Love affair at work. Sexual life in the team.

My girlfriend Tanya concurrently and my sexual partner. That is when she or I have a need to get rid of sexual tension, we are committed to it, for what purpose and intended nature of man and woman. Tanya - naked pragmatist. Sex is not for sex, but for the sake of health.

She believes that the look on the side of the partner to meet their needs, it is easier to engage ebley with his good friends. Even when she had just arrived in our team, we somehow quickly converged. Then friends. And once again, inviting me to help a single woman, she asked about another service. And too lonely woman. All this is so natural, as if asked to pour her a glass of tea. I was even a little embarrassed.

And Tatiana encouraged me, saying that it is nothing to me to require much less blackmail our proximity will not. Yes, I was embarrassed, not because just used to pursue women, but here's a woman you ready and willing to give herself to me. At the time we meet her and my desires twice. Being unaccustomed for the first time not everything went quite smoothly, but then we got into a rut, and got used to the sexual life returned to normal. You do not need much to Tanya. a couple of times a week. Unlike me. And because I often ran to her to the clinic to ask for medical assistance. Refusing treatment is not accepted. Tanya is contracted pantyhose and panties to her knees, I lay down on the couch, face down, and treatments started.

Tall, well tailored, she attracted men. Only now it no one was needed. A couple of times burned on marriage and lost faith in the good and well. About our relationship, no one suspected, considering we just friends. the more we openly say: We are a stable group sex. She herself for treatment always invited me to his home. House and only at home can enjoy. It just so happens. Each Masha their tarakashki. I do not accept condoms, considering them an obstacle to sex. Well, except for sexual relations in every way I have helped her with the need. Not in gratitude for the pussy, just for friendship. I began to help her long before our first sex.

So this friend of mine once said:
- You know, Ira (our new employee) on your fuse.
- And what of it?
- would you fuck her, or something.
- And I need it?
- What do you mean, all of a woman. Young, pretend.
- I her outfit on Feng Shui. All one to undress.
- That undress.

Knowing my friend, I suggested that here lies a certain selfish element.
- What are you going with this have? What eyes shot dead?
- Well ... She asked me to bring you.
- And where we reduce?
- Yes, menya.Priglashu you visit, then I will go to her friend, and you leave.
- Not dark. What are you up to?
- Yes you do not worry, all the way through will.
- Look. If anything, you yourself know ...

Tatiana came at the appointed time. There's quite accidentally was Irina. Well, since the guests gathered, it would have to be noted. Not the tea to celebrate. Irina dressed up, dressed down. How strange it was to know that you're not a woman kleish not you shoot. But the manners of the country changed, and morality has sunk into oblivion together with the Union broke up. And to hell with it. That hammer head. This is one thing I will not poke a dick. On the contrary, I'm the whore to fuck. From these thoughts spirits rose. Okay, now that's what you want, I will make thee Waterloo.

Tatiana zasobiralas go. All something thought out, everyone has provided. She called one of her friends: need urgent help. Tanya was conducted, sit not move to action. I know that Tanya had gone a long time, but he knew this chick - question.

Tanya called. He said delayed. But here's the rub: the keys and left because we have to wait for her return, otherwise it will not get home. All clear. You are ready. I sat close to her friend, started to go over the ears. Then I look, that is not to Tralee wali. And then I dissolved hands. It's kind of like play the virgin tried to build, not in order, they say, come, but who is it, darling, listen to, when pants became closely. Between kisses and hugs hot Irku freed from import shmutok. They lay on the floor, on the couch poadali, scattered on chairs no better and no worse than domestic. That Irk naked lies, moaning feebly fighting off bugger that he wants to tear down her honor and dignity.
- Well, do not! Let go! Oh please!

