Without knocking does not go!

Leaping laughing and teasing her ass wiggling, it eluded me again and again, at the very moment when my ready to burst from the strain, a member of almost penetrated her alluring bosom. Here and now, the breeze gliding through a forest clearing, sunny. This game is starting to annoy me. I growled like an animal trying to catch up with some terribly awkward leaps, but every once in my arms remained a shred of her light dresses and ringing laughter.

Mobile Ringtone broken, almost before it began. Vision melted, laughter girl became distant, subtle and, having hidden somewhere in the corners of memory, completely melted. Disappeared and birch forest, but the sun still continued to caress my face warm hands rays. I opened my eyes and saw a red head Veronica slowly lowered onto my cock. She was on all fours in my legs, totally naked. Phone that snatched me from the endless pursuit of the pleasures of the young nymphs, was in her hand. I could not help admiring the spectacle revealed to me. Long-haired girl, for convenience, have been collected in the tail, which is now hanging in the left side. On her freckled cheeks blush appeared issuing excitement. She was doing a blowjob as always enthusiastically, closing his eyes and breathing deeply. White ass Veronica looks gentle pink anus at the front door of our room and the windows, the drawn curtains light. I can imagine how it looks now tantalizingly wet silk, with large soft labia, and my cock from thinking about his favorite workplace is inflated even more in her hot lips.

Veronica, I had known since childhood. Before her father, the family of military men, got a new position in one of the garrisons of our vast country, they lived in our city. Since our families were friends, then friends, and we with it, year after year, opening new horizons of relations. Veronica was half Ukrainian, but it seemed to me entirely went to her mother, the same cheerful, fun-loving, the same thin and red with a scattering of freckles on her face and shoulders. For the third summer she came to visit us, which were unheard glad my parents sincerely loved this girl. I do not truthfully say this was unheard of, and I am glad, because the vagina and mouth with this insanely in love with my girls gave me truly unearthly pleasure. This year, we are 18, we took trips to holiday house called "Kukushkino Lake" and enjoy the atmosphere of the Soviet sanatoria, enjoy each other's bodies, without losing precious time.

Reaching out to the mobile phone, which was lying on the table, I looked at the time - 9:35. Aga breakfast back asleep. Veronica noticed my movement, raised her head and smiled quite looking me in the eye, back to his hobby. She could polish my cock and balls endlessly, and sometimes I thought, and whether the second of the clitoris in her mouth. I put his hands behind his head and get comfortable, relaxed, surrendering completely agile language skills. The sun flooded the small room of our room, and from that light skin Veronica seemed whiter than snow Alpine. An electric spark through the body spread the gathering orgasm, delayed ejaculation I like cocking the shutter and automatic brake releasing sperm began firing in bursts in the mouth redhead girl.

Nick swallowed fanatically hard-earned treat, when the door swung open and saying "Guys, why are you not go for breakfast .." froze in the doorway neighbor Aunt Tanya, with plates in their hands. Her eyes seemed to come out of their sockets, the lower jaw is located in the floor area, the paint thickly flooded his face. My fairy released beginning to deflate a member, and he loudly slapped, fell on my stomach, eyes riveted to his paralyzed woman. "Hell, once again forgot to close the door," she flashed a quick thought in my head.
- I brought p..p..poest - Stammering chattering neighbor, not taking his eyes off caressed member. - I p..p..pora.
Putting the dish she was about to retire, but Nick metnuvshy zipper closed the door and sinister smile in response to the silent question in the eyes of Aunt Tanya. Oh, yes, I know your girl, never miss the opportunity to diversify our relations.
- How do you sme .. - her words were cut off when a narrow palm Veronica firmly grabbed her crotch fitted by thin shorts.

Limp dick moved and began to fill again. That shameless scene that unfolded before my eyes, drunk my young mind. Aunt Tanya - 40-year-old woman, with beautiful elastic hips, gorgeous round ass, full breasts, covered with a light T-shirt, protruding nipples, well appointed and exactly good is watching a mother of two children who are now behind the wall, it is necessary and He thrilled at the hands of a thin redhead girl who with perverse pleasure squeezed her soft vagina, through the fabric of summer shorts. In my head already creeping erotic fantasies associated with an appetizing body of the woman, which surely they would have remained if not for the initiative of Veronica. Miss the chance was stupid, especially since risen bolt demanded immediate attention.
- Give it here, - I turned to Veronica, pointing to the petrified member.
Aunt Tanya shuddered all over, and stared at me with wet, like a flower after the rain, eyes. Her breast heaved quickly in time with frequent breathing, indecision clearly excited to read on his face. I looked at her protruding nipples and cock jerked with excitement that gave me this woman.
- What stopped? - I asked with a slight smile.
- The first pa-aa-Ashely - cheerfully said Nick, slapping her aunt Tanya on soft bottom.
That has not made a bold move, and stopped again, looking at the flagpole sticking member.
The second slap loudly fell on a round ass. The woman took two more steps, being close to the bed. Veronica pushed her in the back and that, trying to keep his balance, put out his hands, falling on the bed of our love. The bed creaked loudly under the weight of her body, Aunt Tanya tried to get up, but I held her by the shoulders, pressing his curly head closer to the standing instrument.

