First time.

I want to tell a story that happened to me in 16 years. At that time my mother was 36 years old. Short, brunette, breast size 3, elastic ass. She was very attractive, and look 25 years.

We lived together, my father left us when I was still small. A mother and found herself another man. 14 years, I became interested in the girl, and began to look at his mother. I saw in her a sexy woman, and often fantasized how fucking mother.

One day when she was going to a friend's birthday. I wanted to ask, and went into her room without knocking. She stood naked in the middle of the room, my cock immediately got a number. I stood rooted to the spot, she saw, and frightened. Immediately she covered herself with a bathrobe and kicked me out of the room. She went to a birthday or anything and without telling me. This picture stuck in my head and was a member of a number of the day.

Mom came late and was drunk. I was used to sit in my room and watched movies.

She came into my room and sat down on my bed. She was very apologetic that drunk and lay down on my chest. In front of me surfaced morning picture and my heart pounding and cock was ready to explode with excitement. Mom felt my risers said:
- Have you had sex with a girl?

My long silence has replaced the word "NO".
- And do you like my breasts? I asked my mother.

I did not know what to say, but my silence was interrupted by my mother.
- Come to my room after 10 minutes.

After waiting 10 minutes, I went to her room. She was standing in shorts. Her kind of my cock was ready himself to jump out of his pants.
- Do you like my chest?
- Yes mom, it is beautiful.

She came over and kissed me on the lips. After sitting on the knees she took off my pants and underpants. She gently licked the head and slowly began to swallow. Sensations were simply indescribable.
- Do you like it, son?
- Your mouth is simply divine.

After 5 minutes of the blowjob I came straight into her mouth. She stood up and took off her panties. I saw her black hair in the pubic area. I approached her and bent to kiss her that

pussy. From pussy already dripping, and I realized that it was time to start. Mama lay on the bed with his back legs apart, one really sharp I entered her. Pussy was narrow and warm. I've been broke down and finished it. But my cock stood like a stake, and I continued to fuck her. She moaned and screamed.
- Yes, that's right. Go on!

An hour later, I again finished it. We fell on the bed, the bed and laughed for a long time.
- Mom, I've always wanted to fuck you in the ass, can I?
- I've never tried.
- I'll be gentle.
- Okay, but only once.

I put it on the dog and began to drive his cock in her ass. It was very narrow and I barely went. I began to slowly move and pick up the pace. Mom started moaning loudly and after a while I felt like her ass shakes and squeezes my cock. I realized that she had finished. Then I did not hold back and began to fuck her hard. We had sex all night and slept until morning. When I woke up from the kitchen came the joyful singing of the mother. I went into the kitchen she was naked and cooked me breakfast. After that night, I fucked her mother every day.