Her lips say one thing, the body says otherwise. Hands do not repel brazen a red face, and pressed against the chest, which just this face kisses. Legs apart relaxed, letting the hand of Naha resist which does not have the forces to the best, in her opinion, the world's pussy. Well pussy really smart. Patty, with a tight pinch edges. Throw Loboc, even something as risunochki of hair done. but I all the same. I am interested in the fact that below the pubis. I check how much it is prepared, how drenched. not to fuck a woman is dry. and erase up calluses. In his youth and inexperience, this happened.

I remember something else on the early childhood tore so one. She did not have time to give the juice, so instead fucked some trouble for both out. But Ira is ready. Even the musky smell in the room went. And then I laid her, crawled between the legs grope hole. Feet start to press. Play pleases. He turned her on her stomach, took her by the hair, hair breaking, poked his nose into the pillow and even perched on top.
- Tucked in - say - you can not see, I can not get into.

And she tucked, waved his back, trying to get deeper. Fool, hurry up, do not know what a long time it me in my pussy tolerate. Tanya podsuropila, poroshochki gave cherished. I'm not chasing them for a long time, and with them, once tried, so he was not happy. Force is no more, and he, an infection, it is worth. Then, at a party, too, I have been a maniac. Itself asked for. So after inviting not. With the month at the gynecologist treated. All there Porush, overturned. And I, frankly, then of believing in a miracle and greed went through. There is also a side effect of these powders. Then a week - one and a half, even in the morning does not arise. Hanging the whip and that's it. I was scared to Tanya with claims. She calmed.

Hunted Irishka I fool a pelt, fuck. She gasps, podmahivaet tries. The very he sought and has now received desired. Wailed, singing
- Oh! Oh! Cumming! Yet! And it is arched, push through further requests. And then something too much: eggs in the ass slapping, crotch rested in the buttocks. Over, she fell on the sofa UMF Hardy suffering. How he, poor fellow, perevidel? The monument will have to put after his death. Wait until the shuddering stopped, put her on her back in front but let's clean the pipeline. She pressed her legs to her chest, stomach pulled, lifted butt. Ebattakih obedient girls pleasure. All do as I say. I can see that already tired. Press pump is necessary, but not blyadki run. Then on the side put it, on the other hand slipped. I know a lot of these poses. And not on the Kama Sutra. There ginastom be necessary, moreover pripizdnutym. What normal person can emerge so? All empirically derived. And they, the women like and what does not. And that is categorically not accept. Irku fuck-whore, I think to myself
- I love you, darling, today Poimena in all holes. And the ass to print. And her mouth.

While the thought, the priest hands themselves checked. Yes there is and it is not necessary to print. Pass good road trodden. Well leave the ass for dessert.

Ira tired. Already, the excitement was gone, and moving just barely. Then put it on his back, he sat on top. first on the thighs. Tummy stroke to titechkam select. Like as a prelude for a new one. She closed her eyes, drags. Taschis, taschis. Still ahead. He moved to the tummy, titechki mus. Then he saddled and chest. Squeezed tits, dick put between them. Just a hot dog. I drive slowly kicks. And she does not mind. Well before rotika left quite a bit. He leaned over her. Has rested one hand in the sofa cushion and a second dick in her mouth poke. It face the gate, he does not want to. Or simply excrete. Your Wishlist, dear me on the drum. In the same one where Napoleon in advertising, which Banopart sitting. He turned his head yes and stopped right in front of the head. Timidly, as if something unknown, picked up in the mouth. It sucks. And then he picked up a pen, Barrel grasped and flooded. Sucks, smacked his lips. And it is clear that it is she is very familiar. It is during the time of my youth, the girls soon gave up the ass than put in their mouths. Well, fuck in the ass, but so what?

Ira suck enough. And I am pleased. I let go of her. Very much her itch in one place to run. Came. I was sitting at the table, she was invited. It is a chair tyrit ass, and I caught her, to his knees planted. Yes, so I put that pussy just to put on his dick. In this position, and drank, we ate. She cheered, laughing
- Never on such a chair at a table or sitting.
- Yes, what your age, Ira, also not as experienced.

