Just a friend

Hello everybody! I Yegor, I am 14 years old and I live in the suburbs. My "first time" It was when I was still 13. This was the case and I will tell you.
This happened in 2010, when, as you remember, there was a heat wave. Likely, "this" It happened because of it. But who knows ...
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I had 4 other top three boy and girl named Masha. We met back in kindergarten and were friends for 8 years. To friends, including to Masha, I'm treated as it should be: trust secrets, counsel, etc.
But then came "transitional age". Already in the 11 years I began to masturbate stuffed with silicone models of the computer screen. After 2 years, I wanted to present sex, and I started to pick up "candidacies" for the post of my sexual partner. At the same time about Masha I do not even think - she's "just a friend"...
As it turned out, no.
So, come the hot summer, and we all decided to go by the lake - it was our summer tradition. We agreed that in the afternoon, somewhere in an hour and a half past one, all going together and I go for a swim.
I was lying on the couch and watching TV. There was a doorbell. I jumped up, ran out into the corridor and, by clicking the lock, opened the door. Before me stood Masha with a plastic bag in his hand. She was in a tight rather large for her age (she was 14), breast size 3 blue t-shirt and denim skirt. Since I have a normal orientation, and there was a girl (though long-standing girlfriend) in front of me, my "small Egor" automatically stood up, that was evident in the home baggy shorts. Mary lowered her eyes and raised his head and for a moment, smiled and walked into the apartment.
- Hey, - she said - and these have not called?
- Called - to understand that we are talking about the rest of our company, I nodded - Vanek said that he could not get out now, the case had some, Dimon dog walks, and even dine Petyanu necessary.
- It is clear ... - handed woman - Well, then we will wait for them here.
Nodding, I ran to the kitchen for ice cream - in the heat (about 35) it would be just in time.
After 5 minutes we were on the wide couch parent (the parents were in the country and had to come back in 2-3 days), and ate ice cream. We just chatted about life, and suddenly I noticed something strange in her chest.
- Mash, and you that, without a bra? - I asked bluntly.
-Well, yes ... - she was confused - because hot on the street. And on the lake, I'll go to the locker room and get changed - there, in my swimsuit package.
- Well, I do not know - I said - we are with all the guys usually advance all the dress, there to simply undress - and immediately into the water ..!
- Mm-m ... - I handed the girl, and we were silent.
Now I have become increasingly glancing at her breasts and noticed that she had out of the excited nipples sticking shirts (I know this from the experience of browsing the internet-eroticism).
- Although, maybe you're right - suddenly said Masha, - let me now get changed - and, after a pause, she added, - leave the room.
I obediently closed the door, but could not miss such a spectacle: sexy girl is standing naked in the middle of the room in my house! I opened the door, making a faint sch¸lku, and began to watch.
She slowly pulled off her shirt, revealing a beautiful young breasts, then took off her skirt, under which, as it turned out, there was nothing. My cock stiffened so much that he could not hold back the flow of sperm (and I have it already then was), so I shouted, "Something hot, I'll go take a shower," I went into the bathroom.
Standing under the water pressure, tight jets gushing from a watering can shower, I masturbate - masturbate is because it is more can not be called. My very hairy, but small, I thought the penis (just 10 cm) increased to such an extent, which I could not even imagine against me. Sperm splattered wall tiled bathroom and waited until my dick will fall and reduced to the status of his 6 cm, I washed the "evidence" and, wearing a dressing gown hanging on the door, I went into the apartment.
The two feet away from me was Mary. She looked straight into my eyes, while I looked at her body. Black, with painted tongues of flame bra consisted almost exclusively of the threads that should be put on the shoulders, and the two pieces of fabric that covered her nipples. Panties were about the same device.
In my penis again treacherously tickled, heralding just about nachnuschuyusya erection. Member began to rise, and, if luck would have found a gap in the tightly closed dressing gown, looked out.
Masha sharply looked down at my "machine" and for no apparent reason began to laugh. At first I did not understand, but started to laugh, to realize that we're both damn WANT each other.
The girl came up to me and hugging her "little Yegor 'hand began to masturbate him. She did it the same way as shown in porn films - apparently, this fascination captures most of the teens, including Masha. Throwing back her long, until the edges of the hair behind his back, I whispered, "Not here ..." and led into the room.
Fully undressed, we first studied half a minute of each other, but then, remembering the main, side lay on the sofa and pressed together.
She rolled onto her back, and I was on top. Lacking in "this" experience, I took his penis with three fingers and gently began to introduce it in the light overgrown fuzz sch¸lku Masha. By doing so a few times and he caught the rhythm, I let go of the penis and put his arm around my favorite. I began to move her hips, and she moaned softly, with each "sticking" louder.
After 3 minutes, she cried, and I remembered the presence of sperm, drew his "tool" and dug up on the shelf standing next cabinet condom pack (once upon a time I decided to try to put on it, to feel what it is, and bought a tent near home is the smallest size, the saleswoman I was then still a wink). I pulled the defense on the penis and continued the work, but after a minute I had finished.
Often breathing, I collapsed on the sofa. I looked at the favorite and did not manage to say a word, I received a passionate kiss on the lips.
- Just anyone ... - she whispered, and we started to get dressed.