The first games

I was just a fifteen-year guy. Similarly, as well as many others. And I am every day more and more difficult to deal with his own body. Perhaps this played hormones. Maybe it's because I was still a virgin. My daily lessons in masturbation is not very helpful. I did not sleep well, a lot of weight, I was constantly tormented by depression. The desire to really feel his penis inside a girl's body has become for me a kind of obsession. My imagination, summer, girl on the beach, and my father's PENTHOUSE Kem Residence, helped me to represent the girls in my class naked. But I never saw a real naked girl and I was very depressed. Long nights lying in bed and onaniruya I imagined them one by one and all together, I fuck them, they caress my dick tabs, look at me with passion and lust.
I even remembered how once, a little boy was playing doctor with the neighbor's little girl, touched her small pisyulke. Oh, if I knew then as much as I know now, to fuck her or shove her small neat process in her mouth ... dream, dream. I finished, but it did not bring me relief ...
That summer day, I was, as usual lately, was sitting in the shade of a tree in our yard, dreaming of the impossible and once again excites your imagination.
"What are you doing here?". I already startled to hear the voice of our neighbor. Pauline was eleven years old and she was normal for her age body. Her hips began to slightly rounded, but she was flat-chested. I was a little annoyed by her appearance, but that does not seem too rude replied: "Oh, nothing special, blues devoured."
- What's the matter - she asked softly, sitting down beside him. Her short skirt rode up slightly, revealing her smooth tanned legs that made me look at her. I gave her a look. She was a very beautiful young girl with long dark brown hair that fell over her shoulders and breasts. Her innocent brown eyes looked very deeply and carefully, as if she was really ready to take to heart my problems. Suddenly I had a crazy idea, but if I did not take advantage of her maternal instinct. Of course it was not very nice, it was still small. But in my condition, I was ready to do anything.
" Well ... you know ... it's hard to explain - I said, - all my friends have met with the girls, some have even had sex." I stopped to look at her reaction. She sat cross-legged to his chest and chin resting on his knees. Her skirt is almost completely opened my eyes her legs, and I was sure that if a little lean forward, I could see her panties. But she did not pay any attention to this fact, apparently unaware of his immodest posture and listened attentively.
I continued - " And now it seems to me that I will never be a girl, and I'll never have sex with her". Once again, I looked at Pauline. She continued to sit and watch somewhere in front of him. Now it is possible, too, I thought that she had few friends, and she, too, will one day have to have sex. "You know what - sex?" - I asked her, hoping to turn the situation in the right direction to me now. She looked at me a moment, trying to determine whether I am sincere or mock her.
And a little pause, said: "So .... yes ... something .... but I no one has ever really explained. The boys in our class just want to play .... maybe I too will never have a friend .... or else ..."
- Have you ever thought about how to have sex - I continued to develop the theme.
- WHAT YOU !! ... NEVER !! - She said, raising his voice, as if defending.
- Do not shout like crazy, I'm just asking - I tried to save the situation - even if you thought about it, I still will not tell anyone.
We continued to sit in silence. She remained in the same position, his head resting on his knees and looking into the distance. Her skirt crumpled almost giving me the sight of her open thighs. Hoping to consider this under the best angle of view, I stretched and yawned as if really wanted to sleep. After that, he prostrated on the ground, stretching out his legs to a tree and his face turned to the girl. She only glanced at me during my travels and once again delved into his thoughts. Now I could see her completely naked, beautiful, tanned legs, which disappeared in a bottom of crumpled skirts. Between them could see the bright white stripe cotton fabric, covering what was her young pussy. Fabric skintight her sex lips and clearly delineated their contours. My cock began to respond immediately. I had to stick his hand in his pocket to fix it while his reaction did not become noticeable.
"I think a lot about how to have sex" - I said, and looked her straight in the eye. She stared at me. "True? And with whom?".
It was a matter of the nail. If I told her about all the girls in my fantasies, she would have thought I was a notorious scoundrel, and probably would have run away. I looked at her face, studied it. I noticed her eyes, which had never paid attention to before.
"I ... I do not know ... you'll think badly of me ... and maybe even run away and tell someone about it" - I began.
"No!! I promise!! I'm nobody, nobody will tell, oh please" - She asked.
"Well - I said, - you have only me firmly promise not tell anyone about this. After all, in fact I did not do it, but only dreamed".
- I promise she replied, with a dash of excitement in his voice. I thought that she likes our conversation.
- You know Jodie McAlister? I have often thought about having sex with her.
- Oh - she said, a little disappointed.
