Dreams Come True

Petechka 12 years. 12 and a half. Even 12 and 8 months. He was more interested in my thoughts. With each passing month, added to the twelve, his buttocks all rounder and harder. I briefly, quietly, mow look at him, talking to his father, standing with his back to me. Not quite back, and slightly in profile, twenty degrees. In this position, the light box every shovchik contoured back pocket of his jeans. It seems to me that young blood, bloodshot, like watermelon August, the muscles of his buttocks, is now torn jeans at the seams, and I see the unearthly beauty Ephebos in all its glory. Once I had seen him naked. At this recollection, my heart trembles pounded bird, and a member of tearing his pants. But even the magnificence stored in my memory, in relation to the fact that I could see now, he suddenly take off these damn jeans, no more than a weak reproductions of great paintings. Then he was 9 years old. I know many people like it is this age. And I understand them, the boy is always great. And then, three years ago, I nearly died at the sight.
I stayed with Ivan Mikhailovich, father Petya, my boss at his dacha in Zhukovka. Ivan Mikhailovich invited me to the sauna, to talk business, drink beer. I came, as if nothing had happened - I did not know about the existence of Petya! We sit at the edge of the pool, a little tipsy, interpret, how will sell a new type of steel products of our company. And then I see in clouds of steam, running out of a Russian bath, a boy of unearthly beauty. Thin as a reed, with muscular, with very delicate features, cornflower-blue eyes, over which several surprise rise chiseled like a pencil drawn by dark eyebrows. Straight black hair cover a high forehead, all this splendor is crowned by a sparkling white teeth boyish smile. My dick nearly popped a towel, which was covered when I looked down at the protruding bones of his pelvis, virgin stomach on a flat muscular stomach and a small segment of a lean, small testicles. The boy ran up and jumped into the pool, his joyful, ringing like a bell, voice struck me to the heart. It was Petechka. He did not know of my arrival and thinking in the pool only to see his father, did not put on swimming trunks! Its still very small, but even then a strong muscular ass played glare under water, his ribs and spine furrow shook graceful movements of an experienced swimmer. I had to add a beer vodka. Having described intoxication, I hid my culture shock. The boy finally noticed me, a little embarrassed, went to the other side of the pool. Then we saw only at the table. I had to go to the bathroom and jerked off my petrified member, is again, perhaps five, not finished. If not for that, I do not know how to finish the evening.
Since then we have met many times, but without clothes I had already seen. Petya early mother died, and many of his friends Ivan Mikhailovich his carefully guarded. So I, a family friend and deputy Ivan Mikhailovich, often had the good fortune to communicate with him. Father, I and my friend had his usual society. I love my Masha, I think she would be my wife in the near future, but I do not like Petechka less, maybe more, because, unlike Masha, them I can not have. How many times in my dreams I married both of them, and we had a total bed! But only in my dreams. Masha of such dreams, of course I could not give a hint. And now, looking at it not even adolescent, still baby figure, I praise the football, which Peter has been very seriously. I do not like football, I do not watch the championship. But I see that this game generates two elastic soccer ball from Petit buttocks, slender waist, muscular stomach. His shoulders still as a child, and the ratio of waist and hips almost like the girl on the cheek is already playing a teenage blush. They say it is linked to female hormones, which a lot of boys that happy age when testosterone has not yet had time to change the voice of a gentle and cause vegetation on the body.
- Peter, I said no, that's impossible. I can not go with you. One thing I will not let you do not ask.
- Pa, well paaazhaluysta - Peter sang one of his most charming groans when children are woven treble notes of a female contralto - a boy's voice is also the prerogative only of this age - I do kraaayne important! This is my destiny!
- , Say no. One you will not go to Kiev.
I shuddered. Tomorrow I have to go to Kiev, to audit our Ukrainian branch. But there Petya forgot?
- Peter, what are you going to do in Kiev? - I asked, barely suppressing a tremor in her voice.
