Sexy secretary

I work as a security guard in a big company, but here works Mila- secretary. She always dressed so as to emphasize their dignity, and they were at it. I knew that the boss fucks her every day. She was not wearing a bra and panties, probably because it was easier to boss enter into it. Sometimes partners came to him and they all fucked Mila.

She gave it a wild pleasure, plus a sizeable increase to the salary, it also can not be dismissed. I dreamed it vytrahat desk chief, but this is not possible, such as I will not fuck Mila. I was sitting close to her, so that I can watch it, what I'm doing. When she bent over to pick something up off the floor, I could see her pussy.

She wore high heels and a skirt with a long slit. Her breasts are always covered in her short blouse with a plunging neckline. If white blouse, I can clearly observe her black nipples stick out from under this blouse. When I looked at it, I have always had an erection. This is particularly evident when I saw her breasts and pussy. When the boss called her to him, I sometimes heard the cries and imagined how he was fucking her.

She always seemed unthinkable sexy. Every night I dreamed of her fuck on boss table, and here once, I was lucky. The chief called her as usual in his office and yelled something at her. Then I heard her moans (most likely, he began to fuck her again). Then there was a lull. Apparently she sucked his cock. I, as usual, been stiff erection.

I wanted to depart and was already masturbate when suddenly the boss called me. I walked into the office. The secretary was lying on the sofa in a pose of cancer. She was without a blouse and a skirt, wearing only stockings and heels. She stood, legs apart, and looked at me.

- You want it, I know you want to - I told the boss - so fuck her right here!

He sat down at his chair and began podrachivat his huge dick. It is not in vain so screamed when he fuck her. My cock is already torn. I went to the Mile and unbuttoned his pants, walked into it. After a moment I fucked her furiously. Again she screamed and writhed under me. It lasted twenty minutes. I knew that one more chance I will not be and decided to try it in the anal.

She moaned even more. Her ass was my cock, not so small, and the boss in the mouth member. I saw how he cums in her mouth. She moaned the whole time. I am at the same time filled with sperm her ass.