- What she beautiful body, blonde hair, blue eyes beautiful! And it would be great to have sex with her - I continued, hoping in the future to go to the description of Pauline's body.
She continued to sit in the same position, holding the femur together. Her head rested on his knees, and his eyes were fixed somewhere in the distance. Actually her whole posture was some very child.
- And did you think about? - She asked.
I hesitated - Yes .... so you'll think badly of me .....
- No! I will not think bad, oh please - imploringly she asked.
- I thought ..... I thought to do this to you - in the same breath I said.
She looked at me in amazement. Her mouth fell open and I noticed that the paint poured over her face.
- Larry !! ...- she said, not knowing what to say yet. - You .... you really think .... do this ... with me?
- Yes - I have already said more confidently - You're a beautiful girl, you have very beautiful eyes and a beautiful body.
She blushed even more nervous and began to pull at her skirt, as if wrapping her my feet. However, I noticed that she was flattered by my words, but at the same time, was clearly caught off guard by my thoughts about sex with her. There was a long pause before ... than any of us said a word.
- And you ... - I continued - Have you ever thought about sex with me?
- NO! What are you!! - She exclaimed -I never ... I can not ... and then to me it is only eleven years old ... and you ... is fifteen so you can ... In addition, because it is necessary to love ... before? doing so..
- So what, that eleven. I know some girls who have had sex in nine years - blatantly lied to me.
Yes? And who is it? - She said demanding.
- I can not tell. I promised not to tell anyone and I can not break my promise.
- Well ... I just do not think I like it - she said.
- Okay, but you at least thought about it sometime - I tried to develop the theme.
- Yes .... I think - she said, and blushed again.
- Thanks Pauline - I smiled - it was very important to me to hear it.
She looked at me and smiled. No, I definitely had something to get away from it all.
Then I noticed that she was looking at my crotch. During our conversation, my hand remained in his pocket and I through his pants stroking his cock. I had a feeling I've never had such an erection. I was not sure that he did not notice that I was doing something there with his hand, but stopped just in case.
- You know - I continued, - I can not even imagine how she looks naked.
- And your sister? - She asked, unless you've never seen her naked?
- I saw, but it was very long ago, when she was a baby. Moreover, it is not at all - when you see your sister, especially yearling. - I kept looking at Paulina. She is now clearly did not want to (or afraid) to look at me. I decided that I should at least see her pussy.
- How about ..... But do not let me see you nude - I asked hesitantly - and I'll let you look at me?
- I ... I do not know ... probably better not - she said, but her voice was not sure.
- Please Paulin - I asked - but then I probably never see a naked girl, not yet married, if I ever get married.
- Ya..ya right not to know, Larry - she said nervously.
She obviously varied. To see a naked boy, apparently for the first time, she, too, would be desirable. And I kept pushing.
- I'll make you some gift .... well, for example - I saw in the distance a man with ice cream - I'll buy you a banana ice cream.
She thought for a moment, biting her upper lip, considering my offer. This moment seemed like an eternity
- Well - I nearly jumped for joy - you have only to promise me, do not touch me ... and do not tell anyone. And promise that really buy me a banana ice cream.
- Of course, of course - I was trembling with impatience, - go into our barn, where no one will see. - I said, grabbing her hand and leading the other, until she changed her mind.
Our barn was a little bit away, and was surrounded on all sides by old, spreading oak. Its used mainly my grandfather to store there the hay for his cattle. However, in the summer it was almost empty and there is not no one would drop. Also there was our old car. Beside him I stopped with Pauline to fulfill our agreement.
- First, you - I said.
- And we can not do it at the same time? - She asked.
- Mmm..horosho ... - by force I agreed, because they do not want to lose a single second sight of her cunt.
- Just remember: you must not touch me and I have to buy ice cream - she said.
- I know all about it, Pauline. It is not necessary to remind me of this.
I started to unbutton his pants and saw that Pauline began to take off her panties under her skirt. I quickly coped with the buttons, and remained standing in his shorts, of which a large bulge looked through member. Pauline bent over, taking his pants down to the ankles, and then stepped over them. She straightened up and left standing in a skirt, piercing gaze my underwear. Knowing that her pisechka completely naked under her skirt made my dick hard as ever. Moreover, knowing that it will be very close to this natural wonder naked and not be able to enter into it, I just could not bear it. I have to get more than just a glance.
I frantically wondered how to persuade her to have sex with me, or at least touch each other. I slowly took the gum cowards and bent, dropped them to his knees. My face was only a meter away from the crotch Pauline. She slowly lifted her skirt. I could not tear his eyes away from her pussy. She was completely hairless, with rounded lips and a cool flicking between them.
