Here it is - an unforgettable sex that so many are waiting for. On Saturday, a rest in night clubs, as usual a little koktelley, dancing, guys who tend to accidentally touch me. I danced ballad with a nice kid, so low. When he caught me stronger in the dance, she felt his erection. He suggested without preamble to fuck me and insisted that I feel something unusual. Well, well, I heard this more than once ... But something I really wanted something unusual is his check. They went out into the street and walked through the park, no one around. We stopped at the tree, Well Well I say ... pekazyvay sat down, undid his pants ... and my eyes grew in all strorony a term which I have not seen, but the experience did not hold me.
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The length of 25 cm and a thick nightmare. I'm even a little taken aback, she took in her mouth and head a little cramped jaw is not, of course razmerchik Ogogo. I certainly tried to swallow Pobol, but not all in my power. I am very excite, wet panties to squeeze as much as possible. I feel the boy broke and trying to insert into my mouth deeper. She stood up, leaned against a tree, and when he entered me, after several unprecedented shocks had the feeling at the same time and endless orgasm, he sit down without stopping me, and I rolled my eyes in pleasure and lost the sense of reality - a freewheeling rush.

It was something extraordinary, I drove into convulsions, but my trahar knew his marvelous work. When he had finished, I could not stand on his feet. When I came back home, he fell into a deep sleep and slept for almost a day. And I did not even ask him any name, no phone number ...