Forget Chip

Down the stairs, tiptoed down the protein. Moths are blocked in the face, rustling wings. Fu is scared! Squirrel tail wrapped around its tremendous fragile figurine and held it with both paws to his chest like a teddy bear. Well, that's it, the end of the stairs, you can sit on the steps to rest. Still, in this thin nightgown is very cold! It is so short!
And how could she ever on a dare? She had hoped to look tempting, even sexy! She wanted to Chip confessed his love to her! Or at least, just said something nice, when she will stand on the threshold of his room. She only thought about it and when they took with them the seductive nightgown. But now, a dark dead of night, she realized that she would never dare to take that final step.
Weak reflections of light fell on the wall of the common room someone was watching TV. Quiet music was playing, and heard a barely perceptible rhythmic sounds. Intrigued, squirrel got up and crept to the door to look.
Small lamps, which used to read without disturbing the rest, was sparked. Its light and obscure TV screen glare squirrel could see a mouse from the comfort of the couch, piled up in the middle of the room.
Nut! One name is able to wake black envy! These legs, this muzzle, these amazing breasts! God, how she would like to stay a little bit in her body! Or at least get a little older! These her lovely red hair, snow-white fur, big blue eyes and a slim figure!
From the speakers poured quiet rhythmic melody. Something moved on the screen, but what - the protein could not properly see from the place where she stood. It seems that people, judging by the flesh-colored. Craning his neck, a squirrel, and did not notice that nut turned to her.
-Hey, Tammy!
-Oh! exclaimed protein in surprise, instinctively trying to pull on his bare feet short chemise, not noticing that natyanuvshis it instead to cover it, on the contrary, all forms of treacherous outlined her girl's body. The nut also smoothed on itself opened its suit. Squirrel had time only to notice the brilliant, like wet fur on his chest. She has the same pink nipples, like mine, she thought. Zastegnuvshis, Nut, raised his hand to his mouth, and for some reason, gently licked her fingertips.
-Come She smiled, patting the sofa beside him. Her voice was unusually - somehow softer and warmer than usual.
-Nn-no, thank Tammy muttered. I just got a drink of water and "Oh, come on!" cheerfully exclaimed nut. I'm also a girl, so do not bother me. This is your transparent nightie before you went to hips after Chip, right?
Tammy, flushing, lowered her eyes, feeling unbearably stupid and Nut, tinker with remote control, Mute.
-It's okay she said gently. Now come here and sit down and have a chat. Well, come back! Those do not want to raise the entire house on its feet?
Tammy was stunned.
-Oh, no, of course she said quietly, sitting down on the couch next to the nuts. I, I just wanted to Chip pointed at me. But I'm afraid to go to him! I, I do not want him to see me in this. Because I know he will laugh!
Squirrel sat with downcast eyes, and mechanically fingered paws in his thick braid, braided on the Indian fashion.
-Here is what firmly Gadget said. Chip often behaves in a chivalrous, this is true. But this does not mean that you do not like him! I remember he even once said that you find very pretty
Tammy sighed and looked at the screen. There are two naked women enthusiastically anointed with oil.
-What are you looking at? indifferently I asked Tammy to change the subject.
-So, nonsense. Porn with people. You know, these are movies where people make love all the time
Three friends were silent.
-Nut, and it is true what you said, if I please Chip?
Mouse sat down closer and hugged Tammy's shoulders.
-What? she asked. You do not believe?
-Yes, there is, I believe, I'm not as beautiful as you. I, I am an ordinary, or perhaps even terrible
-Stop! She snapped her nut. You are very pretty!
Now muzzle Tammy really looked not very attractive. Whether it was to blame in this light, or something else, but the nut, wanting to comfort his girlfriend, nevertheless said to myself that sometimes Tammy slips something is not feminine.
-You probably seem Chip as a child, but you have such nice breasts!
She abruptly opened the gates nightdress Tammy. Stunned protein grabbed the collar of the shirt and his girlfriend foot. After a few moments of fun fuss nut pulled the thin material with the shoulder Tammy, put on display two more very young hairy breast with tender pink nipples, which immediately hardened in cold air. Mouse laughed and patted Tammy's cheek. She shyly smiled back.
-You're crazy! she gasped.
Gadget shook her head.
-Now do not tell me you do not want to see what my chest!
-Well, the truth really want to! Tammy said sheepishly.
Instead of replying Nut moved to his knees girlfriend, took her by the legs and put them on his shoulders. Tammy helped mouse open collar and pull the coarse cloth jumpsuit with shoulder and chest. In general, everything that happens was so unusual that a young squirrel did not know how to behave, and nut bared her breasts and exposed them so that Tammy could admire.
