On the merits (penalty Veronica)

On the merits (Veronica punishment).
In the deep summer night in front of the machine periodically flashed in front of the dividing line on the deserted roads of the city. Only occasionally I met towards the lone car that after hiding in an absorbing dark night streets. Sitting behind the wheel of his car, I reached out to switch on the radio station. Despite the fact that at such an hour working on the air station was not much. I play a song that liked my girlfriend Veronica, but I do not like. She said nothing. Although it is generally tried to object, saying that he wants to listen to your favorite song to the end. Veronica sat silently, staring forward, where - in the distance, all immersed in thought. And a good reason to have it.
At the moment, we drove from the nightclub located near my work. When I'm with Veronica was in the club, I got a call on the mobile phone from work, asking urgently to come. The situation was the fact that the goods were brought to a warehouse in Germany ahead of schedule, and it was necessary to take spending on the documents. It was late, and the only security was in office. A staff member who could have done the aforementioned action was absent, as today did not come to work because of illness. Learning of this, Veronica said that she would be in the club, and will wait for me here. I barely, but still agreed. Just did not want to leave her alone. My Woman. So beautiful, good and attractive. Possesses a slender figure. With long blond hair on his head. And in general having a body with a gentle snow-white skin color. And in the bargain, and more tall. Looking at Veronica, I hugged her, and kissed her before leaving, he said he will be back soon.
Hit the road back and forth, I coped forty - forty
five minutes. And when he returned, he saw a picture that made my heart beat with indignation. Veronica danced with what - that young man, clinging to him like a mother. I went to him. They did not seem to notice me. It was not taking his eyes off the girl, and all the time watching them. While I was moving in their direction, the young man began to stroke the head Veronica. Approaching them, I very first thing pushed him away from his girlfriend. Then he looked into the eyes of Veronica. She looked at me with a look as if very much afraid. Her breathing became more palpitations. Heavy sigh, she said: - This is my old friend. We were at school together. And then that's met.
Young man, that - then muttered. I just realized, from his words: - Well, I have to go.
And after what was said went. Quickly leaving farther and farther.
Veronica wanted to tell me that - something else. But I interrupted her and said: - Come here.
Coming out of the club, I squeezed her hand. I was just furious. Veronica silently with guilty eyes, looked at me.
- All go home. Since you do not know how to behave, I said roughly.
- But Oleg. It's not what you thought. I'll explain everything, Veronica said worriedly.
- It is better to be silent, Oleg said.
Having finished their memories of the incident had happened, I was puzzled by one question. What should I do now. To conduct educational conversation with her. And maybe even punish her. Let stand up in a corner, like a little child. And then spank on the ass. If so behaves. But I love Veronica, and I do not want to hurt her. But what if spank slightly. Not to inflict pain as much as possible, and in order to cultivate. Let her know that she was being punished for the cause. Let think about his behavior.
On reaching the entrance of the house, I knew that tonight Veronika night will be punished.
Entering the apartment, I thought, when she was told about it. Then I decided that if still disguise. After it is seen. Or is it to start right now. When Veronica is dressed in elegant and very beautiful dress. I emphasize all kind of her figure. Podil its half-closes her slender legs. The dress, which reveals delicate hands, barely covering their satin cloth. With cut-through which is seen a little large breasts Veronica.
Okay, briefly defer future punishment, I thought.
After waiting for fifteen minutes, I went into the living room where Veronica was. She was in a short robe that almost completely bared her long slim legs. The sleeves had reached the level of the elbow. Bathrobe was tied at the waist belt.
Let down your hair, they lay on the shoulders of Veronica.
I took a chair, standing against the wall, and put it in the middle of the room. North at him, he looked at the standing Veronica, and said: - Come here.
- What for? I asked Veronica.
- Then, what you're going to be punished for their misdeeds. And Spanked bare pope, Oleg said.
Slowly coming up to me, she looked at me plaintively. Then he said: - Well, please. Do not punish me in any way. Forgive me. Because I did not do anything.
- And, by - do you think it is not clear properly cuddle with someone in my absence. And then to give more stroking himself, putting his head, Oleg said.
- You're either all understand, Veronica said, crossing her legs.
- Let him even your old friend. I still do not see such a nice, Oleg said.
By putting your left foot on the floor and taking two steps Veronica came up to me and hugged me by the shoulders hands said:
- Would you forgive me. Or so and will be resent.
- Okay. I forgive you but ... Oleg said, unable to finish his sentence.
