My dear M.

SM introduced me best friend Then I knew that I - a lesbian, and suffered from a lack of reciprocity in their desires. M. I liked immediately. It is a ball for a couple of years older than me, and she was soooo sexy ... a huge pile of the ideal form most often was closely covered with a cloth blouse and skirt was so short that I could easily see the little panties hiding her charms.
It was a long time ago. And then we made friends with M. and realize that both are equally lusted. We have become quite often gather together and watch porn. I wanted so much to her, but was afraid to touch ...
Once I bought a new lesbian porn and invited M. view "something new". I was very afraid that her reaction will be negative, but it was even better than I could dream of. M. quickly excited and the habit stuck his hand under her panties. "You do not need help?" - I tried to make my voice more gently as possible, but he was trembling visibly. She raised her eyebrows in surprise, quickly jumped off the couch and ...
... and suddenly she began to undress. Less than a minute, and I could see all of her charms. Large breasts with protruding nipples as if they were created for caresses, and her tender bud was covered with dark hairs. How beautiful she was! Cat walk M. came to me, I start to stroke her hair, her face. Then he leaned forward, her sweet lips timidly touched mine. I kissed him back. And while our tongues entwined, M. gently beginning to unbutton the buttons on my blouse, then moved to the skirt, and here I was in shorts. M. slowly, knowing his job, began to sink lower and lower, kissing every centimeter of my body. Here she got to his chest, and I felt her soft lips capture my first one nipple, then the other. I was not able to wait any longer, I also wanted to caress her. I ran my hand over her soft breasts and began to caress her, gently suck and nibble sosochki.Pochuvstvovav she already tense enough, I reached into her bud and start gently massaging it. Then I plug in and my mouth, and then I was sucking her klitorochek feeling tart taste her juices. I myself have greatly flowed, and M. took off my panties with a large wet spot and then launched her nimble tongue between my legs. We both moan with pleasure and pretty soon richly finished. But I wanted more, and Moscow, it seems, too. Then I took out my purse rubber "groomsman" and offered M. to try it. M. told me ech on the couch and put his feet on her shoulders. I did so. M. start gently introduce falloimmitator pooch¸r¸dno, then me, myself.
At the same time, with his free hand, she ran her finger into my ass and began to twist it. I finished very quickly and abundantly, and asked M. dt me a little rest. While I was recovering, M. gently caressed my breasts. From this I was excited again and offered M. pose 69. At this time, we were in no hurry and long dostalyali each other pleasure fingers and tongues. M. cum on my face, and I began to smear her juices over her body. M.bystro understood what I wanted, and began to lick them with me. She periodically stopped to fondle my breasts, but the longest stop she made about my cave. She sosla my clit lick my juices and caressed my fingers. Then M. asked me to masturbate her hand, which I did. Because I leaked so much juice that I was in a small puddle. MM took my hand and launched himself into vlakalische. We finished at the same time.
This evening I have much more time had finished off her caresses. We fell asleep together, and in the morning she was gone. We never met, but I will remember it all my life!