-They're beautiful she whispered.
What is really there! She so enjoyed her these bloodshot, heavy bulge, playing with white fur, with large, tight nipples. As much as she wanted to be the same!
-Tammy, do not be so jealous! strictly Gadget said, curiously watching the squirrel.
But how can you not be jealous of those charms? Even just looking at them - a real pleasure! For some time, Tammy felt her warmth between her legs. She wanted to cross them, but they were tightly clenched thighs nuts, so, jerking a couple of times, she left his attempts and leaned back on the couch.
-Chip they probably like she sighed too.
-Oh no! Chip I'm not even close to fend laughed nut.
Tammy was amazed.
-But why?
-And I like to tease him. By the way, do you want to know what he was doing?
-He sleeps, probably helplessly suggested Tammy. Now the same night
-And we can check it out right here. You did not notice our small cameras? innocently inquired nut.
-What are you? ... amazed protein.
-I just set the camera in each room. Chip knows it, but he likes when spying on him. Come on, let's see! He said nut and picked foot control panel. Tammy looked aghast at her friend not knowing what to say. There was a click, and the TV screen went dark.
-This room Chip Nut explained, fumbling with the remote control. Now I'll turn the console of night vision and a microphone
The screen flashed and plunged seen a squirrel in deep shock. On the screen, in a rainbow palette that was ok for the night consoles, beautifully varied rhythmically moving silhouettes of two chipmunks. They were in each other's arms. As far as can be seen, both chipmunk were in dresses and long-haired wigs, the same ones that they already wore last week to get into the casino Fat Cat. Oh, Tammy! groans could be heard among the voice Chip.
-But, but stuttering, Tammy tried to utter something. Nut felt that it hurts to see it all.
-See, I told you: he's thinking about you winced nut, not finding any other words of consolation.
-But they're brothers! squeezed squirrel, which more than anything in the world wanted to sink into the ground. And because they are both boys! She turned, bewildered and shocked, bewildered by his girlfriend. She pulled herself together.
-Say, you know what sex is?
-Of course! exclaimed protein. But my mother never told me about this. Do you really think that's good?
-Of course, well, Tammy! All that brings the two of them already enjoy good! . Nut paused. And by the way, the girls can also make love together like guys
Nut, taking control, switch the TV back to the previous transmission, and Tammy, wide-open eyes in amazement, saw two naked women. Clutching each other's arms, they are passionately kissing and moaning with pleasure.
-It's incredibly Tammy mumbled, glaring at the screen. Nut indulgently looked at her and sighed. This young squirrel and had no idea about such things!
-You probably already hate me? she asked with mock sullenness.
-What? What are you, of course not! Tammy exclaimed, recovering from the shock.
-I'm sure! You think that's what he wants Chip? Gadget asked, taking in his hands and legs of a young squirrel clutching them to their luxurious plump breasts. They were so soft and fluffy! Tammy started and lowered her head in embarrassment.
-Please do not faintly she whispered.
-I so do not want to quarrel with you, Tammy. Let me at least make you a pleasant nut continued, leading Tamminen fingers on her hard nipples. You know, a little, you also have this, than you can be proud of!
-What are you saying! Tammy exclaimed, not even noticing that the nut is not holding her foot. Squirrel mechanically continued to fondle the elastic fluffy breasts that are so attracted her.
-No, really! Your nipples are pink, for example Gadget said.
Gently squeezing fist Tamminen has a flat chest, she leaned over and touched his lips to the nipple. At Tammy's head was spinning from the new, yet to experience the thrill.
-About Gadget she whispered.
-And this is your tail! I wish I could have that fluffy miracle at least for one day! My God! Gadget added when Tammy threw them both with his tail. This tip squirrel tail slipped over the body nuts, extremely exciting.
-God is good! He mouthed Tammy.
-And this is your nose nut continued, kissing the nose of his girlfriend. And your little face! You know, she's so strong-willed, even there is something masculine in her. But, my God, she's so attractive!
Tammy has long muzzle burned with embarrassment, eyes wandered, but she continued, surrendering to the will of instinct, to caress and pull the chest of his girlfriend.
-I love you, Tammy whispered nut in the squirrel trembling lips and leaned forward. Girls have merged in a kiss. As if by chance palm nuts was a squirrel between her legs, where the fur on the thighs was already wet. Tammy, enthusiastically sucking the language of his girlfriend, who, overcoming resistance, slipped into her mouth, did not even notice it. Emotion overwhelmed her.
-Oh-oh-oh, Gadget! she sobbed when it released the mouse. It's so awful!
