With the beloved Mom 3

In the evening I gladly returned home from work. My favorite son probably already peeking out the window and eagerly waiting for me. I smiled remembering his happy face when my lips encircled his thin young cock and sucked his head in his mouth. And the most I liked this moment to dizziness. The feeling in the language of the ribbed surface of his hard cock a great pleasure for me. And the thought of the forbidden fruit, the idea that I suck dick my native son was carrying me into dreamland.
Between the legs was felt discomfort. Panties clearly gained a juice that began to emerge from the slits as the house approached. In the lower part of the abdomen there was warmth that spreads to pussy, and rose to her chest. In the vagina the feeling that it began flying butterfly and its wings tickle my pussy excited memories. I tried to shift my thoughts, but it was not possible. Walking through the park, I saw a bench on which sat a lone man and sat down on the edge. I noticed that he looked looked at me and politely looked away. I leaned back on the bench and crossed her legs. He closed his eyes, but not completely, I unconsciously relaxed and gave herself up to dreams. When my remembering came to the hot jet sensation in the mouth, then I re-tasted my boy sperm and my legs tightened and tightened. One hand pressed between her legs to her pussy, and I huddled in the strongest orgasm.
When the ability to think back, I noticed that my neighbor longingly stared at me, his pants reared up and he squeezes his hand through his pants erection. I have not had the strength to get up and I looked as if spellbound on his manipulation of a member of the public in a public garden. He closed his hand a little magazine and continued to masturbate through his pants. He saw me watching him play and he seems to have enjoyed it to show me. And I just, finished in front of him. Finally, his hand froze severely squeezing bump into pants. He breathed heavily and loudly, leaning back on the bench and on his trousers became blurred wet spot.
I finally rallied, got up quickly and went home. Even if a man wanted to follow me, then wet his pants to him it was uncomfortable.
I opened the door my son.
- Mummy, you're a bit late today? I have dinner prepared for us and all the works remade you to rest. I love you very much.
- Igorechek, I love you too. And I always will. But now I want to take a bath. Then I eat. I was sweating heavily, I lied. Do not believe it, but I am, after all, was shy of his boy. Suctioned his sperm did not hesitate, and admit that finished outside of his memories, embarrassed.
Typing in a water bath, I plunged with delight in the warm water, feeling tired body begins to relax. The thoughts in my head started to come to normal. Ten minutes later, a bath, I felt fresh and full of energy. Coming out of the bath, I was pleasantly surprised, taking a table in the kitchen. Synulya really prepared very simple supper. And we are alone with him gladly ate. In gratitude for the cooked dinner, I tried to when washing dishes, that my robe behind taller bullied. My son was sitting behind and obviously with great pleasure beheld my mother's charms. I chatted with him about his school work, and his trembling voice knew my efforts to show their charms were not in vain.
When I closed the faucet and turned round she saw his eyes reddened with excitement son. My God, it is impossible so to torment the child, - I thought, and pressed his arms around his chest.
He clung to me and cried.
- Sonny - I'm confused - what is it?
- I do not know, I looked at your pussy, and I really wanted to kiss her, but I was afraid. I was afraid that you'd be angry.
- Calm down, son. Now I lie down on the couch and help you. You are now well helped me to dinner, and I'll help you relax.
I sat on the sofa in the room, with delight leaned back, put his feet up on the sofa bent at the knees and widely spread them apart. And since panties after a bath I'm not dressed, the face of my son not only was seductive pussy, but this was the pussy open. He opened his mouth and staring eyes he looked at this idea until I offered him the loser between my legs fingers and tongue.
- Just be gentle and careful, do not hurt my mother, - I warned him.
I saw my son was on his knees on the floor, and his face was between my legs. I closed my eyes and waited for his first touch of her mother's Picea. How happy I was when I felt his warm lips touched my wet folds, he paused, and then strongly pressed to the face and lips, pussy, sticking his tongue out and got into the mother's vagina. I listened with great excitement to the sensation in the vagina. Hot tongue son was rubbing on the walls, bringing me an unforgettable experience.
- Well, I finished on the way home, I -Think - but it would be finished quickly.
I felt a tongue added fingers, first one, then another. He gently with both hands wrenched sex lips and tongue penetrated deeper and deeper. My head and my whole body is gradually preparing to fly away. I tried to contain my excitement a little longer, it is very pleasing to have been fondling her own child. Discharge occurred unexpectedly. It was like an explosion, it was followed by another. I'm holding back the screams began to beat on the couch, and my pussy boy holding hands kept his his lips. This happiness has continued to sweep over me in waves and lasted about five minutes. Such long orgasm I have not experienced ever before.
Finally I began to calm down, took away his head from her pussy and looked at the floor. On the floor under his member formed a puddle of clear liquid. I raised a boy from the floor and sitting on the couch and sucked him a glowing and shiny secretions sweet pepper. And as soon as his cock entered my mouth, it seemed to me that I myself sucked out of him the first jet. This was followed by others are not so strong, but the same sentimental and warm.
- There is nothing more pleasant taste of native sperm, beloved son - I thought with his cock in his mouth, and with his mouth full of hot cum.