Lesson for the Dagestani teacher of French

Arriving in the big city of Dagestan, happy children walked and got acquainted with the girls which resulted in his rented apartment. They liked the blonde, preferably with long legs and beautiful breasts. The money parents at home in Dagestan allowed five friends to go to the prestigious Institute of Economics, rent an apartment. Also, they have enough money for a comfortable life, restaurants and gifts girls. In Dagestan, every beautiful woman was next to a man, a powerful race, so it will not approach so simple.
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In Russia it was different, there can be dragged into the house favorite Babu directly from the street or a neighbor at home and pull out the chorus in his hut. What the boys and did with great pleasure. They have ripped the young 33-year-old mother were walking in the garden with 10 year old daughter, warning intimidated a woman, if she declares in menturu they will sell her daughter into a sex slave in Chechnya. Poor woman suffered shame even complained to her husband that she had been raped six Dagestani next door. Although barely standing on his feet, when she was released mountaineers. After all, not every married woman even survive six young Dagestani. Guys fucked unhappy weeping blonde with a third breast size vaginally, first peryamo standing in the elevator, then into the hallway, then into the bedroom in the 2 position on sabachi, by turns bringing their members to the mouth and groin women. Third bastard crushed chest and nipples painfully wrenched women.
Similarly, the guys did a 39 year old lady - their neighbor, to which went for salt and until it was her husband, her in two hours four fucked. More woman did not open the door neighbors - Caucasians. Even for a mother pussy like she has four Caucasians were too. Although the woman was, and tall, with a slender figure and let through a lot of men, often changing her husband fucking with lads from the mountains was too hard for her. After all, fuck it first in the hallway - cancer, then dragged into the room and on the couch on which she daily performed the conjugal duty to her husband, her fuck one in the mouth - a cheeky sitting on a woman's chest, and the other at this time to change in a wild pace flogged a woman's vagina . Each of the four abusers finished three times.
The institute where I studied mountaineers working young woman - Associate Professor, she was a candidate of philological sciences, and taught French language and French literature. In its 38 years, she has been an increase of 176 sm., chest - 110 cm, waist 65 sm., and hips 110 sm. such form in a set with a tan, slim legs, and white hair to his shoulders, made a killer impression on men. The teacher's name was Jan B. Gromov, as soon as she saw the class group of five guys with dark skin, she realized that with them there can be problems. However, all five 18-year olds, from Dagestan have made it a generally favorable impression, they were polite, after the first day gave her a bouquet of red roses, the value is not less than the monthly salary. At the same time, they smiled charmingly and said that they have always dreamed of learning French, literature and culture. One of them named Aslan offered to hold up to the house, because the city is full of bullies, and a woman can hurt. This phrase is shocked to Jan and she refused. Especially guys too pointedly looked at her figure and winked, holding views on the hips and chest.
After three sessions leaving the dark street about 20 hours, Ian B. noticed that it taxied her black students, all five. With them was another unfamiliar guy. Good evening Jan B., they hugged her shoulders and almost forced into a car driven by a one of the Dagestani. Aslan said, let's go for my birthday just for 5 minutes, there is the whole group, they really will be delighted. If the guys tried to molest her in the car she would have escaped or called for help, but the boys behaved correctly.
Maybe true team meeting, flattered themselves with the thought teacher. After all, the boys learn in my group, and I do not do anything. Bringing Jan Borisovnu the apartment, she saw a big bed in the middle of the room, no students were not. Then the students frustrated with his teacher clothes and began sex, lots of sex.
It has a mature woman never fought. Fucked in twos and threes, changing quickly when bespredelschik tired, they included a vibrator and inserted it between the legs Jan Borisvne. One of the Dagestani shot everything on a camcorder. When the woman was released she noticed that she had an uninterrupted SEX about six hours. Powerless she fell asleep right in with rapists bed. In the morning it is still on time raped, then forced to lick members of the rapists, and then strictly warned not to contact the police to go home.
Jana K. afraid to go to the police, and it has not yet had time Dagestani blackmailing videotape, were right in the lecture hall, in her home, or in the elevator - threes, fours and five of them - one by one. Once even raped when her husband was in the next room. They came to her home - was Jan B. of stimulated to tell her husband that she is her students, after which he left the room and the geeks immediately launched Frenchwoman cancer obperli on the table and the three ripped three times each. Here one of the rapists - Rustam always finished when forced Ian to get up in front of him on his knees and lick a member - graduated straight into her mouth, preventing sperm spit, the unfortunate woman had to swallow the sperm of her rapist.