Gadget smiled, gently stroked the fur on the belly girlfriend, and, feeling the shudder of a girl's body, palm down below. Sponges squirrels were very wet. Pet them and pinning them to the palm, the mouse gently plunged his middle finger in the sex gap and felt stiff resistance.
-Play the virgin gently whispered in his ear nut protein. Can I thee? No, you probably dream to caress you there Chip. I understand
Whispering this nut is contracted with Tammy her night dress.
-No, nothing slurred squirrel. She was unbearably ashamed, but she could not help it.
Nut gently kissed Tamminen nipple and took it into his mouth. Tammy did not know how to listen to the feelings gentle caresses nipples, which are already hardened and stood upright, or it unbearably pleasant touch between my legs. And when Nut, plenty enough of her lips and vulva, fingers clutched the tiny clitoris, the whole body is pierced Tammy intense pleasure that she can not hold back any longer, moaned.
Nut released Tamminen papilla, and taking a wet palm, gently licked her fingertips, and then raised it to his lips crimson with shame Tammy offering and try it.
-You've already done this? she asked.
-I stammered, said Tammy. I touched myself once, but she did not know that then you can
She wrinkled her nose and eyes closed, with sudden determination sucked Gaykini wet fingers. Nothing, she thought, listening to their feelings. Even nice. Suddenly she remembered that nut licking his hand when she entered.
-Nut and said Tammy, overshadowing guess. And you, what happens after he has the same taste as me?
-And let's check it offered Nut. Lie down, and do not be afraid she added, noticing the fear in the eyes of Tamminen. I'm going to do everything very carefully, and so that you are not afraid
Tammy did not quite understand that he intends to make her friend, yet hesitantly nodded and closed her eyes.
Nut took off her jumpsuit, pushed aside a huge squirrel tail, it does not interfere, and climbed on his friend, standing on all fours, her head to her feet. And when she was leaning on his elbows, his head clenched her legs Tammy, she realized, finally, that it is now going to do.
-I wanted to get into this cave since the first time I saw you whispered nut.
Tammy felt her tiny mouse solid nose gently tickled her clitoris and tongue held on a wet slippery lips. ... According to the body of a young squirrel shiver, she moaned and opened her eyes. What he saw shocked her. The mouse was on all fours, tempting caved so that all her charms were right in front of the muzzle Tammy. Squirrel, never taking his eyes from them, put a foot on a friend's buttocks, such as soft and fluffy as the breast, and clenched them, spread to the sides. As if hypnotized, she inhaled the heady aroma of love reached out and kissed the tight, sticky mucus and red petals on the tide of blood.
Sensing a timid kiss, Nut smiled happily. He paused for a moment, so as not to scare her not familiar with such affection friend and let her get used to new sensations, with new forces she attacked pussy young squirrels.
Tammy, completely lost his head, has already tried to understand what was happening to her. She felt only inexpressibly pleasant petting, touching the lips of his girlfriend, her hot breath, tongue, somewhere in the depths of caressing her virgin flesh and fingers, pick up her tail and tickling tight anal ring. She gave up, resigned to his sophisticated girlfriend in love, trembled and melted by unearthly pleasure.
Nut, who also captured her breathless with passion, felt that all her glowing little face smeared badly smelling grease virgin female, and it is even more inflamed it. Suddenly it felt like Tammy, which until then only moaned and trembled under her tightly wrapped around her waist and pulled him to her. Squirrel awkwardly kissed girlfriend in oozing slime pussy passionately licked her and burying her nose into the ground quivering tail, began to push through the tongue quivering in inflamed vagina.
Whatever was excited Tammy, it is the edge of consciousness still said to myself that, in contrast to its very narrow and close the entrance, vagina, her girlfriend is flexible and soft, without any trace of virginity, the tongue it slid freely, almost without resistance. Do Gadget someone there? amazed protein, and is unpleasantly surprised her.
Gaykini tab also wielded more boldly and swiftly, pushing the slimy wall and forcefully pressing on the elastic flesh maiden. She gasped, groaned louder, and suddenly, leaving the squirrel alone, raised her head and cried, struggling bent, even more pressed to lips Tamminen disclosed. The next moment his mouth was filled with proteins warm and sticky mucus. The unexpectedness of Tammy swallowed, feeling strange and persistent taste, but her mouth immediately filled again. She was choking, tried to pull away, but the nut, shuddering and sobbing, with the force pressed her to her flowing pussy and muzzle Tammy was immediately smeared sticky and sharp-smelling slime.