- Uncle Fed! The day after tomorrow is a great game! Ukraine should reach the final of the championship! Our it does not shine, if only for friends to see the Slavs!
I have, so to speak, choked in my craw.
- Well, let's say, I'm going tomorrow to Kiev. But I am going to work.
- No, Fedor, I can not ask you about this service, it will drive you crazy, and you have to work.
- Having been brought, I promise. Word futbolista.- Suddenly serious, sincere flashed cornflower-blue eyes, Peter said.
- Do not know how to be, Fyodor, you go almost a week, it is a serious burden, I can not ask you about that. - I could not believe my ears. Ivan Mikhailovich already asked - it was his way of asking for, not quite directly.
- Ivan Mikhailovich, I do not think that Peter can be a burden. It's pretty serious young man, and may be responsible for their promises. In addition, although I and Vice-President of our company, not much older than I, in his twenty-eight, and his interests are clear to me. I think we'll get along.
- Fyodor, you know, not what he can not refuse! I do not know how grateful!
Under the eyes wet with tears Ephebos flashed a happy smile. In my heart, too, there was something similar.
Moscow. Kiev railway station. Coupe-suite with two sofas, shower, bar. Our company to reserve it for themselves on a regular basis. Is not this a dream? Happy Pete sits in front of me, something I excitedly talks about Zidane, I do not understand, I enjoy every movement, every cute grimace its rich facial expressions. I notice how the muscles under the shirt playing like a zipper of his jeans, it seems that something has given rise first - there was a small bump, before I did not really notice. And he sits on the sofa, legs apart as if something was to him to interfere between them. The train started moving. Peter fell on his stomach dangling his legs, bent at the knees, flipping through football magazine. For a long time in such detail and for a long time, not afraid to be opened, I was unable to watch the game of his gluteal muscles under it, and of course, my favorite light blue jeans. As he lay on his stomach, footballs his buttocks seemed just huge. I was trembling with joy that he saw them in such detail, and suffered from the inability to touch them. I closed my eyes and imagined what I was doing Pete massage. Massage the buttocks. I presented and almost did not finish.
- Uncle Fed, what's wrong? - Looked at me, flashing a youthful glow, astonished face Petit.
- What's wrong? - I asked, frantically trying to figure out what made the mistake.
- You groaned. Do not you hurt?
- Yes, yesterday pulled back in the gym. - I have found.
- Can help - Peter smiled - our coach at the training camp taught relieves muscle pain, let me see.
I have not had time to say anything as Peter pulled off ... my jacket and shirt. I had only one thought - that he did not notice that my standing as tall pines, a member.
He ran his hand over the back.
- You're tense, as the tire. Coach thy Fedik, a unit of a minus. Of course, it is you in good shape holding, and the measure you need to know the back of the athlete must take care. Lie down on your stomach. Take off trousers, pomnutsya. I'll do the relaxation.
- Let pomnutsya, so painful that I can not remove. - I thought only of standing member, and quickly lay down on his stomach.
Pete expertly rubbed my lower back. Indeed, I would feel the relaxation, if my idol was not a physical intimacy with me, I have not seen before.
- Easier?
- Much thanks.
- That's it. We coach a lot to learn. - Said Peter and paid for my fragile psyche of a new blow.
He took off his blanket laid by his bed, and then starred opposite jeans and T-shirt. I saw Pete in one, ending a little above the knee, tight elastic shorts. Tubercle codpiece now I could see very clearly. Segments and testicles for three years, undoubtedly grown. I, like a fool, lying in trousers, carefully covered with a blanket, and watched the slow motion, in which Peter turned to the luggage rack, took his suitcase, took out a fresh underwear, put them on your sofa. Then, with his back to me and began to take off pants with himself. Removing the panties, he leaned forward, lowered them to the knees, I saw a meter away from him so coveted ass for years. I was not breathing. He took one leg of the pant, standing on the other foot. I opened shockingly beautiful buttocks, one straight and the other bent at the hip joint. I surveyed all of their curves and roundness, hollow, large and small muscles. Under the bent leg were seen significantly increased, but still children, hairless testicles. All Repeat with the other leg and buttock. He took off his pants.