When our deer caught ceased to flutter, I took his hands and leaned back on the pillow, stood waiting. Warm breath touched my aunt Tanya member intoxicate awareness, whose head is now stuck over my by a dick. Her hand touched the testicles, gently rolling and rubbing their thighs. Now I could hear her breathing, deep, ragged. Fascinated by these feelings, I closed my eyes, and missed the moment when the soft her mouth swallowed swollen head. Her movements became more and more passionate, and a member of sinking deeper and deeper into the throat, the nose is not the woman touched my pubic area. God, do it so well. I was lying struck his first blow job deep, and now with pleasure watched the greedy mouth of a mature woman is milking my cock his throat. The sounds emitted when it seemed to me terribly vulgar and depraved, from which only intensified my pleasure.

Veronica pulled the shorts Aunt Tanya, who is now stuck on his knees, and his thin fingers, fucking her pussy, the second hand she fingered her sensitive clitoris. Woman quietly mumbling, nasazhivayas on dick and big ass moving. I made a beckoning motion with his hand, and my girl, to understand everything without words, pulled his fingers out of someone else's vagina, plaintively hlyupnuvshey goodbye as if resentfully releasing the object of his pleasure. Veronica moved to the wall, hands unceremoniously removed from the head of a woman member, and swallowed it once, she began to lick with his hand. Aunt Tanya looked at it with interest and amazement, clearly not knowing what to do next. By helping her, I pressed his hand on her head, bringing to the piston, which has worked over Nick. She hesitated a moment longer, and throwing doubt spent the trunk of the language from the bottom up. Divinely. Language Aunt Tanya different from Veronikinogo. At that he was resilient and agile as a small fish, a colleague as his laborer with him side by side, on the contrary, was soft and gentle, he moved stately, regal, and the contrast of sensations drove me crazy. Incredibly pleasant, and even more pleasant sight. Two females, young and mature, not competing and cooperating, eager to please the younger boldly protruding member.

- Nick, she licks, she embraces him with his tongue.
The girl looked up from his work and, slyly squinted at me. This view, I knew only too well, for Aunt Tanya, he does not bode well, even though I could not say exactly how much this bitch hungry for sex and that she was ready. Nick took the head of a woman's chin and lips hungrily dug into her lips. She tried to pull away, but I just held her head. The resistance weakened, and it was noticeable as the one easily by moving the jaw, responds to kiss girls. I got up and, taking Tatyana's shoulders, put her on her back. Nick did not let their prey, which is quite tipsy on corruption that came with it now and did not resist. Woman's legs were bent at the knees, and spread out shamelessly in hand. I knelt beside the bed, propped up on his elbows and face close to the crotch, watching hidden from me until this economy of a married woman. As I expected, it was akkuratistka around. A small bush of hair over the clitoris looked funny, reminding rabbit tail, but very appropriate in this field is absolutely smooth love comfort. I breathed in her scent, clean and with some slight train pleasant aroma. Held back of the hand from the top down - silk, pure silk, I bet only recently shaven in the shower. From my touch she shuddered. Veronica felt it immediately straddled her stomach, not looking up from the lips of women. Now my face was pink and Nike's ass hole, which I am happy and brought the index finger, after licking it. Second hand I drove around the cave Aunt Tanya, not touching her, she trembled like a filly, and it was noticeable how swollen her big clit.

Plenty enough to Veronikinoy booty, I pushed her forward, and she wasted no time sat on his haunches on the face of the unhappy (or happy?) Woman. I saw her rubbing her slippery hole of the nose and lips Tatiana, do not dare to take a new step, more and more incensed. The woman's lips parted, and soft wet tongue slowly ran through the lips sex flowing from the desire mink. Veronica looked around her head back and frozen, denser fell on her face. Aunt Tanya moved booty, trying to substitute their vagina under my fingers moving, and I decided it no longer torture, lowered his head and touched her clitoris language. Tu like an electric shock, sharply arched lower back and even more dug into her cunt moaning over the girl. From the bush of hair smelled good spirits, memories flashed in my head that this is the perfume that she used. "That is because the bitch", slipped playful idea, "she perfumed and there." Language butterflies, sometimes pushing harder, then eased back the onslaught, only to be back in a moment hard and insistent. Tatiana lowed working language alternately in the ass and cunt Veronica, her full breasts swayed uneasily, the body covered with tiny beads of sweat, like the morning dew. The first orgasm overtook her a short time later, she jerked awkwardly, pulling away from me, I clung tighter to her clitoris, gently pulling it into his mouth, feeling it twitch in uncontrolled convulsions of pleasure. Tatiana screamed thinly, Nick crushed her mouth with his skinny ass and leaned back, resting his hands on the bed, too, start to finish, biting his lips and softly moaning. I looked up from Tremoring mink and started kissing my lips red-haired angel, was a member of a stake in this orgasmic unity I have not found a place for himself, and now he could not wait to finally be able to relieve the stress.