- That's okay, Veronica said.
- I did not finish. I forgive you, but your punishment I do not cancel. You have to answer for their actions, said Oleg.
Veronica took a deep breath. And so pitifully and drawl, as if his whole appearance indicating no consent.
Removing his hands from my shoulders, Veronica stood up straight. Standing next to me, she looked down, a little pressed to his neck chin.
I am at this moment he could understand the state of Veronica. Her anxiety. The fear of future pain. Meeting with the unknown, and now the inevitable and corporal punishment. After all, it never used to it either. She accordingly could not know what it is. I was the first one who was about to commit such in relation to it.
- Raise bathrobe, Oleg said, referring to Veronica.
She's trembling hands took hold of the ends of the coat, and picked it up to the level of the waist. Since then he rested on knotted belt.
Oleg took up the loins of Veronica, and the effort of their hands, as it were, made it clear that she wanted to turn around and get back to him. She did so.
Standing back to me, I saw that Veronica began to breathe harder. Her legs trembled. Hands firmly refused to hold cocked bathrobe.
I took both hands on the panties of Veronica, which fits snugly its possessor, and began to lower them. More and more, exposing her ass.
Feeling light chill, she put her head down and saw that her panties hang her in the ankle area.
- Rotate, Oleg said.
Veronica turned to face him.
- And now lie belly down on my knees, Oleg ordered.
- No. Do not. I will not behave this way, Veronica said with a trembling voice.
- I lie said. You have not heard that, Oleg said.
Veronica looked at me. And I realized that I firmly decided that she will not escape punishment. And in any case, will receive the pope.
Lying belly down, holding hands behind my knees, she uttered: - Well, Oleg. What do you make me do. What for. I already knew everything.
Helping with your own hands Veronica lay down, keeping her balance, I said: - Get down, get down! We'll have a little patience.
When she fell, her head was at the bottom, below my knees. Hair lowered down to the floor. Veronica hands rested on the floor, having rested palms and splayed her fingers. Legs hanging down, barely reaching the corner of his fingers to the floor. Veronica Popa, sticking out his ... forward was the highest elevation of her body.
While Veronica was arranged on my knees, her silk dressing gown, sliding on the body fell, closing down bare ass. Zadran him on her back, I drew her fifth point.
After looking at my feet, I saw that white panties that hung on his feet, fell to the floor. And now, lying next to the chair, at the foot of Veronica.
At this point, she said - do not only strongly. Good.
In response, I said: - Young Lady. This is too much for me to decide or not much. Understood.
Veronica did not say anything.
Looking at her delicate snow-white ass, that little twitching their muscles, expecting a blow, I decided to start. Holding the left hand loin Veronica, and the right to raise up, I floor strength by diluting the air, he made his first attack on the right half of Veronica priests. From the contact with my hand on the skin, there was a ringing noise - PLUNK, the whole room.
- Ah, little Veronica screamed.
From slap his hand on the priest appeared slightly pink imprint of my hand.
- What are you so cried. I have not much Oleg said.
- Anyway it hurts. And ... did a little pause went on. And in general to me is scary, said Veronica, with pubescent upside down.
After spending his hand on the place just had a stroke, I've been through a few seconds, swung, and my hand fell on the left half of her priests. Why she jerked her muscles during impact.
- M - m - m, mumbled Veronica, clenching his lips.
After the second strike, I immediately made a third, and a fourth in the middle, between the halves of the bottom of the ass, where the legs begin. The room only heard the sound of slaps - PLUNK, PLUNK.
Veronica tried to endure the blows, but she did not, and it is all the time was making the plaintive sobs, cries and sighs: - FFF f.aaa.yyy.aaa ... ... ... ya.aaa.ya.aaa .fff.
According to the pope heard slapping of palms blows: PLUNK, PLUNK, PLUNK, PLUNK, PLUNK.
Taking a break, I stroked place beats that by that time already forced to warm up the ass Veronica.
- You will still act as disgusting conduct. And - and - and? I asked Oleg.
Veronica frantically said: - No ... no ... no I will. Never. I in fact still in the beginning told you that I'm no longer so. Please stop. Do not spank me anymore.
- It should! Snapped Oleg.
Swinging arm, I'm stronger than before abruptly put his hand on the ass Veronica, not really understood, anywhere.
- We - we - we, uttered Veronica.
I immediately repeated by hitting the right side of it is already beginning to redden the pope.
Then Veronica began to struggle, trying to get up.
I pressed her hand her back, preventing her escape.
