Perhaps I'll start with the fact that in short tell you about myself. My name is Denis, I'm 27 years old, height 180 cm, weight 70 kg, black hair, green eyes, pumped up, I go a couple of times a week in the gym, if you are interested, a member of 21 cm. I put me in decent things I buy mostly in Europe, during their endless trips to work-related. From the perspective of my friends and acquaintances, I am quite attractive, and he did not notice the time on themselves indifferent glances of passing girls and guys, with views of the past, I was interested more in what follows, I'm gay. While this does not mean that I mannered (I do not like it), and the first sight guess my orientation is impossible. I want to tell you one incident in my life. When I was 22 years old and I have finished our Moscow University, he decided to visit his aunt, his own mother's sister, who lives in the town on the Black Sea coast, during their studies, and this for five years, I have never not been able to go to her rest and there turned out to be a chance that does not want to miss.
And now I have to train "Moscow-Adler ", Landing at the car I was met by a young and very nice guide that I was not a little pleased by checking the ticket and offered me a certificate, he invited me to go into the car and take his place in the seventh compartment. When I entered the compartment, where I waited another surprise in the compartment was a young man, about my age, and flipping through a magazine kakoy-to saw me he smiled toothy smile and gave his name - Maxim, I, in turn, is also introduced. We began to talk about who is going where, for what purpose, and it turned out that we go with him to one city, during a conversation, I furtively looked at Max and realized that I like it. He was one with me height, dark hair, blue if not blue eyes, beautiful, podkachennoe body, light jeans snug his slender legs, between the legs stands out a good bulge, which clearly pointed to the fact that there lies no small size penis, what I found a little later, but I will not get ahead of ourselves, the conversation, we did not notice the train moved and became in quietly gaining momentum carrying us from Moscow closer to the sea, the sun and the south.
We sat together in a compartment that was pretty weird, usually at this time of year in a southerly direction to get tickets, but there was still Kaluga and Bryansk, where the passengers could sit down. The compartment door there was a light knock, then seemed to face the conductor, who had come to collect the tickets and do not want to clarify whether we are anything to drink, offering mineral water, beer and smiled added that there are also stronger, we exchanged glances with Max decided that for familiarity can and stronger and clarifying whether there is a cognac, asked to bring a bottle of "Koktebel ". Do not ask for five minutes, Igor, was the name of the conductor brought cognac and two huge red apple, which is the best suited for brandy snacks, as opposed to the erroneous opinion that brandy should be a snack lemon. When the door closed behind Igor, Max, we decided to change clothes in a compartment was hot, I began to get out of the bag shorts, T-shirt and flip-flops, Max did the same thing. And the long-awaited moment, Max unzips belt, then begins to unbutton the bolts on the fly jeans when he lowered his jeans, I froze, but did not indicate the species, continued to look not his body, he was very sexy, I quickly pulled off his jeans, trying to max did not see my poluvstavshy member pulled shorts, a member in the garage was located vertically and therefore the erection was not so noticeable.
He coped with a quick change, we decided to begin the feast, after washing and cutting the apples, we poured the brandy into small metal cups and drank for friendship. We sat, drank brandy, talking about life, unnoticed by both brandy for us has ended, but oddly enough, neither I nor Maxim were not drunk, is that quite a bit, because it was decided to take a second bottle, the more that was nearing evening and will soon go to bed. Maxim is gone, I'm in his absence, decided to improve his penis, which stood for about an hour and started to ache a little egg, I just finished this procedure, and in the compartment back Max, we continued to sip cognac and I thought came to mind that for all during our conversation, Maxim have never started a speech about the girls, I was surprised, because all my friends straights after the third glass started a conversation on this subject, here I first suspected that Max, as I then thought "little purple "But I decided not to rush things. He finished his second bottle "Koktebel "We decided it was time to go to bed, taking water treatments, I came into the compartment, and Max proceeded to the toilet when he came back I had to undress and whisk under the sheets entering the compartment, Maxim closed the door and began to flutter in the light of a small nightlight at the head, I still pretended to have fallen asleep, he slowly took off his shirt, revealing at the same time beautiful torso, then pulled off shorts, neatly folded them, while I was watching him, and especially for the fact that the secret of his trunks, then what I saw made me excited, his penis is easily viewed under a layer of thin material heats, he lay up and slightly to the left, it was clearly seen that even in repose he was not less than 13 cm, below the melting delayed the rather impressive mashonki sizes, Max, meanwhile, lay down and turned off the lights, coupe filled the darkness and I could safely open the eyes after a while his eyes adjusted to the darkness and the light penetrating from the corridor into the lower part of the door helped to see the body of Max, who was lying on his back, his sheet lying on the side of him, I was lying, busily sniffing and examining the body of Max, is like a magnet attracted to him, like a hug, hugged her and do not let go, but only to caress him from these thoughts my cock got all its 21 cm and has demanded discharge little povarochavshis and realizing that I did not fall asleep, I quietly so as not to make noise shorts pulled, he straightened his indefatigable friend and decided to go to the toilet, to somehow relieve the tension.