- I dush.- As if nothing had happened, Peter said, and disappeared behind the door.
It seemed to me that the heart will jump out of my chest. I knew what was going on with difficulty. Previously, Peter was shy. Then it came. Ever since I saw the first time Pete, he was an athlete. And in the football locker room shy of nudity is not accepted before the other men. I quickly took off his pants. Tight pants tightly pressed to the member of the stomach to hide it at all, I wore a long shirt.
Shower door opened.
- I look you feel better! - Pete said. - Listen, Uncle Fed, do me the same favor, remember me back.
And without wearing pants, Peter lay on his stomach in his bed, covered with a blanket ass. Shielding is not quite on the surface of the sacrum were divine, the upper third of the buttocks and incomparable running from the coccyx Amazing furrow Mezhuyev them. I went up to him, sat down at his bedside, and is himself on the excitement and fear show this excitement, began stroking his back.
- More active, uncles Fed to wade.
I began to massage more active. First the neck, then between the blades and the blades themselves, along the spine and sacrum. Massaging the sacrum fingers, I relied on the buttocks with his hands, and as if involuntarily, and pressed upon them. Then, from top to bottom the same thing happened, but this time on the buttocks, I pushed harder and touched the fingers of the upper part, as if by accident.
- Oh, Fyodor, cool, let's once more, and then the lower back quite stiff - and Peter squirmed under the covers, stretched, and most of the ass was on the surface.
It still burned, resulting in the energy of the soul, was hot, and apparently rubbed a towel. I could not control myself, and with a vengeance began to smooth his skin and flexes his muscles from the neck to the hips, feeling his ribs, and muscular side of the body forming the waist, pressed his thumbs on the buttocks, the other grabbing the front of the thigh to the groin level .
- Fed even lower, and the ass is very stiff, while riding in the car.
Do not fulfill this desire, I could not even be eaten on its execution, I executed. I put my hand along the neck and vigorously, vibration, led them along the spine, stopping at her ass. Then I was not confident. I stroked, squeezed, rubbed his ass, the boy sometimes blissful shudder, said:
- Yet a little, very good.
I like .. I was good! I have not thought of caution. Or almost no thought. Otherwise I would have thrust his cock in it for the most eggs. But for now, our relationship, though purchased hue sex, they were not formal - yet it was still possible to refer to massage weary boys' bodies. But one is not quite the massage movement, I still made - my hands were on the buttocks, and thumbs, finally pushed them. I first opened the virgin dark pink hairless anus Petenka. And do not hold back, I put pressure on him and rubbed in a circular motion. Petya opened his eyes in surprise.
- Thanks, helped me a lot - he said, - cover me, and that you did a good warm-up act, it is necessary to keep warm.
I do not know whether he understood the essence of my actions, but the night I did not sleep, and Petya sweet snoring, and forgetting to wear underwear. In the dream, he got out of bed, and saddled his horse, half-turned his back to me - as it turned out, he loved to sleep in this position. You understand. I jerked off until morning. To Kiev.
Morning. Kiev. We sit in a limo service, he takes us to my apartment. A couple of years ago, when real estate prices in Moscow and Kiev began to set record after record, I invested surplus funds in various, mostly built, facilities in several cities. As in Kiev, I often visited, and the hotel even known world networks, did not satisfy my comfort level, I bought a ready apartment in new building and finished it to your liking. As a result, I got a two-level penthouse with roof exploited, razed from prying eyes - only the stars above. The house has its own customer service, I have had no problems with the cleaning, and I ordered lunch delivered to the apartment. That is my passion to invest in square meters, it has given the opportunity to retire with Peter, which was at the hotel and you can not dream. That's what I thought, sitting in the backseat of the car and cut off from the driver's automatic shutter. I saw before me a picture of how Peter sports in my mini-pool and sunbathing on my roof terrace - of course, all the scenes he was a negligee. Clearly, a member stood again, and Peter fast asleep, overwhelmed with his head on my shoulder. So he got better, I started a hand behind his waist and put his hand on his thigh. Dreams Come True.
