START. Aunt Masha.
- Well?
- Not bad.
The photographs were black and white, made in the form of maps. The deck was clearly not full. But does it matter? No one is going to play with them.
- And where are you nadybal them?
- What's the difference? - He said - You what?
- Maybe I would have bought myself whatsoever either.
- Buy from me.
I hesitated. Seryoga was pretty greedy type. This will not miss her. Obder¸t as sticky.
- And how many?
- Twenty two. In ruble apiece.
So much I did not. But it was useless to bargain. This I knew from his tone and stonily.
- I do not know. - I said thoughtfully. As if trying to figure out whether these photos are requested amount. For myself, I had already decided. They shall be mine. - Can you give it to me today? And tomorrow I'll tell you, I will take or not. - And he thought that the answer to it, if he asks, why do I need them to make a purchase decision. But he did not ask.
Seryoga my proposal had clearly not for everyone. It was clear from his face grimaced. But apparently there were pictures he had long enough to pall. And money certainly was not superfluous.
- Okay, take it. But only until tomorrow.
- Suitable.
Photos moved into my pocket. We talked for another ten minutes about any nonsense, and fled.
I immediately went home. The soul rejoiced. Somewhere in the stomach-tickling arisen painful feeling. I held his hand in his pocket, on maps. That squeezing them, trying to count the touch.
Once in the entryway and up the stairs, I took out a card at random. This ball eight of spades. With photographs, the light dim 60 fleece, hardly make their way through a dusty and spattered izv¸stkoy (traces of old repairs) ceiling, looked at me a beautiful, haughty face dark-haired brunettes. The narrowed his eyes, a smile bordering on a smirk through contempt. Even in her pose was a challenge.
"This woman does not, and takes" - I thought - "He takes what she needs, and then to throw, without any regret, boring "vesch".
Photography was done in some office. Woman sat on a chair. With one hand, by submitting a forward a little body, she relied on her knee slightly bent, left leg. The second hand, compresses the whip rested on the right. Hips were divorced. black triangle was visible between them. In the black-and-white photography, he represents a single dark spot. Over stockings were put on high-heeled boots. The chest was a small, regular shape, with small nipples.
The pants I instantly hardened. Before my apartment had two more flights of stairs. For me were wearing sweat pants and a shirt with short sleeves. The yard was the end of May, and the summer promises to be hot. Needless to say that my pants were a tent.
At this point, the lock on one of the apartment door, near which I stood, snapped. I only had time to turn back toward the stairs when a woman's voice called out to me.
- Maksim! What are you doing here?
It was Aunt Mary, sorokasemiletnyaya widow with six years of experience, from the fourteenth, one-bedroom apartments.
- Like what? Home go. - I said, turning his head toward her. My cock stood like a stone. He seemed to live its own life. And no matter how strong-willed efforts, he simply did not react on my part.
- True? Hey, I met you so well. - Fussed Aunt Mary - I like you now a little help. Good?
I tried something sluggish mumble about how I hurry home, and even put his foot on the rung of the ladder leading up.
- Maxim! You do not throw in trouble old woman who needs your help?
- Aha! Well yes! If you are old, I Napoleon Bonaparte. - I gave turning. - Let me introduce myself, I have the honor. - Hand I laid it on his chest, pretending to put his coat over her and stood in the half-bow. It is this posture, it seemed to me for the role of Napoleon's best.
Aunt Mary laughed.
- Come on - she said, throwing open the doors wide open and slightly moving away to the side, freeing me to pass.
Prior to that, she was talking to me, put his head in the doorway. And I saw only her head and shoulder region. Now I got a chance to look at it in full view.
The height of it was about 170 cm, at the same time weighed about 85-90 kilograms. Hair, a brown, slightly curly, little did not reach the shoulders. Chest big. I imagined how she swayed when walking, do not be at Aunt Masha bra. Legs slightly plump, but only slightly. That's it for her age. Smooth transitions, pedicure, no hair, varicose veins. Immediately evident aunt looks after himself. Bit fat in the waist, but the belly is not very big. Ass: No, no ass, and ass, was great. Dream, not pop.
Honestly, many times, locked in the toilet, I indulged in fantasies immodest content with her participation, ends up stained tiles.
She was dressed in a robe which reached to her ankles, and outdoor slippers on a small platform. Bathrobe swung open slightly ahead of presenting to review one of her lovely legs. On it I stared, frozen in "Napoleonic" half-bow.
I do not know how much time passed, probably not very much. But surely is indecent for a long time for this situation. Recovering himself, I looked up and looked in the face of Aunt Masha. She smiled.
- You're quite a big boy, Maxim. - Saying this, she looked at my pants, just below the waist. - Wow, I had not noticed. It seems quite more recently in shorts running with whipped knees. And now.
O Lord! I felt that I was thrown into a fever. How could I forget about the pants. Pro pants and my cock in them, so bravely propped discharge the same. Vanished. Just gone. To explain this is difficult. And there is nothing, in fact, explain everything so clearly. But her response: Do not anger, irritation or ridicule. And this incomprehensible female smile. There might, after all, to pretend she did not notice anything.