The toilet pulling off his pants along with the boxes, I unleashed his handsome and took him in a fist of his right hand began to masturbate, recalling the beautiful body of Maxim and the contents of his heats. Minutes about ten I drove by a member of the right hand, for this time the orgasm rolled up several times, but I deliberately delayed the denouement knowing that while the final will be brighter, the left hand, I stroked his balls and pinched her nipples, and then came the moment when to hold back no longer had impossible, I began to finish, from the member became to shoot sperm big splash she flew to the bathroom wall where the slow down, leaving a wet footprints when I sdaival with the last drops of members and looked at the wall and saw that the semen stain was quite large and the first batch has already reached to the floor, rewind from the rolls of toilet paper a good pile, I wiped the wall, covered his as it marks, washed member of sperm and devastated eggs went into the compartment where sleeping peacefully subject of my violent masturbation in the toilet, entering the coupe, I saw that Max also sleeps on his back, but it heats the hill has become much more I realized Max stands.
I cautiously approached him and looked at the hill of his heats, it was evident that there is no longer 13, and all 20 cm away from it all I got up again, but to go to the toilet I did not dare again and began cautiously through shorts kneading member realizing that m Maxim can wake up at any minute, but he was asleep, it seemed dead sleep, I cautiously sat down on his bed, took off his pants and lowered the boxes began to fondle his penis, which was already in full. Gradually, the excitement came to a point where in the brain a thought - come, I have forgotten that no one in the compartment masturbate cock and looking at a member of Max, who was a few feet from me, an orgasm to delay no longer wanted, and I began to finish, stifling moans on his chest.
Sperm was again a lot, and I quickly wiped it with a towel and tucking the chest ... a member of the boxes lay on the bed, and having covered a sheet, decided at all costs to get to sleep. I woke up from a bright light in his eyes, opened them, I realized that the train is in the window with a street lamp light falls straight into my eyes, looked around, I saw that Max is not a coupe, I began to wonder where he may be, because if the parking lot, then taulety closed, perhaps, I could go to the platform? With that thought I fell asleep again. I woke up again, we passed a certain locality and again street lights cast light in the compartment window, illuminating him, Max's compartment was not, I thought, it's been enough time for about an hour, and its all there, where it can be? I got up, put on shorts and a bare-chested in the left aisle of the car with the intention to clarify the conductor Igor if he saw Max.
When I came close to a compartment of the conductor, I heard the whisper of two people, one voice belonged to the owner of a coupe, t. E., Igor, and the second WHOM? I learned of Max's voice, and he asked Igor to do something deeper, I realized, but they're getting fucked. I vividly imagined picture of how our dear conductor pulls Max and my cock immediately got up and be at the door and listen to what is happening it was dangerous, but also to leave do not want, I have heard the groans of Maxim and pant Igor, deciding that it is better leave, I returned to the compartment, a member stood like a pillar, I decided to finish once more can not hurt, and set to work, remembering the oohs and ahs in the compartment of the conductor, this time I jerk off with gusto smakuyuya the process, the left hand caressed eggs, right fist clasping member rhythmically moving up and down, thereby bringing me pleasure.