We arrived. In my penthouse led a separate elevator from the underground garage, but we went to the reception, I introduced Pete butler. He was extremely happy to get acquainted with his son Ivan Mikhailovich. We go upstairs. Delivered breakfast which I ordered by phone. Peter was eating croissants with coffee and saw the tickets for tomorrow evening match, which brought the director of the Kiev branch of the seed.
It is regrettable, but at the time I would have to leave one Petenka. Not everything was okay in the Kiev branch. A week, a group of auditors shaking their accounts. I had to check the results of this work.
- Peter, have a rest, you can use the sauna, swimming pool, a rooftop sunbathing, no one will see. Juices and drinks in the bar ..., whatever you want to contact the butler. By lunchtime I arrive, we eat together.
- And no one will come here?
- Not until someone at home, the staff comes only on call.
Mood engage in securities at me, of course, it was not. The blessing of auditors led by the Head of our switchgear Edward Levin, from which no penny not hide. And cynically, having passed most of the work on it, to the hour of the day I entered into your house. Having instructed the butler with respect to dinner, I hurried upstairs.
Petit was not in the apartment. But the anxiety I did not have, an inner feeling tells me where he is. The pool is clearly someone recently got out - at the edges there were two small pools. On the terrace, set in a tub under a palm tree, he was completely naked and wet, sitting in a deckchair drinking beer, watching the dome Kiev Lavra. Seeing him naked, I like drinking beer there.
- Peter, I think you still too early to run on alcohol.
- You said that the drinks at the bar, I chose to your liking - it seemed to me that Peter smiled, not quite sober smile.
- Peter, you razvezlo, what do you think, for an athlete such a lifestyle is normal?
- And maybe I'll be the star of rock 'n' roll, Fed, I'm still on the guitar quite well.
For a long time I grumble at him could not. Especially when the clothes he was wearing only a baseball cap.
- Okay, Peter, let's have dinner. I think we have covered the bottom.
- Feeed, look, what there the grace, come to dine here, you're just on the Dnieper see what there "bottom"!
Grace was indeed, and the Dnieper was good, but it is eclipsed in my mind way naked and intoxicated Petenka.
- Good. I have, as you noticed, on the terrace lounge, I use it as a summer dining room, have lunch there.
This room, I called the "panoramic" I liked to spend time there with the girls behind the desk in this case was a huge bed. Only one wall of the room was actually a wall on three sides of the world, it opened the huge sliding glass walls. I vividly suffered a dinner there. Peter did not think to put on. I do not mind.
- Fyodor, nothing I freestyle? I will not embarrass you?
- Please only eggs do not freeze.
- Believe me, you're in a parade suit looks much less natural.
I could not agree more.
After dinner Petya quite worn out, and his attention was drawn to the bed.
- Fed, come a little to lie! - And without waiting for an answer, he jumped into it. - Come here!
Petya calls me into bed. Lived. Domechtalsya. Not for sex calls, but lie in the same bed with a naked Petya - is something unrealizable.
I ran to the shower, put on a robe, put on my pants tightly and climbed up on the other side of the bed. Peter lay on his side facing me, this situation is particularly emphasized his narrow waist and broad, with respect to her thigh. The shorts I have long been a log.
- Fed, tell me how you and Dad firm control? You take me to the vice-presidency, when I graduate?
While I was pondering this difficult issue, Pete crept to me, climbed hand in the coat and began to tickle his stomach, shouting:
- Will you take? Will you take?
"Yes, beer is not a toy baby" - only I had time to think, his hand grabbed my cock.
- Fed, you like me.
