Rest in the country

It happened when I was at university in the 3rd year. I had a small company (6chel, including me). On the occasion of successful exam, my friend invited our entire company to his dacha. I Went there with my friend from uni Marina. Even then, we knew that, perhaps, the day of rest is over and solved rapidly with someone who oversleep. Marina wanted to Artem, tall blond-athlete, and I thought about Misha, it was, on the contrary, brunette, even a little bit like a fiery Spaniard, though still high and well coordinated. When we arrived, the kebabs were almost ready. There were six: I Marinka, Tom, Mike, Kostya and Denis. We had to drive some other girls, but for some reason they have not appeared. After a while, pretty drunk, Marinka evaporated with Artem. "Oh so well, then I need to start!" - I thought. He drank another sip of wine decent, I gently wagging her hips went to Misha and Denis. She took Misha's hand and saying that we need to talk, she led him into the house. As soon as we stopped, I eagerly dug Misha on the mouth and grabbed his penis. Cloth shorts sticking out in a matter of seconds. Man without thinking, grabbed me in his arms and kissing still bore down on the bed. Misha stripped me, kissing on the lips, neck, chest. He caressed my nipples poschupyval, gently biting and playing with their tongue. I was very start. When I was gotoy, my passionate lover returned to my lips and put two fingers in my vagina. I groaned. Misha went below and began to caress my clitoris language. He played with it, pressed on it, put your language in depth. At the peak of orgasm, he stopped. And as he lay on his back. I abruptly stood up and bent over him. The result was a pose 66. Misha put his fingers in my bosom, and caressed the tongue my anus. I first podrachivala slightly and then started sucking with great pleasure. So slowly, I quickly sank his huge tool into her mouth. Then I turned and sat on top Misha? I set off at a gallop. We're so fucked that did not even notice, as we went to Denis and Kostya. Finished right at me Misha lifted me up and laid on the bed. Denis came up to me and unbuttoned his pants motioned to suck, not even thinking, I agreed. Taking a member of Dennis in his hand, the other hand, I lowered Kostya shorts and also picked up a solid and have a hot cock. Suck one for a minute, I switched to the other. While I was doing them a blowjob in the house went to Marinka and Artem. Do not even embarrassed, they began to undress. At this point, Denis finished in my mouth. Looking up from his work, I stood up and said: "Well! Somebody would fuck me? "I was approached by Artem and holding hand one breast, kissed the other. Then Artem put me on all fours and threw me in the ass. Closing my eyes, I moaned loudly and I felt, as the head of his penis strikes on my uterus. At this point in my open mouth headed for something hard, opening his eyes, I saw that Kostya giving me in the mouth. I gladly accepted his flesh. Near Denis lying on the floor, fucking pussy Marinka (she was on top), a friend also does blowjob. Misha moved Marinin torso toward your mouth. And I fucked full. After a while, I asked that I be fucked in all holes. This took up Artem, Misha and Kostya. Denis with Marinko also have sex. We make each other sweet, perverted as they could. Then, when the orgy was over, we went to eat and drink more. Throughout the evening I went to the toilet Marinko, where we made each other cunnilingus and Marina otrahala my fingers. After this incident, we talked for a long time as if nothing had happened, and never remembered the beautiful day of rest in the country.