I finished again on the chest, wiping cum from his chest and a member has decided that you need to lie down and wait for Maxim, and then tell him what I had heard, and I know all about it and Igor. Without realizing it, I fell asleep. I woke up from what I was someone stroking cock and balls, opening my eyes, I saw that it was Max. We began to kiss, then Max began laskat my nipples, slowly sinking to the penis and finally took it into his mouth, gently at first, then more boldly, he began to make me a blow job, with his left hand he massaged my balls, which have already caught up to the base member and a steel strong as golf balls, a few seconds I started to cum in her mouth Maxim, who barely had time to swallow the fact that he gave my dick. At that moment I realized that Max comes, is he all this time masturbate his penis, which was disposed of the sperm portion just at home, sperm flew to my feet, the bed on Maxim's chest. When he had finished, I kissed Max, hugged him, and he lay down on my shelf next to me, resting for half an hour, I decided it would be nice to have a snack, Max supported my proposal and after 15 minutes at the table had two cups of hot coffee, ( Igor found a coffee and organic coffee that was just super), four cups of yogurt, chocolate bar, breakfast with such a set of products we are quite satisfied, and we began the meal. Then, when it was the turn of coffee, we pacified sitting on a shelf and talked with Max, I got the impression that I know Max is already a hundred years, all of a sudden there was a knock on the door coupe, it opened in the doorway appeared a pretty face of our conductor, Igor archly smiling asked how our affairs, and received the answer that everything is super, he said that if there are problems, you can ask him and he will do everything that we in no need, and indeed, we are to the end of the path did not experience any problems, and reached their destination.
As Maxim turned out there was no place to stop, he was planning to rent an apartment on arrival, I, in turn, offered to stay with her aunt, knowing that she had a large house near the coast, and place it there exists, Max has agreed to accept my offer and we caught a taxi rushed to the aunt. Aunt Natasha greeted us with great joy, Maxim I she introduced as his friend and said he would like to see it stopped us, objections from tłtkki not followed, given that she is a widow, her husband, was a sailor and died in one of the voyages, and now she lived alone with her son in a large two-story house, she did not mind. She showed us a large room on the ground floor, with windows facing the garden, the room was very bright, nedovno home good repair was made, there was nice furniture, the room had a large TV, in short, we enjoyed it with Max. Ma began to unpack their things and offers you, aunt, meanwhile, went to the kitchen and set the table. 20 minutes later we were called to the table. I asked my aunt, where is Daniel, her son and my sobstaenno, cousin? She replied that he and his friends went on a campaign and have to go back tomorrow, I'm a little disappointed, very much like to see Danica, as I called him, I think he has changed a lot over the past five years, the last time I saw him he was only 15, but even then he was very attractive, broad shoulders, narrow hips, but still it was evident that it is still a teenager, I think now it has become a real handsome, he had blue eyes, light, color, rye hair, long eyelashes and generally he was like the ancient god. My aunt became my rasprashivat of home and parents, Maxim thanked for lunch and saying that he wanted to take a nap, went to the room, we stayed with my aunt in the kitchen and continued to talk about my home. After some time, I also began to blink slowly and aunt noticed it sent me into the room, insisting on the fact that I had a rest from the road.
I came into the room and lay down on the bed, after 10 minutes I fell asleep. In the evening, when we woke up with Max, we decided to go to town to walk, especially since the heat subsided, it became cooler and sit at home is absolutely not desirable. We dressed up and went to the city, take a stroll along the promenade, went into a small restaurant, sat, drank a glass of wine, attend any entertainment activities did not want to and we decided to go home on foot, on the way we admired the sunset, the mood was just wonderful, I on holiday, near a nice guy who really like, for a moment it seemed to me that I'm the happiest man on earth. Gradually we came to the house, the light in the windows did not burn, which meant that the aunt was asleep, careful not to wake her, we went to his room, undressed, and decided to bed, turning off the lights Max asked not mind if I, if it lie to me, I said, that only, and he climbed into my bed. The door to the room was closed, aunt slept on the second floor and we are observing precautions have sex. Maxim was very gentle in bed, I wanted it to last forever, he caressed me just trying to ensure that no part of the body did not remain without attention. Finally came the moment when the only caresses it was not enough, I asked Max if I could get in it and received consent sent his penis into his anus, but it was not so easy, I had to take a little more lubrication and that's the head of my penis overcome resistance entered into the anus of Max, he made a slight groan and asked to enter at once to its full length, twice did not have to ask me, and I'm moving his hips, committed jolt through which all member of the most eggs went into Max, here I made a groan of pleasure, I was very nice, and the realization that lies underneath me Max doubled pleasure. I gave time to Max to get used to his penis and began a cautious move back, leaving only the head of the anus Max I began to re-enter, five minutes later I was without fear to hurt Max started to fuck him, he was lying on my left side, I was behind him , such a posture I have tired and I raised his right leg Maxim and placing it on his shoulder to his knees and began to fuck him in this position, caressing member Maxim from which the lubricant flowing creek, five minutes later, I again decided to change his position and not taking member not put Max and knees, he laid his head on the bed, I got up on him from behind and began to make deep thrusts member massaging his prostate, Max at this time his left hand caressed my balls that ... I really liked it, I realized that the approaches the moment of orgasm, and became frantic portions wash away the sperm in the ass Maxim, at this time he also began to finish on a T-shirt, which is not known when the time to put a member, I collapsed on the back of Maximus, he could not resist collapsed on the bed, and I'm not taking out a member of his , lay on his back, breathing heavily from the experience of orgasm.
