Evening sensations

Summer, Saturday morning. The temperature reached almost up to thirty degrees, a rare breeze passed through the high-rise metropolis home.
On that day, Masha woke up in the morning in an apartment all alone. Taking a cell phone and called my mother, she learned that the parents went to the cottage early in the morning, and come back the next day in the evening. Sweet yawn, and realized that she was alone in the apartment, she happily jumped out of bed and ran to the shower. Yielding unknown mischievous instincts, she climbed into the shower door did not even shut the bathroom - it is still no one! Carefully vymyvshis, brushing teeth and wearing bath slippers, he jumped out into the corridor to a large mirror, and began to style your hair and smarten up. To his credit, the reflection in the mirror was openly tempting - in his 15 years Masha looked like a fairy - a slim figure and strong thighs, two small breasts ideal droplets looking in different directions.
Finished direct beauty, she pulled on a pale pink top and a brand new pink lace skirt, which is from the United States brought her father a week ago.
On home affairs was not, and Maria went for a walk with the dog, a Maltese dog. This puppy she bought 9 years old, and they were the best of friends. And the defender has been excellent. During the walk, the phone rang. It was Dimka, her classmate. Dimka she liked, not a bad guy, just like all the boys at this age are very puffed up and pontovatsya front of girls.
- Hello, Mas, look - we've got a party I planned, parents in the country. Today, even my uncle comes, it is in the north, the military. His parents can not meet, I was punished. You come? More Tone Lyokha will.
Thinking Masha agreed - still the whole day free. In the evening brought myself up and went to Dima - was not far to go, he lived in the house next door. In the elevator, she was faced with Anton, he rattled a bunch of packages in beer bottles. It can be seen have a drink - she thought.
Uncle Dima came to near five o'clock in the evening, by the time Lech, Anton and Masha had already come and drink a bottle "Nevsky Ice". His name was Yegor, he looked years 25. With him he fetched a bottle and a pair of the Absolute "baklazhek" Obolon. Looking at teens, he lost heart, pozdarovalsya and went into the kitchen.
Feast was excellent, the guys got drunk almost INSTANT - enough for a pair of glasses of vodka. Masha did not drink vodka, but beer it is very amused and liberated, she laughed at jokes Yegor military and ceased to hesitate. Uncle turned Dimkin second lieutenant amphibious troops, arrived in Moscow on vacation, take a walk with friends. In the course of the feast he was always telling stories and military history. The children of his life experience seemed just huge, they respectfully looked at Egor.
Vodka Lieutenant drank almost single-handedly, punishing guys do not drink a lot. Beer drinking, however, he allowed, believing that nothing bad will happen.
Pretty drunk, the company moved into the living room, settled down on the couch and turned on the TV. Masha climbed onto the couch cross-legged. Creased skirt and opened her eyes panties girls. The boys did not notice it, but Uncle Yegor threw a very strange look on Masha.
The whole party was a success, all the beer drunk guys razomleli. Masha and fell asleep on the couch - before that she almost did not drink, and alcohol took his.
Three guys decided to run for the additive. Girl they will not become, a call to an adult did not dare - muttering "We are for the additive - will soon be" they have put and out.
From drunk alcohol razvezlo me. I sat and closed his eyes thinking about the very different, almost asleep. I heard the boys were going to"For additive". "Let" - I thought - "I feel so good". Alone with leytinantom I felt the strange look. Opened his eyes, I looked back. The sight of Uncle Yegor felt something primal, I felt that I was very drawn to it like a magnet. Seeing that I was awake, he sat down beside me and started stroking my legs and gently lłgonko. I was silent. In my heart I was in a panic, I did not understand what I do, how to behave with this adult. While Egor leaned over and kissed me on the neck. murmuring "Do not be afraid"He took me in his strong arms and carried her into the bedroom. Closed the door, he immediately undressed and approached me.
- Ch-ch-you do - I'm frightened probomotala.
- Do not be afraid. - He repeated.
Bending down, he pulled off my first topic, and then her skirt and panties. He began to cover my body with kisses, gently stroking my chest.
I could not help it, I just could not stop it all - I was drowning in pleasure, mixed with alcoholic fog.
Paratrooper leaned over me, pressing his whole body, and I felt something hard between your legs. I began to squirm, trying to escape, but it was useless.
He fixed me with a kiss on the lips and abruptly entered into me. It should be the same, but they say it hurts ... I almost did not feel anything. He began to move inside me, still kissing me. A dozen of frictions and I "departed". It was the first m orgasm of my life, I lost control of his mind, vzepilas at him, trying to hug her man. He continued to move in me, I was covered with waves of pleasure. I lost track of time.
Suddenly he pulled Resko penis and began to finish my tummy. I lay there with my eyes closed, digesting new experience. He dressed and went out, and I did not want to leave and I fell asleep ...
When they came back, took off his shoes and went into the apartment, they heard a strange noise from the bedroom. Opened the door, they saw the trooper fell on Masha. From under his overweight body could be seen only the legs girl, they like staring at the ceiling, wrapped around his waist on both sides. Uncle Dima actively puffed and moved back and forth, Masha, is only faintly squeaked in time with the movements. It seems no one noticed the return of the children.
Dima first came to his senses and reasoning that go now would-be very tactless, quietly closing the door, he turned. He was looked ochumevshih two pairs of eyes and excited - it was clear that what he saw left a very deep impression.
- Let's pretend that did not see anything, - whispered Dima
- My dick is now explode! - Anton whispered in reply, - you are what you want, and I'll discharged.
The boys moved into the next room and began to masturbate. We finished it very quickly.
Here neighboring door opened, and the uncle came out on the go zastłgivaya pants. Glancing at the children in the hands of the members, he smiled and said:
- I was there with your girlfriend struggled a little bit, it is you do not bother. And you, I see, on edge.
The guys were all red, on the whole situation and the fact that an adult found them for masturbation. Lech muttered:
- I'd rather go home.
The rest of his silent support, quickly gathered and washed away. Uncle Dima also began to be collected:
- Not bad sat, thank you, nephew. If that - I always call. And I have time - I am today with the men agreed to cross, some things are planned. visit
Shook hands, Dima stayed in the apartment alone.
Almost one.
Peering into the bedroom, he saw Maria curled up quietly sleeping on the bed. Sitting side by side, he admired in her young, first formed body, covered her with a blanket and walked quietly out of the room.
The next morning he woke up, he discovered that one. Masha got dressed and went home early in the morning.