Brother Seduction

My name is Sveta, I'm 21 years old. I'm married, I live with my husband in a separate apartment. I've got another little brother, Dima, he was 16 and he lives with his parents. I often go to visit him, but rather to his brother. It just so happens that we have with them is sex. We were both like, but no one knows about it.
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Before the wedding, I met with many of the guys slept though not with all, but sex to me, you might say, is not enough. I sometimes in the bathroom trying to fondle himself, but it was not enough. Once I was at home as usual with Dima, parents were at work, and there was nothing I wanted sex. I was still in bed and I wanted my brother Dima. Just offer it to him, I was afraid, so I decided to do everything gradually. He was sitting at the computer and playing some kind of game, and I went into the bathroom. By the way, I'm not particularly shy of his brother, when it could change, but recently began to notice that he had somehow become another look at me. One day I noticed that he was spying on me in the bathroom, but I pretended not to see anything.

I went into the bath, leaving the door slightly disguised so that his brother out of the room to be seen me completely. Bath filled with water with foam, I took off her robe, plunged to fully and relaxed. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that Dima watching me, and I decided to call him to her. He went to the bathroom door and asked:
- What do you want?
- Come here, do not be afraid. Talk to me, and something I'm bored.
He was a little embarrassed, but it came. I asked if he had a girl, and he answered that yet.
- What kind of girl do you like - I asked.
- Well, slender, not thin, somewhere you.
- Am I beautiful?
- Of course!

From these words, I started a little bit excited, especially as I was lying completely naked in front of her brother, hiding only floating in the water foam. I soaked his head and asked him to give me shampoo and began to lather her. I sat up so that my chest was above the water, but because of the foam nipples almost nowhere to be seen.
- Dim, turn on the shower and fields golovu.- me again I said.
- Something you before she did everything, and now ask for help? Why did it happen?
- Just want someone to look after me, and you reluctantly?
- No, if you need help.

And he began to wash the shampoo from my head, and at the same time the foam with his chest, completely exposing my protruding nipples. I did not bother to hide the chest and soaped washcloth, I asked to rub my back. Brother, of course, a little embarrassed, but began to rub my back.
- Thank you, on myself. - And taking his loofah become lathering his chest.
- Well, all I have gone? - Dima said, turning away.
- Come, sit with me, do not be afraid, and then I get bored. You can look, I'm not ashamed.
I had to stand up to lather that part of the body that was in the water. I was so excited that washcloth rather caressed her body than mylila. The sight of my naked wet body in Dima appeared in shorts mound, which he tried to cover his legs crossed.
- Oh, and it's there for you? - I asked happily.
- Nichego.- blushing he said.
- Show me it, please, and I'll also show you something.
- Yes, I see it all, you're completely naked.
- Well, show me, please. - I begged him.
- Okay, smotri.- pulling elastic shorts with shorts, he showed a member of the half.
- Wow! How cool! Show me the whole thing.
Dima lowered a little shorts, fully exposing the eggs.
- Yes, you take off your pants, do not be afraid, I'm also naked.
And he took off all his clothes, standing in front of me with a standing member.
- What a beautiful, - I said, looking at the naked brother. - Just like the Apollo.
- Can I touch it?
- Yes, and I'm your boobs. - A little emboldened, he said.
- Yes, touch me wherever you want.

I took his cock in his hand, he was so hot and hard, and Dimka both hands clung to my breasts.
- They you cool. - He said, holding his fingers between my nipples.
- And you so nice? - Taking a few hand movements on the member back and forth, I asked.
- And not a word! - He forced himself he began to finish me.

I'm all burned with excitement, I wished he touched me everywhere, especially between the toes. But Dima, when he had finished, a little embarrassed and tried to move away from me.
- Wait, Dim, you're finished, and I do not. I also want to. Want me to show you something you have not seen?
- Well, show me.
I turned back to him and bent down so that expose him to their holes.
- Wow! - Barely uttered Dimka.
- Touch me there, do not be afraid.

He started with one hand stroking my ass, gradually approaching the crotch. Then he began to knead the buttocks with both hands, making me zamlela. Member Dimkin slowly began to rise after a short break. And then, finally, he touched my pussy and began stroking her, kneading her fingers, from what I'm swam. His cock was standing like a stake and I wanted to feel it in yourself.
- Get in the bath to me and so simple. - I commanded him.
Bending down again as I approached the booty to his cock and taking it in his hand, he began to insert himself. Dima, knowing what to do, push it to the end in me. I could not resist and let out a groan.
- Are you hurt? - Dimka frightened.
- No, on the contrary, it is class. Move it back and forth, and take my boobs.

And he did so. He began slowly, then went into the excitement and has become a batter. I myself did not control, orgasm wave enveloped me and I almost fell. Dimka kept me and I sat down in front of him so that his cock was in front of my face.
- Now I have finished, and you're not.
- Yeah, but I still want to.
- Now I'll help you, but first need to wash your dick.

Dima turned on the water and I washed it. A little masturbate him, I touched his tongue, then I wrapped her lips head. I licked it and started to suck him. Dimka groaned from the buzz and started to move a member, or rather fuck me in the head. I began to stroke his ass and fingers his anus to look for. As soon as I felt for him, and began to finger press, Dima began to finish, pulled out a member of my mouth and splashing my chest.

After lying a little bit in the bathroom, we washed each other. Then he went out from there, both naked and began to dress, because parents were about to come. We really liked it, and now we often go to visit each other.