My favorite - the first time

Morning. Monday. Quickly I cook breakfast and send her husband to work.
I collect small. Irina, tinting the mirror, hurry - it is also an hour working day begins, and Lena still need to catch on the way to take the garden.
All ... finally fled.
Oleg Arkadievich, her husband's father, with the night shift would be back in a couple of hours, and I have to hurry.
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Spreads on the safe side chain of the front door, whip pillow, undress and again under greyus Blankets.
Fingers slid over themselves lobochku, ran on the lips and began to habitual movements.
In 26 years, I, slim beautiful married woman again have to deal with self-satisfaction.
With my husband, I did not immediately was able to get an orgasm, and later guests were infrequent. Even had the advice of friends to simulate pleasure to Alik not from complexes.
And after the birth does everything went wrong and a little Pomaia, I have found here is a way out.
Palchikov bottom already wet. Throughout the body pours a pleasant heat and languor. My hips start to move themselves forward fingers. Sweet rocking on the waves of pleasure, playing with orgasm - is approaching, then I move away from it.
- Um-Um ... So I leave work early ...
It sounded like a bolt from the blue! How could he go? ...
On the threshold of the bedroom was father in law.
- And my son is not against such an initiative?
I huddled deeper under the covers.
- Well, nothing, - boomed father in law. - Once and Alik had the same problems.
No more words to say, Oleg Arkadievich resolutely stepped forward in one motion pulled me out from under the blankets.
Her father, the powerful big man fifty years and all my naked 54 kgs immediately appeared in his hands.
I was just taken aback by surprise.
- And you did the goat, - thriftily hug he gave me. - And pussy and boobs - everything is in place. What size boobs something?
In-law of one paws drew me to her, and the second for the credibility began to squeeze my breasts.
- Third ... - I finally stammered.
- I see that the third. - He boomed in my ear, running his fingers still wet womb.
His breath I was again thrown into a fever and legs started to buckle.
Her father a knowing grin and put me on the bed.
- Okay, I persuaded - to fuck you will. Become crustaceans, goat.
I do not know what to do, and sat, looking like undressing this powerful gray-haired man.
- You sit? Well, sit-sit ... - boomed father in law. - Now say hello to him.
His cock demanded ran into my parted lips. And I began to "shake": first the tongue walked on the head and gently ran her on a bridle, then took it in her mouth and began to gently suck.
I really like to do blow job, so it is very fascinated. I come to their senses only when a thick tart jet splashed into my mouth.
Her father rather grunted, noticing that all the sperm to the last drop left in me.
- Did you correct the goat - he praised me. - Become crustaceans.
This time I got on all fours and bent upwards.
- Cute goat you, that's just your pussy painfully stretched after childbirth. Nothing - it will help us to even, you just do not twitch. I got a bitch?
I was ready to sink with shame, but really wanted to discharge, and often only nodded in response.
Oleg Arkadievich sat down beside me on the bed, squeezed his chest, in a businesslike bent my back even more and brought me two fingers.
- Yes, the goat out there, I can see at all locations will be enough. Yes, a whore?
For persuasiveness father in law immediately pinched my nipple, and I groaned and whispered.
- Yes…
- Louder! - Roared father in law.
- Yes!
- I can not hear that, yes ?! - His paws squeezed my chest like a vise.
From the eye immediately gushed tears
- Yes, that's enough for all !!!
paws unclenched
- Here, a goat, and agreed. Yes, a whore?
- Yes! - I cried hastily.
Oleg Arkadievich fairly grunted, showed me three fingers and then brought them to my bosom. Poelozit there a little, and he introduced the fourth. I felt almost completely filled - again began to appear long-forgotten sensations. Flushed, I started very strong fingers fed to her father.
- So, that's it, the goat - quite boomed father in law, her free hand squeezing my chest nalivshiesya. - And now you add the joy.
He had begun to rotate his hand with every movement, fingers turned until the pads down and I have not started to appear the first pain. But it's nice getting stronger, and I began to moan again.
- Ah yes Goat - happy father in law - we love you so soon on cam plant.
- Well, it's not today, - he kept repeating. - And today is to get used to four, girl, just bend your finger to the right place right now.
... Something happened - and I was suddenly struck enjoyment.
As if to explode from the inside - this orgasm I had ever had.
That was then - remember the bad. I struggled to orgasm fades, bends and again I was shaking orgasm. I think there was one or two - and I, exhausted, lost consciousness.
I woke up in a warm bath, pomylas, put on a bathrobe and went into the kitchen to in-law.
- Sit down, goat, - drink some coffee, I'm tired, I see.
- Thanks, Oleg Arkadievich - I stammered.
- What I'm Arkadievich? - Boomed father in law.
- Thanks, Oleg ... - I quickly recovered.
- And to fuck you, I am now every morning goat. And you will meet me naked as a whore and should be! Understood?
- Yes…
My robe fell to the floor, and we quietly drank coffee.