An exemplary pupil

It seems to me that my parents were lucky with a daughter like me. At the Institute, I'm good, always do your homework, go to clubs and very rarely go back there soon. Innocence I lost recently, and it happened when I already knocked 18 years, and my friends have begun sexual activity much earlier. One day I decided to unwind, called her friend and offered to go to the bar.

There we missed a beer and went home. We live close to each other, so it had to go in one direction. Near me, we drank another can of beer and left. At the entrance, I realized that I wanted to smoke a cigarette at home, I did not hold, because their parents could see. Stall is next, so I strolled back and bought a pack.

There, I lit a cigarette and was leaving home when she saw her former classmate and his three friends. With them, we drank some more alcohol and they invited me to his home. After a couple of hours I zasobiralas home, because I actually had to go home, still early tomorrow morning to study, and to the same parents will worry.

Suddenly, one of his friends Wasi (the name of my classmate) became pester me and undress. I called Vasya help, but he instead let me, on the contrary, helped a friend to undress me. They both went into my pussy. It saw the other two men and began to peck me you mouth. Men in turn ends up in my mouth and I swallowed it all.

Can not say that I do not like it, but because they humiliated me. Finally, it's all over, all lay down to sleep, I got dressed and was about to leave when one of the guys woke up and said that it is too early to leave. He laid me on the table and quickly began to fuck pussy. He soon came, changed the condom and has entered my ass.

Useless to resist, I just endured and certainly experiencing pleasure. At home, I take a bath and went to sleep, trying not to think about what happened, but in the morning I discovered that there was no phone in front of me. I think I left it at these idiots.

I had to go back to them and ask them to send their mobile phone. Just because they did not give it to me, I made a blowjob for everyone. Since then, they often call me and fuck in the queue, or all together. If I do not agree to this, they are threatening to tell everything at the institute.