Relationship with Julia

Our family is no different from most of the average Russian family. I'm brunette, height 170 cm, age 23 years old. They call me Ian. I am happy beautiful and sexy. Without false modesty, I can say that will bring any man to unbearable desire for sex but one glance. My husband is tall and blond, athletic build. His ass crazy many devchenok. I'll tell you about a case that changed our lives.

I work as the chief of department of development, engaged in the promotion of new projects and products on the market. One day at work I felt a slight discomfort and decided to go home early. On the way home I felt anxiety, my body felt that something was wrong ...

Opening the door of our apartment key, I went into the apartment ... And then I froze when he saw in the hallway women's boots, they were high-heeled, black, high and varnished. My heart fluttered in my chest ... I was afraid to go into the room and see what happens there. I closed my eyes and froze ... From the room I heard a sweet female moans and sighs rough men. My body is covered murazhki and legs appeared slight tremor ... Is that what I think ... I did not want to believe it! How could he ... My dear husband, with whom I lived for five years under the same roof ...

I took off my coat and went to the door of our bedroom. The door was ajar. And then my eyes stuck stunning picture. Unfamiliar girl standing crustaceans on our bed, having rested his hands on the wall, fell in behind my husband, and her energetic potrahivat. As she writhed beneath him ... Apparently her pussy for a long time requested a sweet fucking. She was quite beautiful, slender young brunette. I even thought that she looks like me. Her breasts, about a third the size, smooth movements so moved to her husband, her nipples were big and swollen, his whole appearance vydaya excitement of their owner.

I could not believe my eyes, standing near the door, I did not dare to enter and interrupt lyubovnichkov. My husband is violently fucked brunette, rolling his eyes in pleasure, squeezed her breasts and ass. In me mixed up two different feelings. I hated her husband for his betrayal, but the bottom of my stomach ached Nezhka ... I felt the excitement, my head was spinning and my hands already raised her skirt and pushed away the silk panties. My desire to rush in and stop it was replaced by a desire to join and deliver this doll unforgettable pleasure. Caressing her pussy I oblakotilas on the wall and looked at my husband's sexual act and what that whore.

Awkward movement I accidentally pushed the door open. My husband turned his head and saw the following picture. I stand at the door, oblakotivshis on the wall, my skirt casually Zadran, panties pulled down to the knee, blouse unbuttoned, trembling in his legs betrayed my excitement.
- And here is my little wife complain - my husband said to his mistress - Yulia, can show how to fuck? I want to see how I'm going to fuck her? So it goes on, do not be shy - turned to my husband.

Yulia was silent, it was obvious that the girl embarrassed by the situation. Do not feel my legs under him, I went into the room and sat in a chair near the window.
- Come on baby, let's start over, let my little wife fell in love with her husband as a fuck!
- Well, Dima, as it is inconvenient to obtain. Can I still go and you will understand without me?
- No, my sweet, this goddamned thing will not interrupt our enjoyment.

My husband Julia laid on the bed and began to fondle her lips, his hand on the girl's hard farming crumpling his chest. Apparently brunette relaxed and no longer ashamed of my presence. Dima's hand slowly slid down to her crotch. Pisechka our guests was clean-shaven, and on top was a small tuft of dark hairs. Julia squirmed in the hands of an experienced man and softly moaning. My husband caressed her pratnershu and still stared into my eyes. My excitement knew no bounds I nevolzo put her hand into her panties and began masturirovat. Dima knelt down, and Julia took his hard cock vrotik and skillfully began to suck him. I must admit that it is quite not bad it turned out, Dima finished in a few minutes.
- And now, my sweet Yulia, teach a lesson let my goddamned wife, because spy on others is not good ...
- Of course dear - Julia got into the taste - I think she needs to teach a good lesson.

Dima came up to me and abruptly threw me on the bed. I experienced a feeling of humiliation, but I was wildly excited. Julia started literally tearing my clothes off, causing light blows to the face. I looked in her eyes and could not believe what was happening. Julia's hand quickly caught between my legs, rude and imperious movement made me tremble with excitement.
- And our damn Dwan already flowing. Well, as the APR, good holes - a good fuck. Come on, do not let Dima.

Julia lay on the bed widely rasstavivi her long slender legs, I put about cancer beds. In front of me opened her mokrenkaya just takes members of my husband, pisechka, a trickle of grease dripping onto the bed. Dima stood behind me and abruptly entered my dick in my ass. I felt a sharp pain, a change of wave excitation, tremors went all over my body ...
- Well, look, the creature, do you think you would like this to fuck, and you will have a rest? No, that will not do ...

Julia grabbed my hair and buried me in my wet cunt. I must say that before I did not have sexual contact with the girls, I shield it nerpvilnym neetetichnym and even terrible. But now, being in such a humiliating position, I was excited to the limit and was ready to do everything that I ordered. His tongue I began to penetrate into every corner of Julia's sweet slits, carefully licking her juices. My husband vigorously fucked me in the ass, poshlepyvaya and squeeze your buttocks.

When he had finished, my husband pushed me to the floor. I fell and froze, waiting for further action. Julia did not lose her and came up to me.
- Lick my legs, rubbish - she said.

I am pleased to vyolnila its designation. Licking her slender legs, I looked into the eyes of her husband and chuvtsvovala largest in soy life humiliation.

Julia got up and made me open my mouth.
- And now swallow every last drop! And just try to utter even one, creature, I'll fuck you to death!

I opened my mouth and waited for his inevitable fate. On the legs of Julia zasochilis droplets of urine ... golden shower ... He trickled into my mouth straight streams, golden piss filled my mouth. I swallowed and felt as it passes in my body.
- Swallow all, a whore, every drop, Julia screamed.

When her bladder was empty, the brunette said.
- And now you, dear!

Dima came up to me, sitting on the floor, described to me a strange woman, picked up the cock and let the urine stream. Julia moved apart fingers my mouth and made him swallow every drop, every one, all that spilled Julia wiped my face and chest.

At the end of our adventure, Julia dressed, I kissed my husband on the lips, gave me a slap in the face and said:
- Never, do you hear, never, do not bother me to fuck your husband.

I was lying in the corner of the room, vytrahanaya in the ass and pissed up and down a strange woman and my husband. I do not know how I'll live with it on, but it was the best moment of my life ...

To be continued...