- Okay, and now arise, so that I too could see - she said.
I straightened up. My risen member accurately pointed at her face. Paulina involuntarily gasped when she saw me.
- Well Pauline, take off her skirt - I said impatiently.
- I just raise it higher and you and so you can see everything - she said, and lifted her skirt up to the chest.
I was in such a state that I could not just quietly looking at her naked pussy. Although the spectacle it was for me a very fresh and delicious. But short legs did not give me the full review, except for the slits.
- Spread please little legs, so I could get a better look you, - I said, and my voice sounded unusually hoarse.
She hesitated, but then moved one foot a little sideways. Now I could better see her hairless labia and virgin crack that separates them. We stood side by side with each other and could not take the two kinds of eye opening. I broke the silence.
- Paulin - I began haltingly - you ... you do not let me stick my dick in you, please. The guys who have done it, saying that it's great.
- I ... I do not know .... you said all I have to do - is to show you, and then you buy me ice cream.
- I know, I know ... but it's your pussy looks so wonderful .... And then you like ... I have only one plug it once and then immediately pull out ... and everything, I promise. - I watched as she thought
- Well, - she said at last, not taking his eyes from my penis - perhaps I really like it. But only once. And then you buy me ice cream - she said petulantly.
- Yes Yes. And then I'll buy you ice cream at once - I agreed. - We can do it in the back seat of the car.
I opened the door and Pauline fluttered in the back seat, after having thrown off her skirt completely. She lay on her back and put her right foot on the back of the front seats. Now I could see her kitty ... completely. CLASS!! It began as a silk on the outside to the body and continued uninterrupted until the band ass. Her hairless lips were tightly compressed, not the slightest opening no holes where you could shove a member. I'm not imagine how it must be done, but followed her into the back seat and went to the girl. Pre leaning on hand to see her face and, at the same time, do not crush. At first, I just tried to stick his penis into her. But instead, he just slid down her lips and turned on his stomach. She giggled. Then I decided to take a left hand to help yourself and send it in the right direction. The second attempt was a bit more successful. My cock rested in her little clit. It was pleasant to me, but it was not quite what I wanted. I have corrected a little member, and again tried to enter it. Then I felt them something more hot and humid than it was until now. "Here .. apparently this is what I need," - I thought. I tried to fix the term in this position and push it deeper. But it was a very tight hole compressed lips, so that I was able to squeeze almost a millimeter. I could not stop, and repeated over and over again their attempts, I finally felt her soft lips tightly wrapped around the head of my penis. THIS IS IT !! I stopped and looked down. I saw her lips parted, and from this small slits sticking my stick. This kind of excited me even more. Step by step, like a piston, I paved their way through the hot and damp sponge Pauline. Her hole was so thick that I could move only a couple of millimeters inside at a time. Pauline was silent and breathing heavily. Maybe she liked it, but most likely it honestly rehearsed the terms of our deal. Then I felt that my cock rested in something tight. Virgin. Well, of course. The same should be the case. One more push and my cock was almost completely inside. It was cool. It was very comfortable to lie between the legs of the girl, stroking her, to feel his penis inside her young, wet and hot cunt. Feel how it slides back and forth. I paused, savoring the feeling, to be in eleven girly.
- Paulin - I said through clenched teeth - I'd love a little could move them back and forth inside.
- And how many times? - Almost as harshly she asked.
So I did not think about it. How many ... as long as it takes me to finish.
- I .... Well, maybe a hundred or so ... - I replied. - But it will very quickly - I hastened to add - I'll try to do it for a couple of minutes.
She looked at me and nodded. I started slowly moving member within it, back and forth, all speeding and speeding up the movement. Combinations of consciousness that I fuck eleven-year little girl, tight gripping her vagina my dick - very soon took their toll. I could not stop. I'm so broke that drives the dick in her insides on the same basis. And here it is. This orgasm I have not experienced ever. In I accumulated so much sperm that she rather quickly filled all the space inside the vagina and Pauline began to leak out. I felt it running down my balls in her ass. I finished and finished.
I spent so much energy on my orgasm that literally collapsed exhausted on the girl, feeling gradually subsides tension member. The last stream I already released, when he completely jumped out of her body. So that the sperm covered her hairless, wrinkled labia. All. The deal has been made. Pauline slipped out of the car. Cum dripping from her legs and ass, oozing out of her pussy. When she wore panties, I noticed that they immediately soaked.
It was already quite late. Man with ice cream was gone. I thought that to fulfill his promise tomorrow, but most have not seen Pauline. Then he told me that she had fucked almost every second in our district. But I was the first!