Space sensations!

He sat attentively looking ahead. Before him stood a TV. Quickly flashed pictures, groaned and sighed women. He sat at ease lounging on the couch. Young handsome male with glowing eyes and a toned figure. In general, an ordinary guy. His face nebylo nor any emotion other than lust. He sat in some batches with one hand holding the remote control and the other squeezed her boyfriend. My friend was lying weak and sluggish in response to his caresses. He was in no hurry. He carefully looked at the screen eagerly soaking up the picture. And his body is slowly but surely responding. In shorts, he touched him gently touching the head, the trunk member squeezes his fingers pulling. He felt as it fills with blood. Setting the remote on the couch. He launched the second hand in the panties and began massaging it under the eggs. pressing and leading it up and down. Meanwhile, a member of a completely dialed forces. And he was ready to create miracles. Then he took her hand and fingers naslyunil continued massaging it under the eggs slowly down to the anus.

A second hand at this time caressing his powerful member that exuded from the lubricant itself was slippery and wet. Approaching the anus fingers gently in a circular motion to massage the entrance. That was nice! Then one slowly began to enter inside. slowly and carefully so as not to scare off the advancing lust. When he entered one finger he felt like it tightly covers the hot ring anus. So maces rests on the prostate, it ached with pleasure. member became even stronger and hot. Then he went to the aid of the second finger is already more confident and passionate. Here they are together gently go there, here. the final resting in the prostate. And all the anus begins to ask for more. More movement and passion prostate becomes an extension of the inner member. And transmits sensations more acute and more pleasant.

He was lying on the couch legs spread like a whore, his hands were lowered to the bottom and they are hard at work trying to please him. On the television went there porn girl sucking male members. They were so delicious and meaty that he also wanted to play with. Take it in your mouth, feel in my mouth the hot salty flavor. Take a length as much as it would allow his mouth. In ordinary life, he was b ashamed of their desires but now he was alone and could afford to dream. In his hot ass it was already three fingers. They worked caressing it from inside. But this was not enough, he wanted to feel myself in something more. He was stopped in the bath and took it butylžk shaped like a man's penis. His sides were ribbed and pleasant to the touch. He returned to the sofa. Butylžk smeared cream. A decent portion of cream smoothed by the pope. I got up in front of a sofa on his knees and lay down on his stomach, otpyatil ass so it would be convenient to insert butylžk. One hand pushed the buttocks and the other put a butylžk to the entrance. And just gently in a circular motion began to drive them at the entrance.

He was little more than his three fingers, and pretty tight but once entered its peak fell for the ring entrance he stopped. And he began to slowly introduce it further so that the ribs on the bottle smoothly entered one by one, then stretching his hole is narrowing. And this in the lower abdomen, he felt a nagging sweet languor. The bottle had a long and log all failed. He held it a little bit there that is movable to its innards are used to. Then he slowly began to drive it back, forward. Ribs on the bottle touched the prostate and it was the supreme pleasure of its member or when I could not give him such sensations. He began to move his bold, because all of his ass is already aching with desire that she craved. And he's probably the first time I realized that a woman feels during sex. He played with her ass hole like a whore, and it gave him the ultimate pleasure. He continued to lie on the couch in his hand to drive it the bottle. He lifted his ass because women do, which would allow the bottle as far as possible to enter it.

The second hand was clenched in a fist covered and stuffed his mouth that he would not cry. His hard dick hung suspended from it dripping grease. He hung in tact podmahivaniem and occasionally touched the sofa which is also enjoyed. When the arm is tired, he slowly sat back on his heels rested in the bottom half bottle. And as the woman began to put on it and climb down, he accelerated his cock shaking in the air ready to shoot everything that so long it was kept. The bottle was part of deeper and deeper delivering greater and greater pleasure. He could feel every hit like a wave of pleasure. He felt that the peak has already near his buttocks greedily absorbs almost the entire length of the bottle. He bent his head forward in pleasure opened his mouth and his cock splashed out a powerful jet of which he himself is not when did not see it clearly hit him in the mouth. A few more jet hit him on the face with delight he closed his mouth and smeared semen on the palate that it is better to feel its taste. But this is not enough, he seemed rubbed her hands and peeling palms. At this point, it is not moved every movement gave him the unbearable pleasure he just rocked slowly stroking his cock, and from there continued to slow tech. weak sperm jerks squeezing it out of the trunk. He sat still for a long time in the middle of the hall on a bottle of shampoo choking pleasure. Still, he wanted to have sex with a guy! Although he had a wife, and he drove strongly from these thoughts.