Moments later it was all over. As always after orgasm, heart pounding in his ears pounded and swam before his eyes purple circles. Gadget, panting, stood on trembling knees and turned to look at Tammy. Squirrel blinked, muzzle she was wet. Nut leaned toward squirrel and began to lick gently with her nose and cheeks sticky drops.
-How do you feel? she asked, trembling kiss wet lips girlfriend.
Tammy nodded.
-I'm fine, she said quietly. It was so
-Those not yet finished? Strange! Nut noticed.
Squirrel does not quite understand what he meant her friend.
-I'm sorry I do not know I've never felt so good, I swear! Maybe it was not, because I'm still not as an adult? timidly she suggested.
-I do not think so said nut. Just you are very shy. However, I am not sure that you will be able to pull a lot, she thought. But, if you want, I'll try to help you
-Yes please! Tammy pleaded. I have all the lights!
Nut and smiled, running his hand under the sofa, pulled out a strange object resembling a banana with ribbons tied to it.
-I called him Roquefort, because he was very fat, she explained, has fitted its product between the legs and deftly tying straps thigh. She planted Tammy on her knees and spread her legs apart so that the dildo standing on end rested against Tamminen pussy.
-Now, just sit down on it, a favorite nut whispered in your ear girlfriend. Tammy, curled up in anticipation of the worst, began to descend cautiously. Plastic member only parted her lips, but did not go further.
-It hurts! tearfully she complained.
-It normally calmed nut. Just push down sharply. It will be a little bit painful, but it quickly passes. And be sure to relax!
Tammy took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and with desperate determination, sharply down on a member. For a moment, her virginal pleura holding back the onslaught, but natyanuvshis, burst, plastic container pushed into the vagina, and Tammy, yelp in pain, pressed to his chest of his girlfriend.
-It seems everyone, biting her lip and holding back sobs, she managed to say.
-Well, that's good affectionately said nut. You can, now I continue?
Nut, gently but firmly grasped Tammy waist and made her a little to lift the pelvis, and then abruptly planted in its place. Now a member got much deeper than the first time, as it seemed to Tammy, almost to the limit. Squirrel moaned. Nut again raised and lowered on a member Tammy, then again, and even burning plastic slides inside the vagina, then almost all jumping out, then resting in the bottom, and caused excruciating pain sweet.
-God moaned squirrel that got into the taste and without the help of a girlfriend enthusiastically moved the pelvis.
Mouse felt that Tammy is about to finish. Until it was too late, she grabbed the squirrel hips and struggled pressed them to her. Plastic member Tammy entered almost all, to limit stretching her vagina. Inflamed Tammy twitched, but the mouse was holding her tightly.
-Ouch! Why did you stop? protein moaned.
Nut only laughed, untied the ribbon on its Roquefort and tying them to the hips Tammy.
-I think you get better than I have said mouse, getting on all fours with his back to Tammy. Come on, boy, I'm yours!
As soon as these words come to mind proteins, she almost pulled down. She could not imagine being on the site of the male pounces on the female! And it seemed to awake some fierce animal.
Nut felt Tammy force spread her buttocks and kissed her under the tail. Nut shuddered with delight, but the protein did not stop, and, rising from his knees, grabbed his arm firmly by the hips, and to put to taut anus sensory tied his penis.
-Well, everything! she gasped, and sharply pressed, became furious thrusts to push hard plastic cock into the anus of his girlfriend. Ignoring the groans and mouse little resistance, she is mad, she moved her hips, barely moving his cock, but faster and faster.
-Oh, Tammy! Nut moaned. It hurts! Stone female, which it captured was the last straw. Tammy screamed and trembling, clung to his arm, unable to contain the coming orgasm. Her ... body brought unbearably sweet spasm caught his breath, and somewhere in the abdomen, inside her like a huge flower blossomed, erupting as it seemed, a ton of warm liquid. Narrow and tight vagina wrapped around hard cock inserted into her pulse became, then clenching his hurt, then releasing.
Nut cried, feeling a rhythmically ascending, just like a real, cock, and violent, uncontrollable spasms empty vagina. When Tammy sobbing convulsively caressing the buttocks and thighs girlfriend clutched her wet pussy, I felt in the palm pushes mucus flowing.
Half a minute later it was over. Spasms both girls became weaker and finally ceased. Tammy exhausted collapsed on the sofa, Nut, panting, untied Roquefort and lay down beside him. Belka, only now feeling the cold, especially wet lips, clung to the warm furry body to his girlfriend, he curled up and closed her eyes.
Nut, feeling tired and drained, gently stroking his girlfriend.
-Well, Tammy? she said. Tomorrow night you have will not be afraid to go to the Chip?
-Who is it? sluggishly said protein asleep.