Veronica slipped from the woman's body and on shaky legs came up to me, hugged from behind, hand podrachivaya member. I hands raised Aunt Tanya, it was silly smiling and staring at me with bleary eyes lost. The big her breasts attracted me with its noble severity, and, without thinking twice, I squeezed them, looking like she bit her lip in pain. I squeezed them greedily, roughly, Tatiana moaned softly, her hands hanging limply and shifting from one foot to the other. Stay breast, she turned her back to him and pressed his body. Standing bolt buried in a big soft ass and directed by Nicky slid his hand between the thighs of luxury. Moving back and forth, I rubbed the top of the protruding member of her luscious labia, forcing small shiver. My hands were on her hips, her red, she squeezed off my chest rudeness.

- cancer becomes. - I croaked, throat all dry with excitement.
Tatiana, no longer resisting, humbly accepted the knee-elbow position on the bed, her anus dark eyes looked at me, tightly compressed it looked pristine tight. Flower vagina, considerably stimulated by, glistening sweet juice. I strongly pressed on her ass and back, so that she had to take a position in which the rolls touched heels, hands tucked under her chest, and his whole appearance reminded strange sports equipment, for practicing sexual exercises. Pop it was now on the edge of the bed line. Veronichka climbed on top and is located on her back, shifted a little, nestling, and froze in anticipation. Most soft Tatiana ass, and a small elastic ass of my sluts Now seemed a living creature, who longed to be properly compacted steel member. Tolerate no longer had the strength, I poluprisel, spread his knees, resting them in the face of a thick mattress, firmly took Aunt Tanya for massive thighs, and a sharp movement verified tucked his bayonet into the soft warmth of her slippery vagina. The woman buried her face in the pillow and muffled lowing sound reached my ears. I pecked her quickly and methodically, almost three fourth strike - the maximum depth at which the head of my penis and kissed her uterus. Tatiana moaned hysterically, and if not for the airbag would be trouble. Veronica squeezed her breasts and rubbed her pubis of a woman's body, easy to stimulate the clitoris.

Orgasm I felt it immediately. Vagina very tightly squeezed my cock, so I thought for a moment that is not the mother of two children below me, and a young virgin, and then abruptly and strongly throbbed. Minutes passed, I fucked her like crazy, twice felt a shudder of her holes, however, are not so strong, eggs ached, but my bolt, seemed to have forgotten how to stop. Pulling it out of mink satisfied, I straightened his stiff legs and put his head to a delicate little hole Nicky, put a member into the narrow shallow vagina redhead girl. Veronica as usual bit her lip, holding back moans, she was a little embarrassed when people were around and could hear. She did not like when my cock touched the uterus, and I do not like it when she did not get the pleasure, suffering pain, so movements were light and tender. Apparently this combination was thus that I so needed now, because I felt somewhere deep orgasm is born, weak overflowing warmth to the body. I pressed down the body of Nicky so that her clitoris is rubbed on the body of Aunt Tanya, and the contacts, in conjunction with the pumping piston her vagina with new and new portions of pleasure, became a catalyst for a prolonged powerful orgasm. Muscles tensed her and began to fall, she made a long indivisible "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" and that her moan and gentle ripple finally gave relief to my tired cock.

I pulled him out of a pink girl and red slits, while continuing to stimulate the hand barrel, began to bombard my cunt wonderful women with long, tight jet of sperm, feeling the pride and understanding that I just firmly tore his neighbor. I do not know what will happen next, which will receive continued this morning, but having been in her two holes, promised himself fuck and third, the one that looked so innocent and tidy. The last portion of the seed fell on the vagina Aunt Tanya, I sat down on the chair opposite, watching Veronica came a heavy body slid to wear out women. Red-haired devil took semen on her finger, and sweet eyes closed, licked it. She looked at me conspiratorially, smiled broadly and slapped on the rump vzvizgnuvshuyu Aunt Tanya, laughing merrily. She turned to us, confused smile on her face was kind and happy. I looked her in the eye, without stopping, and they said, no, they just shouted at me that the continuation necessarily !!!

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