Vova woke up this morning after a good night's sleep he dreamed now that he aspirated three blonde, looking under the blanket, he saw her standing 26 cm. Barrel took him in hand and began to masturbate. After masturbation that he thought about it and decided to go for a run to the river, so to say to keep in shape.
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Reaching the river and pozanyavshis he wanted to pee. Away to the tree and as soon as the end of his run yellow liquid he turned to the side and saw that he was considering two delicious girls, or rather it is not, and his cock. As soon as he had finished pissing he was approached by a girl who looked about 25, and offered to make a blow. Vova agreed and, looking around, that no one has, pulled off his T-shirt. She knelt down and took the dick in your mouth. She licked the head at the beginning where there were remnants of urine. Then he took the eggs in the lev palm and began to massage them, whereas the right to help work on the mouth member, a few seconds later, she felt like a dick is gaining momentum and growing in her mouth. When he got stronger enough, she took it from his mouth and said -mmmmm ... big dick and licking added and hairy, like men with hairy balls.
And began to lick it, her tongue went slowly from the head and back to the eggs, do not forget to swallow it all long, then took began to lick his balls gently biting. Vova blissed out, certainly not every day suck at ten in the morning on the river almost in the open field. The second girl looked like her friend slowly makes a guy a blowjob guy came up behind him and stenuv tights with melting with the hips and knees down on the guy apart buttocks and not a lot of stuck waiting language inside and began to lick anus guy. This he could not resist and said -you glue knots, there is a well-licked rear, and on the front and not have to talk girl sucking a hundred, only periodically detached from the penis and said -I love hairy balls, like hairy dicks and again starting to suck. After three minutes of sucking the guy has already started to talk Hey there Lizka asshole Tickle my balls you see ,. help a friend, see I can not finish.
She stuck her tongue out of his priests, and sat down on the grass near a friend and began to lick his balls, one chasing its trunk to the end in his mouth and the other at this time slightly biting licking his balls and Sometimes licking and dick when he left almost everything in the girlfriend's mouth . This he could not long endure, and began to finish his minetschitse mouth, she took out a member of his mouth began to take cum on your face, then when the whole charge was over and sperm flowing down to her chin, dripping on her dress said Tan wanna lick my favorite slut? Tan moved closer to her friend started with obkonchinogo face lick sperm, then when the sperm in her mouth had accumulated a lot of friend she embraced and passionately kissed her saying anything for you and this guy and his sperm is your mistress.
Girl makes a guy a blowjob turned to him, after the kiss with a friend in which she tasted the taste of semen on her that today is over, you want to see fuck lizbiyanok?
The guy nodded stunned. The girl stood up and took off her summer dress and said Tan shoot outfit are now going to lick my pussy, and you, if you want to while she licks my pussy can otebat her ass. With these words fell on the grass, and spread his legs. The boy sat down on a stump and watched as one girl indulges another. A look at what, Tanya gently parted lips sex his mistress and tucked between her tongue and began to lick kritor his mistress, why she began to moan, and call your bitch faster, and she at this time sucking their nipples rising breasts to the very mouth, a third the size it is allowed to do.
A guy turn gray a little look at it removed his pants came up to Tanenoy ass and immediately the devil lubrication stabbed her in the aisle, she stopped licking and howled in pain as a result received from Mrs. knee strike to the chin and ordered to lick on and add if it is time to stop without her will, she now personally tear it a point each. Tanya obediently continued to lick pussy of his mistress parting the petals of hands and thrust her tongue as deeply as possible into the bosom of his mistress, giving her moaning is not afraid that she will hear and kept saying through the groans of Ho-ro-shshsha Sutch-CAC. Vovan was clearly visible, as the girl on the grass kayfovat, because he is with all his strength on the eggs planted his dick in the ass girl who licked her pussy. Sometimes Vova held out his hands and touched the girl's breasts and began to hurt to put pressure on her chest and twisting her nipples and have tried to be gentle with her realizing that she was a slave, and he can now do whatever he wants with it, but so far it does not tell Ms. enough. At one time privykruchivanii her left nipple as he pressed on him that the girl had not to scream even faster start to lick her pussy trusted by what she groaned and finished the grass and lay on the grass arms outstretched.
Vova not paying attention to it continued to fuck Tanya accelerating pace and swiping at her ass and eggs here heard the words. Tan raise your head let me get up. Tanya looked up released her mistress from under her, she climbed out on to the mouth of his by a pussy Tanya allowed the self Tanya moan out loud fall to the grass because in this moment finished Vova and fell to her their weight.
A few minutes later his breath Vova rising and looking at his cock all in the semen, and not much in someone else's feces, said girls who I clean it? -Tan Stand up guy lick cock and went she said Ms. addressing his slave. Now Mrs. Regina at these words she began to raise, but Toli pain in the ass, because it for the first time fucked in the ass, but the fact that she fell back on her side and began to rise again. Vova was waiting until it ends and then came up behind her and looked at her point whence the sperm mixed with blood, and I said Regina broke her ass. Regina came gave his hand and said to Tanya Stavan-zatrahanka. Raising it landed on his knees in front of a guy, and she took the member put it in his mouth and began to suck.
Vova did not wait until she plays with his cock took over his ears and began to fuck her without paying her bellowing and on its claws which she began to scratch his ass, because I choked his 26 cm by a dick. When he came at once alienated and began to cum on her face and then slapped her across the face of the mash from what Tanya fell to the ground, and Regina laughed, the guy said, turning to Tanya's it to you for my ass bitch by scratching. Then he went to the Regina Vovan looked at his cock cleaned it from the sperm are not forgetting and eggs.
Looking back she sees that Tanya all exhausted, all in the semen and is holding on to a tree. She went to her and asked how are you? Now the river slops and received an affirmative nod of the head approached the still naked guy and with all the strength in cutting the guy between the legs howled in pain and fell sharply with the words of that bitch? Regina leaned turned him on his side and said, is this something that my slave ass torn, and that she stood knee egg Man and pressured by what his eyes were opened, and tears went for my slaves that beat them but I can beat him. With these words she took her foot off the egg guy and when he regained consciousness he saw as the two bare asses are removed from one of these sperm flowing brook.
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