- Well, what are you? Come on. - Said Aunt Maria.
But what I still do? Do not run away, in the end.
The old domestic washing machine at Aunt Masha was not easy. The waste water had vych¸rpyvat, but that could not scoop, remove by turning over the bath this bulky unit. To do this, I needed to Aunt Masha.
A little tricky, I have successfully coped with this task. While I groaned, turning his this pile of iron, Aunt Mary sighed and gasped, standing behind me, and all the impulses to help me. But the bathroom was cramped for the two of us and a washing machine. Therefore, it was over a pair of her unsuccessful attempts to squeeze between my ... back and the door frame. Admittedly exciting for me to attempt. When she tried to do it, the bottom of her stomach came into close contact with my forced, due to heavy lifting, protruding yagodnitsami. I imagined that Aunt Mary wants to fuck me. And as a consequence of my penis was not slow Having reported to me their full combat readiness.
When I finished with a washing machine, attach it to the corner and turned to exit the bathroom, Aunt Mary looked at me in surprise. More precisely on the hill on my pants, twitching rhythmically in time with the beating of my heart.
- Maxim? What are you doing? - She said in surprise. - It's the washing machine so affected you?
Well what can I say? Do not speak the truth. After all, could I, coming out of the bathroom, put your hand in your pocket and keep it, so its not a measure of variance "eagle". Not that I did. In me as possessed some Imp. I imagine that it was, if I gave a phrase like: "Do you want to fuck me, Aunt Mary?".
- So in fact, Aunt Mary, you're a pretty woman, and I am a young man, so to speak in the full dawn. Hormones, you know, take his. - And silent himself, surprised at his audacity. Something has read, I heard something on TV. The phrases themselves jumped out of me. But in the end, this woman has twice seen me with a standing member, even dressed. And you know it, one way or another, but it brings.
- Maxim Thank you for the compliment. Man says - she said. - You won pants smeared with rust, probably on the bottom of the machine when turned over.
Aunt Mary took a step forward and held his hand on the bulge in my pants. Involuntarily I leaned back. Glancing down at his pants, I did not notice there is no stain. Looking up, I have opened my mouth to tell her when he saw her face close to his. She looked into my eyes, and her breath came to my lips. I felt that I was starting to sink in these two brown "whirlpools". Then everything happened does not seem to me. My mind is numb, not believing what was happening. It responds only body.
Her lips, her tongue in my mouth, chest and stomach pressed against me. That's my shirt fell on the floor, alas, no more buttons, her pants with shorts. I myself took only socks. Then bed. I lay on my back, and Aunt Mary on top. Bra and panties she took off, and I did not dare. She had just pulled her panties a bit to the side and straddled me. Then I remembered well only warm enveloping sensation on my cock and moans Aunt Masha. When they reached their apogee and went almost crying, I felt hot moisture in his groin, she ran down the inside of my thighs. It was so much that the sheets wet under me. Aunt Masha's body finely trembled and relaxed. Startled a couple, since she slipped from my side. With your left hand under my head and gently lifting her, she dug a long and insistent kiss me on the lips. Her right arm at this time caressing my cock. A minute later I had finished, the Gulf of your stomach and arm aunt Masha sperm.
- Wait, I'll go, including warm water, it is necessary to obmytsya. - Said Aunt Mary and slipped into the kitchen.
As she opened the water and lit column, I tried to understand what had happened to me. On reflection I was distracted in yagodnitsah cool feeling. Rolling over, I saw that I was lying on a large diameter of about 30 cm, a wet spot. My cock, who had up to this point has already filled up on one side, took a vertical position again. Without hesitation, I approached the spot of his face. It's hard to describe this smell. So smell female allocation, and that's all I can say. My nose touched the sheets. She was wet and cool the surface pleasantly excited. I spent on her lips, rubbed one cheek, then the other. Sticking his tongue, I touched them to the wet surface, then slowly held them in left, right. It was a beautiful, slightly salty taste. As I held his tongue over the sheets, the taste of Aunt Masha's selections in this place dull. I shift slightly his head, and all repeated:
- We can do it differently. - I looked up. Aunt Mary stood beside the bed and looked down at me. - That's when I, unfortunately, has already washed away.
She was in her dressing gown. From the way her breasts swayed as she took a step, I realized that she had to remove her bra.
I sat back to her. Slightly leaning forward, she put her hands on my shoulders and pulled over. As a result, I found myself lying on his back with his head hung over the edge of the bed. I looked at the standing outwork aunt Masha, and she looked at me. Her gaze was experiencing some, I would say assessor. Now I understand what she was thinking, how far he can go to their games with me, as I apprehend that it is going to do. Finally, slowly turned his back on me, she pushed aside the floor gown, opened my eyes a big ass. At a distance of 30-40 cm, it looks just awesome. Cowards at Aunt Masha was not. Legs wide apart, slightly bending the knees, resting one hand on the bedside table that stood next to it is located exactly over my face. Aunt Mary turned her head, and apparently convinced that I lie correctly, slowly began to squat. I was fascinated by watching how her crotch slowly coming to my face. Her clicking opened. Two dark-pink petals, the labia minora, swung invitingly. My lips as if by themselves, parted for the first in my life, like a kiss. I closed my eyes. My nose touched something wet and cool. Aunt Mary took her hips slightly, and her lips clung to my half-open lips. We froze. I could breathe only through the nose, and then only with difficulty. Loboc Aunt Masha was soft and plump, covered with dark, close-cropped hair and my nose drowned in it.