I habitually think the answer, but it was not a question. I noticed that a small segment of Petit increased significantly and became upright, out from under the foreskin seemed a bit reddish head.
- Relax Fed. I know all about it for a long time and see how you look at me. And how do you jerk off the train I saw. Do you think I go for fun naked? No, you I like you too. Because of you I am in Kiev and asked for something.
Petit's hand was already in my shorts and tightly clutching a staff member.
Such frankness boys discourage me.
- Peter, you already have a similar experience? - Only I could ask.
- Not really. I just have a friend there, he sleeps with our coach, he told me everything. Sometimes we had to suck each other. But with a man I did not. And, in general, do not want to. I want girls and Fed with you because you love me and I love you.
In bed I invited Peter still sex. And he calculated all much better than me.
- Yes, you are the uptake beyond her years. Be your vice president. - I said and pulled Petya to him, kissed him on the lips, he said.
I sucked it into his mouth plump lips, put it on and, while continuing to kiss and began to knead his buttocks, anus massaged, pressed his pelvis to its members, beating in his shorts. I took off his robe, he turned Petya on his back, spread his legs and did what thoughts went through with it thousands of times - took him stood a small peg dick in your mouth along with the eggs and began carefully they suck, carefully stroking tongue head, bridle, foreskin , on the trunk of a member to the testicles. Peter groaned - his little friend so obviously could not. Continuing to blow, I moistened with saliva index finger and stuck it in the ass Pete. Ring nesverlennogo his anus tightly gripped my finger. Then Peter arched, moaned particularly loud, it became a member of the twitch in my tongue fell a few drops of semen child.
"As long as enough" - I thought, deciding that excessive pressure can scare the timid child's feelings.
Undoubtedly timid, despite all frankness Petya offers - on the train, when I touched his anus, he asked to stop the massage, probably still was not ready for such a close relationship. I put it next to him on the stomach, gently stroked her back and buttocks, the inner thighs. He lay with his eyes closed and a beatific smile.
Finally, he regained consciousness.
- Thank you, Fyodor. This is cool. Now I can touch you?
- Peter, you, whatever you want.
- Then lie on your back.
Fyodor touched my belly, ran his hands over her hips, through the pants gently probed staff member touched the eggs.
- Can I have them take off?
Peter did not wait for an answer, and seizing briefs for gum began to pull them. I helped him, and cowards flew away from the bed. Pete opened my big already a member of a bare head. He took it with both hands, touched with some mistrust.
- Fed, he is great! How do you insert it into Masha?
- Believe me, though, that she was a petite girl, he fits perfectly into it, and she is really like.
- Fed, I can suck it.
Again, not waiting for an answer, Peter leaned over to my unit, and, chasing the skin on the shaft, gently sucking and licking the head. Of course, swallow it all, he could not. ... Some girl drove it into his throat, do not know how not choked. It was nice, but do so with a boy I could not afford. In addition, my goal was different - his ass, but here I do not rush things, enjoying the moment, which so far only dreamed of. Oral Peter did not very skillfully, but with so much love for me, I give birth one of the most outstanding of his orgasms. Pete Cum gushed into his mouth, he recoiled in surprise and got even more ample portion rasteksheysya across the face. He stunned touched his face and saw the sperm on their hands. A portion received in the mouth, he apparently swallowed.
- Peter, do not be frightened, it's sperm from her children are.
- I know. But you like a fountain! I do not think that can be so much.
Puzzled stain on his little face was replaced by enthusiasm.
- Its exactly as Peter, how much I love you. You all got dirty, let's go take a shower.
And I brought myself one more fun - wash Petenka. I put it on the shelf bannuyu, watered with warm water, lather gel, with alternately different fingers, covered with foam to penetrate him in the ass. Pete is incredibly loved. Me too.
- Fed, Kostik, my friend said that his coach fucked in the ass. But such as you in the ass, in my opinion, not fit.
- Masha breaks and her ass is not much more than yours.
- She was not hurt, she likes it?
