Extra-curricular activities

Our daughter Marina last year went to school. 1 September, I met with her teacher Elizabeth Andreyevna. A young girl, who had just received a diploma of higher education - my daughter's class became its first class in every sense. She was like a teacher in my presentation - high, simple dress, glasses, hair tied in a braid.

During the year, we met many times with her - at parent meetings and celebrations. But we have never been able to talk without witnesses. And in June, after the end of the school year, in the office started a repair. We painted desks, floors and window sills. Two women and one man left in the late afternoon - and we stayed together.

Elizabeth Andreyevna stood on the window sill and frame dokrashivala. Going down, she stepped on the chair and swayed. I stood there and caught it in time - would otherwise be the teacher fell down. So she found herself in my arms. Feeling the firm ground under his feet, she pulled away from me and blushed.
- Thank you, - she muttered awkwardly and suffered a brush into a corner, where there was a jar of solvent.
- You're welcome - I replied. - The smell of paint and my head is spinning. It's time to call it a day for today.

After washing and closing the office, we got out of school. The street was still light, fresh smell after a rain, in general, the atmosphere was very romantic. I had parked the car at the gate, and I offered her a ride to Elizabeth Andreyevna home.
- You can just Lisa, - she said, and got into the car.

In the office she was in overalls, and after dressing on it turned out to be mini skirt and white blouse, under which guessed the breast without a bra. Involuntarily, I squinted in her direction, and switching speed, I touched the hand of her knees. And suddenly I heard the faint sigh. He looked into her eyes and immediately knew everything - the teacher of my daughter wanted to have sex with me.

I was not new to change my wife, so I do not rassteryalsya. Off the road, when we passed a small grove on the banks of the river and parked the car in the trees. I had no time to stop the engine, and it has already dug into my lips. With one hand, she took off my shorts, the other caressed my hair at the nape. Then, abruptly she lowered her head and grabbed my penis with his lips.

Liberally moisten with saliva, she began to swallow it almost to the base. I felt an incredible thrill, because my wife does blowjob, swallowing a penis. I could not tolerate for long and biting her lip, poured semen into her mouth. She swallowed it and looked up.
- Did you like it?!
- Of course, in a different way and could not be.
- I have a month, so I can not let you into the vagina. But you have such a stunning member of the - I think that to have an orgasm, even if you will enter into my ass.

I did not have to persuade. We moved to the rear sofa, which I laid out for the occasion. I put on a condom and smear with cream (in the car, I had a whole collection of intimate accessories) entrance to her anus, I eagerly stuck his penis and began to peck little white ass Lisa.

She really finished on anal sex, with at the same time with me. We were ten minutes and breath. Suddenly his voice mobile phone - called wife. I replied - said that he had walked out of the school and the food to the cottage it.

I, as promised, dov¸z teacher to her home. Agreed with her, that'll come to visit next weekend, when his wife and daughter leave for a vacation in the south. Thereafter nav¸l order in the car - not enough even slept his wife and went to the village where I was waiting for a great dinner. His wife fed me, not knowing where her husband was an hour ago. Or rather, with what he was and what he did.

It was the beginning of my treachery with the teacher Marina. Perhaps another time to tell you about our other meetings with Lisa.