Strong woman

My favorite stroking my inner thigh, rising higher, his fingers gently pinching the nipples ... Ah-ah-ah! What are his fingers ... how many years we live together, and his hands able to excite me at any time in any mood ... I start to go ... But-oh oh-oh-called same-ee-o-in to a-ma-Andes-and-ir-of-the-application. In about-what-have I-I-I N-ee n-of-the-mu-yu-yu, a-a-a-a oh-called p-p-p and and -ehal ?! Uh-O-C-O-O-H ... Stop! This is a dream! We all went on a picnic by the company and is now back, I fell asleep on the bus in the back seat. Yes, I hear the steady hum of the motor and the bus wobbles on uneven road ... and I continue to feel someone's hand between her legs. I finally wake up and open my eyes ... my God ...
- You'll end up at all, bitch!
This verdict came from the lips of my boss two months ago. Then we had a corporate party in a Moscow restaurant. My boss had never concealed his lustful relationship with me. My reputation iron business woman plus attractive appearance for a long time did not allow him to rest: I'd like to entertain the male ego, splitting a toughie. At the party he got drunk and went from words to deeds. I'm not touchy, but to get under evening dress, under which there is nothing, you must obtain a special permit.
I had to make nachalnichku hurt a little, I have a hobby - martial arts. All our office breathlessly watched as I slowly, cocked his thumb, pulled his hand out from under her dress. To complete the humiliation, I poured him a glass of champagne in the pants. That's when he gave me and "sentenced".
We have such trouble in Russia: some bosses believe their fundamentals subordinate their own. Particularly unlucky in this respect, a beautiful girl, you want career - who to go to sleep or stay and small fry at the beck and call of silly, but less principled colleagues. However, times are changing, experts began to be appreciated, to whom I am. Chiefs of tyranny does not apply to me, I'm at work is indispensable. If you do not like it, she'll go and mounds will beg me to stay. I can afford to be principled.
I have long forgotten about the threat of the boss - I'm not too impressionable and the real way to carry out its threat, I have not seen. Well, do not rape me, he will at all, but where is the guarantee that I finish during the rape? Brad, in short. The guy on offense blurted.
God !!! My legs wide apart, inserted between the knees any case, the right and left of me sat two strong girls - colleagues, which has this morning considered her friends, and now they have their backs pressed against my divorced hands to the backs of the seats - is no way out .. . My short summer skirt Zadran, cut panties lying between my legs, I have a bra on the same not only shirt ... Neighbor pat me on the inner thighs ... In the dream, I ran down ... In the space between the front seats there the boss's face with a mocking smile:
- I woke up bitch!
I want to scream and squeeze his feet, but here come running screaming the whole bus, they do not appear the same in such a way as to move the legs makes the suitcase ... Quietly. Deep breath. Calm down, think of what to do.
Here, he crept up to me. Unlike me, these two hands and feet are kept for their work. They are ready for everything, but the boss hint. As I had not thought of that? Okay, calm, to breathe, you have to relax and no fuss. In this position, to do this is not easy, but a habit to break the task into smaller and solve them one by one, beginning its work.
It goes from girl to pose themselves and panic. Every was ever in the cards on the strip losing herself drunk as a student striptease on the table in the bar suit and boys in school as something in the gym have a girlfriend have caught, spread out on the mat, slowly stripped, and then a long groped . Oh minutes, do not think about it, then it was a shame, and now exciting. It's all garbage, that I was on the bare face of the probe and it was in my life and now survive, the main thing - not to come at all.
And so: in the back of the bus sit only four of us, I close vperedistoyaschego chair. The people on the bus, mostly tired and dozing so if you do not make a fuss, then no one will notice - it is good. The bad news is that with my breasts and genitals these two girls can do anything they want, and that the same one does not see, but they seem to know how to work with your hands. But what they will do ... h-ee-Hg, so I have not had sex and the city go about another hour-and-a-sa, it's bad. My God, my clit not sustain such caresses. So, I got lost when I will finish, probably ... what difference does not make a noise I do not succeed, and they certainly know what to do. But the one on the right, tormenting me with only one hand because sitting in the aisle and did not want to, that would be all to see what she was doing, it was good. Actually, what I decided that I finish, I Come posorevnuemsya, take a deep breath, relax, think about abstract, breathe deeply, exactly, it is necessary to recall some funny song.
So I managed to survive fifteen minutes, but the two girls at the age of thirty is not under sixteen boys who just rudely crushed my charms. The two are working with knowledge of the matter: the finger in the vagina, the finger on the clitoris, nipples under Teasing T-shirt. See, do not react, let fifteen seconds and over again. When released, blood rushes to places that just caressed, very strong feeling.
Hooked me they simultaneously hit upon a point on the clitoris and vagina, I squirmed and bit her lip. More I could not switch me and they drochat without interruption. Boss happy. The city has about forty minutes - do not hold out. I never thought that I could be forcibly brought to such a state.
With my husband, we played different games, I'm on the leader, but I loved to obey her husband. The company my husband and I had a rest from the leadership even loved being humiliated. Surfing the bar around the short and transparent without underwear began our usual entertainment. I felt very excited by humiliation, when I had to sit in the chair too low or lift the leg too high step. One day we went with her husband to bathe in the river. On the shore stood a horizontal bar, around which swirled guppies boys. Besides us and them on the bank was empty. Boys often glances in my direction. When they started to go home, I wrapped a towel over his chest and removed the swimsuit. My husband looked at me and asked: "A little?" "No, not weak!" I replied with a call and immediately heard the horror sequel: "... Shape up three times on the bar, as it is - in a towel".