- Mary is beside himself with pleasure. Ever since the first time I did this to her, she was already a classic little vaginal sex. And that was not painful, but nice, the priest must be prepared to this.
- How is it - to cook?
- Have you noticed that my penis is much thicker than the entrance to your ass. But be careful to stretch the hole, it will be more, and then the pain will not be the only pleasure left.
- You can do it with me?
- I already do. See, I smeared fingers with soap and slowly stretch the muscles at the entrance to the ass. If you do it gently, but pleasure you will not feel anything. And you know that I love you and do not hurt.
And I began to caress the anus freshly washed language. Peter groaned better than a lot of girls that I was doing it on the same shelf. In my opinion, on the same shelf, the same procedure, I fall in love with my Masha.
Working language, I took a lubricant, they smeared thumb, introduced him to the Petit anus and began to gently stretch. Fortunately there was a special lubricant with anesthetic. The case has gone, we both were in nirvana. Soon I was able to enter into the hole specially selected small dildo that I had a whole set. Then the dildo more. I worked on Petya's ass for two hours, made two of his orgasms and significant expansion holes. Further, according to the technology of waste on girls, we again moved to the bed. Now I smeared ass and cock, sent the head on dark pink circle Petya anus. Of course, I still could not enter into it completely, I was limited to two-thirds of the head, and this led us both into ecstasy. Sometimes I come out of it, I put the cock between her buttocks and between her thighs and crotch by producing active movement, finished several times. Lubrication is not required - it lacked my sperm. After supper dinner remains, we continued and exhausted fell asleep in each other's arms after midnight.
In the morning I called and Levin said he was ill. He was not angry - and he checked quite well, I would have called him just an annoyance. We Petya was the time until the evening before the match, not to go on that we did not allow elementary conspiracy. I spoke on the phone with Ivan Mikhailovich, convinced him that the test goes according to plan, with all Petechka good night go to the football. Order breakfast. We have swallowed him in a minute. And immediately for the cause! To bed! Again useful lubricant with anesthetic, at this stage, I added a candle with lidocaine. Along the way, I made a couple of Pete blowjob to support morale. It's time. I gently insert Petya in their entire head. He moans lasciviously, then everything is according to plan, it will go. Another 15 minutes of patient work and I am a member of Petenka entirely. He wants a bit crap, but there is no pain, he was surprised and happy. I am delighted. We lay on his side, and Peter planted on my dick like a count. A pair of motions and I finish the thought. I came out of it, turn over on his back, his legs are located in his shoulders and slowly re-enter in the ass, do slow movements, stroking his cock, this time I achieve simultaneous orgasm. We lie, relax, it is not clear which of us is more than happy. I see in Petit bliss eyes replaced by desire. I put him on his stomach on the bed, his legs hang down. Massage the buttocks, presses his thumbs on the anus. Petechka excited even more. Gripping his cock with his left hand, poddrachivayu, my cock already in his ass. Our eyes closed, we felt each other, produce a rhythm, pleasing both of us. My sexual energy is directed into a meditative track. As in a dream I was already enough both of us are interested in the football game. I left the house only to accept the results of the audit and sign the acts of inspections, and we were going to Moscow. We are waiting for Kiev last night.
I come home, grab Petya, dragging him into the pool, I plan to play with his ass in the pool. We frolicked, I can see under water ass, strive for it, take it, and then realize that this magnificent little elastic ass, turning up in an incredibly narrow waist, belongs to Masha. I am seized by exposing the horror, but Mary laughs and pats member quite burgundy from embarrassment Pete. Masha had keys to the apartment, why she came - a separate issue, but that it wants to become a party to sexual trio, was a complete surprise for me. A pleasant surprise. She asked no questions, put Pete on the edge of the pool, and made him a blowjob, ordering me gesture come up behind her and took turns to fuck in both holes as she liked. My cock walks into the vagina Masha, she sucks Pete, he squeezes her small elastic chest. We are all happy, dreams can come true, but that's another story.