Gently biting the ear of Maxim, I asked him how he felt. Max his breath said he is very pleased to have sex with me, yet he added that he liked the massage, which I as a member has done for his prostate, I, in turn, said that the dream of full sex with him from the time when I saw him for the first time in a train compartment. I stepped carefully out of it, Max said that he would do well to take a shower, I also did not mind and we went into the shower, he was on the ground floor, next to our room, Max took a shower first, then went I returned, we Max kissed each lay in my bed and fell asleep. The next day Daniel returned, and all day long he spent with us. Sometimes I noticed that he was looking at Max with a certain interest. He really changed and became damn attractive, as I expected. One day, when we went to the beach, but not to where we relaxed all the time, and in another place that suggested Daniel, referring to the fact that it is possible to sunbathe naked, we Max took his offer, I really wanted to see Daniel naked and especially wanted see his penis, when we arrived at the scene, Daniel unashamedly took a T-shirt, shorts, and then melting, revealing an impressive cock and shaved scrotum, we Max also began to undress, I dragged out the process, because my dick on the type of Daniel began to get up, I did not want to Daniel saw my erection, Max realized it is only a sly smile and told me to take a position on his stomach and buried his farm in the sand, I sent him to the devil and said that I will come back to normal, when Max undressed then my cock was already up on the whole and go not going, I was left on the sand, Max and Daniel, meanwhile, splashing in the sea, I kind of became complacent when they began to emerge from the sea, I could not help admiring their bodies, they were just fine ideal proportions of the bodies were so attractive and pushed such thoughts that a member stood up again on all cylinders when the guys came up to me, I lay back down on his stomach and looked at the landscape, trying to bounce back.
Daniel began to talk about how cool the sea, and I lost a lot, do not swim. Max glanced at me, said I was the type of the fault of natural legkovozbuzhdaemosti could not "frighten" brother his erection, Daniel did not believe him and asked if it was true. I am at this moment turned on his side, Daniel and Max saw me standing at 100% member. Daniel already whistled when he saw the penis and said that good in my unit at this time he had near the cock began to rise, and we are with Max witnessed as a member of Daniel mild sausage began to turn into a thick Dibina 20 cm in length, he stands proudly on the shaved scrotum, we are fascinated by Max looked at his penis, Max was also a riser, and now the three of us lay on the sand, and our members proudly looked up. The first to break the silence of Daniel, he took the term in his right hand and said that the riser is now just does not take place, such as until the end, he did not lie, I said that this is our family, Max said that it is easier. Then Daniel smiled and said that he wanted to finish and if we do not mind, it is possible way, not hesitated, we agreed, and soon the three of us finished irrigate jet sperm sand beach. When after we lay, I asked Daniel if he often practiced masturbation with guys, he smiled, and his recognition of kicked me out kalei, saying that he was gay, and then Max told him that we are too. Daniel admitted that he had long realized this, by the way we look at each other, how we treat each other, but it is not the type to stick us because we are a couple and are unlikely to want a threesome. We agreed with him, he said, he is sure to acquaint us with her boyfriend.
Daniel, as promised, introduced us to her boyfriend, his name was Vadim, he was his age, a handsome guy, all day long they were together with us. We walked along the beach, walking around the city, went to the disco, but it's time to return to Moscow, Max accepted my offer to move me, and now we live together and often remember the south and our holiday.
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