Oral lunch

I poznakoilas a new job with a very nice guy, Dennis. dating from the first second, I knew that sooner or later we will deal with sex. Two weeks passed. I sat him down on a chair and sat down on top of it excited every minute more and more. After a while it happens again, I felt that I fall in love with him.
It would have been ok, but it was a girl, they davolno serious relationship. Then we started to go to his house. At one of the meetings I have begun menstruating. I decided to offer him a blowjob.
She offered it me, because my love was very shy, all had the most to offer. Oral Denis terribly much. He began to ask me about it almost every day. And now, at work, at lunch, when everyone leaves, he lays down on my desk, I have included in its elastic member, well and in the end I'm doing him a blowjob, I know he is from this baldeet. Every time ending in my mouth, he says that he loves me. Perhaps, but I believe it! Because she love him very much! I know that he will not abandon his nag, but I'm really want it, it excites me so.