- Veronica. I have not finished. Where are you going, Oleg said.
Continuing to lie down, and stopped kicking it, complaining, she turned to me - I can not anymore. I'm tired of saying such a tone of voice that will soon begin to cry.
Stroked her bare, by this time already nashl¸pannoy pope, I said: - What are you tired. I hate it when you get your ass kicked.
Veronica told me: - And not only that. My hands are tired. And the head start to flow the blood, breathing heavily, she said.
- Be patient. A bit more. In the end, you are punished. And I should not have to contend with me. I'm already with you here ceremony. Another would not have become, Oleg said.
After the spoken word, I held her hand back, and swung, slapped Veronica on her left half ass. Why was her fresh red mark. Then he made one more kick. Ass fingered hand, I felt that she was even more warmed.
- Well, who was it with you at the club? I asked Oleg.
Veronica lay quietly on my lap, not answering anything.
- Do not hug so with school friends, Oleg continued.
Then Veronica said: - This is my old school friend.
- Stop lying to me. Do you want me to take his belt, said Oleg, changing the voice on the more formidable. It was evident that he was angry in earnest.
After warning about the belt, I'm Veronica slapped by the pope. In the room there was a very sonorous, but the familiar noise: PLUNK.
- Ah - I - st, I sobbed Veronica.
I raised my right hand up and again hit the palm of her ass.
- Oh - oh ... oh ... oh - and. I have apologized ah, say a Veronica.
Swinging arm, I again slapped her on the ass, which is obtained from the shock was getting redder.
Touch ass, I said: - Well, tell you the truth. Veronique. And because I can change your punishment, and so you whipped, that will not find, Oleg said.
Of course, all my anger at her, I'm not in any way intended to punish her severely. I just intimidated in this way my Veronica, letting her know that I'm not kidding. Especially as it is now it was not the most enviable position.
Once again I turned to her: - I'm waiting.
- I already told you the truth, Veronica said. And so in a trembling voice. And indeed both - the tune.
- All waited, Oleg said. Veronica Holding the elbow back and letting his hands out of his pants belt.
I felt that she was very scared of such a turn of events. Trembling stronger than his whole body.
I am realizing that I now proceed to the next belt flogging on her defenseless pope. Releasing the belt and folded it in half, I took it in his right hand, and thought.
And whether we should really beat her with a belt. I certainly do not want to be subjected to such a test Veronichka. The more so because it was not in my plans. Only otshl¸pyvanie hand on the pope. All the more so for her, and so it is enough that she had to endure. Although if I'm not going to hit a belt by the pope, she will understand that I only intimidate her. And I can not do in real life. Okay. Well start.
Belt swinging in the air, he flew down with a whistle on the ass Veronica, which was already so Spanked, and had a red color. Clicking on the skin, he left her much more pronounced footprint than by Slap produced by hand.
Veronica whined body pressed me, by issuing: - a - a - a - ah - th - th - a. Then he sniffed his nose, and a deep sigh, burst into tears.
It was obvious that Veronica is not able to endure spanking. Immediately I began to cry like a little child. It is for it simply does not fit. There is another option. Cheat, it all kind shows that it can not be beat with a belt, and it is time to stop such actions. Well a couple of times you get more accurate.
Looking up into the air belt, he will whistle over the booty began to descend.
Veronica, realizing that now she will have to re-experience the pain of clicking belt, she shrank into herself, and as if frozen to the future shock, waiting for him.
Hlestanuv ass, he left her another new track, formed across the buttocks.
- Whew ... aah ... ah ... well. Ol ... le ... eee ... Mr. I do not boo ... uuu ... do. Sobbing nose, Veronica said.
I said nothing, but merely waved his belt over the poor booty.
Hearing the whistle, Veronica cried out: - Do not. No.
Not wanting to take any more, she began to kick, and the incredible efforts freed out. Dropping his knees on the floor, she hurt herself. And from the resulting pain, and of all that she had to go through, burst into tears. I felt very sorry for Veronica, and I did not naturally become longer whip belt.
During the fall of her gown down, and closed his reddened ass. Getting up from the floor and rubbing his knees with one hand, and the other a priest, looked at me, frightened.
Through tears Veronica said: - What we liked to beat me on the ass. Do you want to continue.
Approaching her, I hugged her and stroked her hand over Spanked, and the broken belt twice soft spot, said: - The sun is mine. I did not want to bring you to this state. But why did you lie to me. And what has brazenly.