I trudged to the horizontal bar. The towel was rather short, the hands on the bar will be raised, so the towel will barely cover my bottom. Before the bar still have to jump, and some boys lie on the grass as they will all be seen below! Pull-up should be exactly straight and legs crossed. Damn, what they all looked at me like that? Yes figs with them, we are the first and last time, let obkonchalsya his pants! But the worst thing is not the length of towels, that all these gestures may fall completely ...
I jumped up and hung, trying not to look at the boys and not to think about where the bottom edge of the towel, turned three times to catch up is not kicking, jumped and felt the towel begins to subside. I pressed his hands on the sides and padded feet to doplelas husband. I sat up so that my husband is a hefty ... shut me from the boys, gagged her mouth with a towel, do not know how I ended up quietly, and I shook the strongest orgasm.
These two know that I yell when I finish, she said. Memories of the bar worked against me. All I can no longer, clitoral orgasm is on the way, I hear a chuckle contented boss, I stuck in the mouth student's line that it can not bite my lip and screamed louder. It's a pity to have to leave work ...
Salvation was unexpected. One of the girls cell phone rang, so much so suddenly and loudly that we are all afraid. We like hand caught in the blood stood out adrenaline and stopped me on the edge of a precipice. My tormentors same huddled together and for a while could not get over it, which gave me a chance to catch their breath. When they resumed their manipulation, they long could not catch the rhythm and get into the most sensitive point. Boss looked out the window and noticeably nervous. It took another ten minutes of fruitless attempts to bring me to orgasm. I sat there all wet with sweat and quietly looking out the window. If only cease to flow, then they would very quickly rubbed my sensitive areas and could put an end to their venture. But it happened more.
The one who sat on the left rummaged in his bag, and, embarrassed, pulled out a vibrator running on battery power.
- Yes, a very useful thing for a single mother.
I quipped. In response to this merzavka turned the vibrator on high and with force drove it between my legs. Toady wants a beast. Never mind, look at your faces when you lose. Cum on this thing, of course, impossible, but, as a stimulant, he was a very even nothing.
For five minutes the girl did not touch me, hanging all the hard work on the excitation on the vibrator, and when my breathing quickened, they again climbed his hands under my shirt and began to massage the clitoris. This stand, I could not. Yes, what is it, I was angry at myself for the second time in a row can not meet, the same me, the iron lady. Two months without sex is not an excuse to finish under duress. Meanwhile it excites one thought that the iron lady can be omitted. I would be touchy or hysterical, one would have no interest in, the career would not have developed, and would not be sitting here now with her legs spread. But I was used to force the power to answer, but I'm weak and can do nothing. At the entrance to the town, our bus got stuck in traffic and I have almost no chance.
My husband, a former champion fighting on weekends worked with me individually. In the summer we trained in the Botanical Garden. One day before training on the TV show transmission on the topic of rape. One of the points to which the authors paid attention to the transfer, lay in the fact that if the victim tore clothes, it becomes more concerned with his modesty than defense. Naked victim loses self-confidence and can completely stop the resistance. Some girl who introduced the master of sports in sambo, sitting with his back to the camera, told the story of how she was raped three bastard. They are much inferior to it in strength and size, but she hesitated to raise high the legs in a short summer dress. It is a ball without a bra and was afraid of sudden movements of the chest will pop out. When one of the attackers ripped her dress, she became only hide behind, forgetting that can easily fight back ... After that transmission, my husband told me to get dressed for training in minimum: kimono jacket from his naked body, and the belt. .. ordinary white panties, even melting of swimsuit did not give to wear ...
In the botanical garden around us the crowd of onlookers formed pretty quickly. And the husband, as the evil forces kicked in the head level. Breast and strive to jump out from under his jacket. Begin moonlight: Practicing hand kimono kicks I try not to do it at all. My husband comes up with a new exercise: sit-back-to-back, holding each other by the elbows. At the lowest point of his legs spread wide, kimono chest odds and nothing can be done - the back of the elbow pulls husband. Then I remembered the rape victim from the telecast. "No never!!!" I thought, and his hands began to fill with warmth. I am a beautiful woman anyway, these people would not be staring at me. Calmness and confidence began to seize me. We squatted and squat, but the breast and has not fallen out, but that my panties are visible, so at the same tennis players. Then we worked a long time on the throws, as a result of my kimono vybilos from under the belt at all. But I do not even corrected. And after training, I quietly took off with all the kimono and changed.
From these memories of my hands began to fill with a warm, breathing became even, I gradually ceased to feel the vibrator and other hands on his body. I opened my eyes and smiled calmly in the face boss. The girls felt the change occurred, panicked me.
Five minutes later, I pinched his sides both girls and dramatically pulled his hands out of their backs. Very threw his left arm forward straight into the nose boss, there was a crack of breaking the nose, the boss grabs his face and folded in half. She looked clothing, panties, bra and skirt cut on me just drenched with sweat shirt. I stood up and pulled the bag from the top shelf - in her short summer coat. The girls are shocked and do not try to stop me. Hats shirt, well, let the driver see in the mirror, the main thing that a pole from it not entered. I wipe vest crotch; it is very wet. Wearing a cloak over his naked body, I collect the broken things in the bag. I repellent maiden right and head for the exit. Passing the boss, I find out his unfinished jar and poured the contents on the pants. I ask the driver to stop at the nearest metro. In me is still running a vibrator. On the way sdyhaet battery vibrator. I won.
Coming after a week's holiday to work, I was pleased to learn that the boss and the girls and left the company, the boss is now the place I occupy.