We talk, I told her the whole titechki, peepka stroking. Dick out there, but turned out to be unclaimed klitorok. And from the caresses of the visor Irina. And once again moved to the sofa. I turned it around her. And the Sadilov, and under him had offered. I tell
- Let's try the other side.

She did not understand, but trusting in the stomach fell ass otklyachila, nose buried in a pillow. And it soared when I'm on the other side began to try. Yes, just like you out of the dick jump out?
- Oh oh! It hurts! Let go!

I agree, it may be painful. Only now well lubricated and it is a pity that this lubrication is lost. And the passage is designed entered without much effort. She clung to her clit stick under her arm Tereblya, biting back in a fit of passion. She stretched her arms forward, hugged the pillow, biting her. But the ass is not down, and holding in the raised position. And I take a liking. I feel that will soon come to me and orgasm. Not all Irke enjoy.

We lay side by side. Ira was still on his stomach. I turned to one side, put his arm around her, cuddle, kiss.
- I also hurt. Why are you so?
- I said: Let's try the other side? You agreed.
- I thought you want to change the position
- Sorry. Only now I want to say that in front, behind that, all you wonderful. And you're one of the best women in the world.
- And why not the best?

From indignation forgotten that just complained of sore ass. She turned, eyes lightning toss
- I can not compare with others. Purely physically impossible to try everything and compare. I can say that from all I met you - the best. On you will fall and impotent.

Dovlno, nose rubbed against my shoulder, purring.

Dozed off. And we have not heard the door open and entered the room Tatiana. She raised her only when her voice sounded.
- No dick yourself! Time gift is not lost! Well done!

Ira anxiously pulled the sheet, which was covered with a sofa in front of ebley. He huddled somewhere in the corner and become less of a mouse.
- I'll go and wash, change clothes. And you get dressed. Want to eat, there is no urine.

Tanya went to the bathroom. On the move he turned and asked Irku
- You need to wash. And I for a long time.

Ira shook her head. it was not clear whether it is not necessary to wash it, or not.
- Let's go together.

Tanya returned, pulled Irku hand and that in some stupor went after Auntie.

It is clear now Tanya Irku just will not let go. Now Ira on her hook. Although morality and izminit, but something remains. And thank Irke not needed. Bad reputation. That bitch. And he used me.

We sit at the table. Tanya pelmeshek decoction, eat and talk. They ate. Ira zasobiralas home.
- Where are you going? You look at the clock. Vaughn lie on the couch and sleep. If you want to pokuvyrkatsya can. I sleep soundly. And my room across the hall.

Ira blushed. Not yet accustomed to the barracks directness Tatiana.
- What blushed? That's nothing unusual. And it is necessary to hold this guy. Such are entered in the Red Book. And what we can to keep the guy? Pravilnomyslish girl. Only by a pussy. And the more you give him more and better the more you bound to. So as soon as lie down, just come on. Do not wait until asked. And to others did not pull, to milk it dry.

I chuckled, listening to instructions. Ira, with a red face, nods his head, and it seemed that this is now a pupil raises his hand and says: Ms Golikova, one may ask?

Tanya, issuing new sheets, went to her room. Ira make the bed, lay down.
- Er, what kind of news? Who odezhdespit?

Silently he stood up, undressed and lay down again. He pulled her to him
- Come to me, my darling. I miss you.

With these words, he is pulling her hand and put it to his crotch. Ira was convinced that I was really bored, shifted, settling back and put his feet up.

In the morning the three of us went to work. Jirka, with dark circles under the eyes. And I viduh still the same. Only Tanya was fresh and rested.

Ira married one of our employees in about half a year. Soon she became pregnant and went into dikret. Only here and she did not know who the child's father. Before the marriage it protects, then after the registrar spit on all these measures. And we did not stop dating.

Irkin mother worked in an elite poliklinnike and at the request of his daughter hired physician, her best friend, even with a good reputation, from a provincial bolnichki. So on the splash his seed and relieve tension now I could not. But that's nature abhors a vacuum. I found a replacement and Tanya.