- Come on. - I heard her voice. - Lick.
I'm a little stuck out his tongue. He slid between her lips and fell exactly into the hole of her vagina. Aunt Maria let out a sigh of sex, sex moan.
I will not try to describe the taste. Compare I was not anything. I can only say that if this was the taste, well, for example any fruit, I would eat it did not. But it was a completely different situation. I was not at the feast, and tasted not some exotic fruit vegetable world. At the moment, nothing is tastier and more desirable for me did not exist. My tongue, at first slowly and then more confidently began to explore the folds of her crotch.
My experience is limited to oral sex pictures, relevant content, yard sversnikov stories and my stormy youthful fantasies. My tongue moved awkwardly and erratically, licking the moisture began to stand out. This went on for about three minutes. Then Aunt Mary told me to stop, and put out language. Hands on her hips, she began to shake her hips slightly. Back and forth slightly to the side. Her sex lips and clitoris slid down my face. The lips, nose, cheeks, chin, forehead and even began to cover her slippery secretions. The amplitude of its movements all increased. She's stronger pressed to my face his crotch. My tongue began to tire. From above could be heard rapid breathing Aunt Masha. It flowed so much that its moisture is beginning to flow into my nostrils. Suddenly she froze. Her right hand slid under my neck and forcefully pulled my head to his crotch. My face sank into her wet flesh flushed. Breathing was nothing. I started trying to turn his head, hoping to breathe a little air. Language while I still kept ... protruding. Aunt Masha is, apparently, liked. Her selection got my nose and then to throat and I was swallowing them. Thighs and hips Aunt Masha twice greatly trembled. Then she came to a standstill for five seconds. The pressure on the back of my head start to subside and I was finally able to breathe the air nose, swallowing while another portion of its emissions.
When I was finally released, I tried to open my eyes. To do this, I had to rub their hands. Eyelashes stick together by female secretions. I sat down on the bed. Aunt Masha, I saw lying next to the back. Her ass was on the edge of the bed, and widely spaced feet she put on the floor. Bathrobe was wide open, presenting on display gorgeous body of a mature woman. Large heavy breasts with large dark nipples, slightly flattened under its own weight and fell apart on opposite sides. Her face was turned toward me. It was the face of a well-fed, contented female. She grinned.
- So how did you like it?
- Yes. - I barely audible sigh.
- That's good. - She said. - Something very weak voice at you. Tired poor. Take the sheets and wipe your face. She still has zastiryvat have.
That's exactly what I did. He knelt beside the bed, and wiped his face with the edge of the sheets. I smelled the whole woman, and I loved it.
When I looked up at Aunt Masha, I saw that she was with a smile, looking at me.
- Maxim, and wipe me, please, between the legs. I've got all that wet. And then Mommy will make you feel good. Come on.
Her, legs wide apart, were close. Without rising from his knees, I got up and moved between them. One hand I put on the inside of her thigh, and the second took the edge of the sheet, about to wet her adorable pussy.
- What are you, stupid. Tongue. I brushed my tongue.
Once again, the second time that day, I fell down to this wonderful source. I licked her lips, thrust his tongue as deep as possible into the vagina. I clean it and b¸dryshki yagodnitsy. Lick matted hair on her pubis.
- Umnichka. Good boy. Sit down here on the edge.
Now we have changed places. I sat on the edge of the bed, and she got between my legs. My cock was standing at attention. The head suffused with blood and ached. With one hand, aunt Masha began stroking my balls and the other placed on the penis, revealing a crimson head. Her head leaned forward and my cock is half sunk in her warm mouth. Cloth wrapped around the trunk of a relief, and the tongue danced around the head. I was on the verge. Barely a minute later, I felt the approach of orgasm. Aunt Mary is understood and pushed his head. Instead, she held up her cupped palm of the hand, before caressed my balls. Second hand she continued to fondle my penis. I began to finish. The first stream was so strong that flew past his hands and fell on the carpet. Aunt Masha quickly oriented and tilted my cock. Her hand covered with my cum, forming at the bottom of a small white-transparent puddle. Aunt Mary a couple of times squeezed my cock, squeezing out of it his sperm palm rests. What she did next shocked me. Getting up from her knees, she put one hand on my neck and the other cupped, held it to my nose. I still did not have anything to understand, and it is already smeared my cum as my face. Her fingers glided over my lips. Then they pushed and got inside. After cleaning, so each finger she told me to open my mouth and stick his tongue. When I did, she wiped it on his palm. Then he leaned over and smacking me in sticky semen on my cheek went into the bath.