- Okay, I'll tell you. Just promise that you will not take more than the strap, said Veronica.
- Well said ... Oleg.
- In general, when you left, I was approached by a young man and offered to dance, said Veronica, wiping the tears from the face of his hands.
- And so you immediately agreed. Unlike you, Oleg said.
- Well no. Not right away. He began to speak to me very nice compliments. But I refused to dance with him. Then he walked away. And when he returned, without asking me, without asking her to him. And you came up soon. And so it began, Veronica said.
- Why would I lie. I like it there and would Uryl. In general, if your face could not be seen that you were forced to dance. My sudden appearance you more scared than happy, Oleg said.
Veronica, in silence, his head bowed, stood beside me, not knowing what to say.
- Veronique. It's true? I asked Oleg.
Then he continued: - Look into my eyes.
Raising her head, she looked at me, and then lowered it back down, hard to say: - No. It is not true. I lied to you again.
- So, Oleg said.
- This is my former young man. We met at the club. And me why - it turned the head, and we began to dance. As if like me have changed, said Veronica.
I stared at her. Not knowing what to do. Whether to continue flogging, or ...
Veronica diluted silence, saying:
- This is a real, true. But you promised not to take up the belt.
- For belt he promised. And about otshl¸pyvanie said nothing hand, Oleg said.
- Please, no more. I do not want to receive the slaps on the ass again. Please do not. I beg you. Forgive me for the lie. I'm just afraid to tell you right away, Veronica said, looking at me piteously.
- He lied to me. It would be better just he said. I would then not picked up the belt. And if once in all admitted, perhaps all, would not have it punishment. And now it's too late. We'll have to continue, said Oleg, sitting on a chair.
Veronica stood up in front of me on my knees, and holding hands with the mine, said: - I admit they were wrong. Please, just do not need more. Have pity on me. I after all - did you not an outsider.
I got up from his chair and sat down next to Veronica. He stroked her head. Then he got down on one knee. She shocked the fact that now that - that happens, frozen in a kneeling position.
With an effort of their own hands, I got to go to Veronica underbelly, on my knee. She whined plaintively, but fulfilled my designation. It turned out that Veronica was lying on the floor, thrusting up his ass. Her robe rode up a little, slightly exposing it. Who by this time was already red from - for a few slaps and belt punches. I put my left hand on his back to Veronica and right swung in the air and on the floor forces struck his palm on her ass slightly open - PLUNK. The blow fell on its lower part, leaving a fresh trail.
Veronica moaned. After he issued only sound: and ... and ... and ... and ... and.
Once again, I slapped the Speedwell through robe. She reached up to rub the sore spot, but I took his hand to
her hand and put it on the floor, saying - Suffer so. I do not allow you now to touch ass hands.
When I pulled up her gown, she threw it on the back of Veronica.
Raising his right hand up, I dramatically lowered it to the already reddened ass Veronica.
She screamed: - ah - oh ... oh ... oh - and - a - second - ah. Then he sniffed his nose.
I slapped a couple of times softer. But still receiving calls a slap on the bare ass. PLUNK. PLUNK.
Veronica through tears, her head lying on the floor, very plaintively uttered: - Ol ... l ... l ... er. Hwa ... and ... and ... Tit. Pro..o..shu you.
I held out his left hand to the head of Veronica, and stroked her hair. Then he put his hand back on the back. And Veronica lightly slapped on the right, and then immediately on the left half the priests. After finishing the last slap, I gently stroked her. Popa was hot.
By removing the left hand from the back of Veronica, I told her: - Can you get up.
But she and I lay on my knee, not moving.
- Veronichka! Come on my dear, Oleg said.
From these good words she cried even more.
Hands, I gently lifted Veronica, lying on the floor, holding the armpits. Pre-down the hem of her dressing gown on her ass. Rising, she got up on her knees. I again took up her armpits and lifted them slightly, helping Veronica feet.
Rising to his full height, she looked at me with tear-stained eyes. Hug, I began to stroke her back. In response, she put her head on my shoulder. I put his hand under the robe of Veronica, and touched her ass, which still glowed from the received slaps and whipping with a belt. Removing his hand from under her robe, I stroked through his ass a few times, gently leading downward. As I now quite a few boxed.
At this point Veronica said: - Oleg. I'm sorry again. Let's forget about what happened today at the nightclub. I need only you. I love you.
- I also love you very much. Well let's strike out this from our life together. What did you have me all - the same silly, said Oleg, Veronica stroking her back and kissing her on the top of his head.