In its incomplete 19 years Mary was quiet and closed devushkoy.V Institute she was inconspicuous and as all demure studied diligently, slowly whiling away the days for books and love stories that somehow rainbow colors decorate your dull routine.

Outwardly, she was more than skromnoy.Nosila gray or pink sweaters and prefer dark blue jeans or tight denim skirt just above the knees. The only thing that caused attention to her appearance so it is a big breasts 4 th size and bright gentle blue eyes.
True, all these charms hid clothes without notches and thin neat points. As a small bright addition served her red straight hair and rare little freckles on her cheeks.

But it was not as easy as it seemed everyone around. Her little clever, well-read head was filled with erotic fantasies, which she wanted but was afraid to implement. But one day her inner world has finally revealed his true colors.

Masha was lying as usual in his bed rereading another romance in a glamorous cover comfortably dressed in pink tee shirt that she was slightly above the priests, white panties and a lovely light pink socks with small hearts. Slowly swallowing his blue eyes the lines of the novel she was immersed in the image of the heroine representing love scenes, occasionally closing his eyes and rubbing his palm surface of panties.

A few minutes later she laid the book aside and closed his eyes slowly penetrated his little palm panties feeling warm and humid corners of the body. Her knees slightly lifted legs and opened the meeting pleasure. Her movements became faster and breathing quickens, a little groaning she licked her lips and squirmed a little. But then she realized that her light moans interrupted barely audible cry.

Masha pulled sharply out and looked around, trying to heed from this comes the rhythmic cry. And suddenly she realized that the sound was coming from her mother's bedroom, where she retired to her new boyfriend Andrew. Pulling slightly elastic pants and straightened them she quietly tiptoed left his room and slowly approaching the thin strip of light at the end of the corridor. It was a room of her mother. Masha had heard creaking from the room mother and incomprehensible to the ear movement but the door was always locked. This time she could not resist the temptation and see.

Masha faintly approaching the door, and with every step moans grew louder. She felt a pleasant warmth fills her belly and nipples harden its lush elastic breasts. She got right up and through the thin slit saw an interesting picture.
Andrei feet propped her mother does not shoulder holding her breasts and rhythmically entered into her vagina, occasionally closing her mouth. These movements were so rough and steep that Masha's mother writhed with each new impetus Andrew uttering excited frantic cry.

Mary held her breath and shifting from foot to foot swallowed saliva that enters a lump to her throat. But it attracted not the pushing and shouting and testicles Andrew. They were big and shaved. As in slow motion she watched how they are raised rhythmically up and savory with a slap on the ass hit her mother. Masha bent slightly and slowly let them in the palm panties in a mad rhythm stroking her clitoris and moaning softly. Trying to fondle himself in the same pace as Andrew fucked her mom. Her legs gave way a little pink mouth fell open revealing her tender tongue.

Meanwhile, Andrew took his dick out of her mother and began to let her into his mouth. Masha with huge eyes looking like stringy fat cock in her mouth gets her mom. It fascinated her drunk, she lost control and was excited even more, seeing everything that happens both through the veil of mist. Previously, it is only seen in porn and even then not always. Suddenly she noticed that the view of Andrei directed at her. He smiled slyly and continued to stick to the pleasure of her mother's mouth. She was frightened and quickly retired to her room.

Her heart was beating slowly dispersing in her veins the blood, fear and excitement did not abate. After 10-15 minutes of moaning stopped. Masha heard as heavy unhurried steps moving in her direction.
Suddenly the door opened and there was a satisfied before her eyes, muscular smiling image of Andrew in black tight pants in the family who stuck his poluvstaly member.

Masha looked at him cross-legged afraid barely concealing her chubby ass shirt. Did you like what you see? He asked.
She just shook her head approvingly frightened. Andrew laughed and walked over to the edge of the bed and put his hand on her head covered with red hair and gently stroked it. Masha frightened but excitedly watched his bright eyes blazing with lust and her fingers plucking at the edge of a pink T-shirt.
Andrew's hand gently down her cheek and the thumb of his palm gently wilted in her little gentle mouth. Obediently, she sucked it occasionally closing his eyes.
Oh, you little minx, all in the mother-quietly and excitedly he said.
- You had sex already, Masha ?? - he said, continuing to enjoy her lips.
- No, said Mary at the time of choosing his finger in his mouth because of the close and staring at his penis, which was already the hill in his little family.
- Sorry !! - said Andrei and gently pulled the little family from which sprang his cock.

Masha looked fearfully at his wand. He was great about 18-19 cm and wiry, but not too thick. Adorn this piece of natural art large crimson head.

Do you want to suck my mother? 'He asked.
Maria just nodded and followed his invitation and got out of bed. In one motion, he threw a white pillow from the bed to the floor and asked her to kneel. She got up obediently.
- That's clever, said Andrei and brought her mouth on his penis a little head. Mary gently took this present feeling the salty flesh reveals her hot lips and tongue teased. She was excited with each of his thrusts. And closing his eyes began to eat because of its trunk every minute swallowing it deeper, vogruziv second hand on his big balls. They were heavy and large hot. Andrew was struck by her skill. The natural uptake of Masha played a role. And playing with bananas and watching porn has not passed unnoticed.
She moved faster feeling a powerful surge of hot member in his mouth, shaking her heavy breasts and felt her white panties get wet under the pressure of 19-centimeter-miracle.

Andrew began to moan and gently put his arm around her neck and began podmahivat hips on her appointment. Thin jets of saliva dripping from her lips. She kayfovat with him. But soon it became a member of the incredibly hot and hard, and Mary felt as a dense hot jet pulled out her throat. She could swallowing his semen to the accompaniment of sighs Andrew. He gently picked it out of her mouth. Small droplets dripping from her lips on a T-shirt.
- Good girl, said Andrew, smiling stroking her cheek.
It will be our secret with you, baby ?? - he asked carefully.
Mary nodded approvingly, and he was gone leaving her to sit on a cushion to drip sperm shirt.
It was her first blowjob ...