine each, but she soon reappeared but the kitchen did not find anything better than to wear a robe of my wife on her beautiful naked body.
Took a sip from his cup she brought me her lovely lips and gave me a wine from the mouth. I was like a shock struck ...., I was sitting in the half-mast trousers and a member, and bent her head down. For a few moments, and my dick was again in half-term readiness. I picked her up and carried her to the bed. Stretching fun we've been, by turns, and together sucking and licking each other. I choked on the flavor and tenderness of her pussy licked petals and clitoris, anus and massaging delicate thin bridge between do by a pussy and ass.
Lena, in turn, did not let me relax for a minute ... is not. Her mouth and hands gently and passionately worked several times I was ready to explode called it mind-lo stopped me. Asking her to play when I was lying on his back, his hands behind his head, and he could not touch her, and she caressed my body with all his strength, just brought me-nya crazy. In the end, I was just furious, put her on her stomach and fuck her wet pussy. As she writhed and moaned with pleasure! He raises his elastic ass on vstre-chu my shock and moaning. I do not know how many times, but she had finished several times and co-GDS received my charge in my pussy I realized it to the top.
He spreads his arms and gave me half to lick up all dry. After lying a few minutes, we went to the kitchen to moisten the throat. She put on her robe, and I have gone naked. After the first sip, she sat down on her knees on the floor and started to play with my member. Gathering at a time in the mouth the wine, cola, sham-Pana, in all this, and dipped gently suck her tongue caressed my dick. This is the first time I did, I baldel by Lenka. I put her back on the kitchen table and selling-lal is the same as changing their drinks filled her pussy greedily drank the fragrant mixture.
The culmination of the mutual absorption "cocktail" was a great table sex. And the bed again, caress, lick, posture changed quickly and unobtrusively. I had my school girlfriend in front and behind, by themselves and on themselves. Her sexuality did not have borders, we must have realized all our sexual fantasies and opportunities. After a stormy night, we fell asleep in my marital bed. Waking up in the morning I pressed his cock to her ass and the response came immediately.
Her still sleepy and fragrant sleep after I put to one side and slowly introduced the dick even dry after sleeping pussy. She almost did not stir occasionally clinging to me. This morning sex was long, not as rapid as in the night but incredibly sweet. I slowly moved to her, clinging to her ass, and her hands stroked charming form. Only here in the ass Lenka has not agreed to, I just do not persuade. But even without that time has flown by quickly and beautifully ... ..