It all started with a hike

All the stories that have been published - were written by me in the conventional series "sexual bondage". Reading the numerous letters and responding to readers' feedback on their work, I realized that it was time to explain this preference for the present "genre". What I am doing. As usual in psychoanalysis, it all started from an early age. You know how it is .... first sense, the first tentative touch. Someone earlier, someone later, but all this happens. I have it started quite late, in 15-16 years. This is the time when it wants to, but still do not know exactly what and from whom. It was in those days I used to go camping on the PCB. These are tourist rallies where hundreds gather in the suburbs people with backpacks, guitars, strong drinks, which are resting and singing around the campfire.
Naturally the girls also attend trips and do not give up the other glasses. In those years, my "use" is reduced to one, maximum two, a glass of port or diluted liter of beer cans from Stallman and after that I felt "drunk" and fun, and made various silly, harmless "feats". At one of the rallies with me I met a girl that was very surprising to me, but as it turned out, she did it because of unrequited "love" to my friend, and I decided therefore to find out their preferences and somehow influence the situation. I did not mind and agrees to help her. It elicits a long time I have everything I wanted to know about my friend, and I told her.
Communication with her gave me pleasure. My friend of hers in emphasis not notice, but the girl was not a very ugly and are also smart. By the way it is possible that, having seen me with her, he switched to the solidarity of the other girls. So we talked for quite a long time, meeting in the woods every weekend.
Gradually, our conversations became more explicit, and I began to look at her as a woman, that would not be bad to drag into bed (and what else to think at my age), when she proudly stated that even a virgin and is going to give his innocence future husband after the wedding. It was a bummer! I just got to hope that maybe I can finally sleep with a woman, but, alas, it seems my hopes did not come true. Katya (by the way, her name) was really good, a little plump, well, just a little bit little dark, with long hair and green eyes. A girl of medium height, with lush, prodigiously protruding breasts. Especially cool it looked in tight youthful, slender body turtleneck in which her breasts swayed invitingly. And yet, somehow, I saw her in a bathing suit, um-m:. !!!. In general, then, against the background of the lack of communication with the opposite sex, because pimply youth, shyness and tide hormones, it seemed to me a goddess, who came from heaven to talk with unworthy: .bla blah blah (Ah, youth ...). Although now, after a decade, I still adore her and keep her picture on a single computer. As I said, from the beginning of our conversation was held for several months, we have a couple of times even sleeping together in one tent, and embracing (cold still night). Although the arms of those still resembled more friendly, because when we found ourselves face to face, Kate immediately crosses his arms, not letting me pull over to make room (and I have liked the most). Although, to be honest, at night I still could not resist a little elastic body felt the sleeping girl (but I could not resist - honest pioneer). A pat on the ass, and felt a little firmer breasts. I really liked that feeling. And it wanted to feel her body without clothes.
Surfing continued. Gradually, our conversations have become more outspoken, and I began to hint that it was nice to have to try a little cuddle (for more, I almost did not dream) and somehow try "poudovletvoryatsya" (It was on the brink of general fiction). Do not forget that it was the 90 th year, I was 16 years old, and she was 17 - the age when more than: By the way, my friend all the time and did not make her way no pretensions, it is already and forgot to think about it, but I did not stop to talk with me. Listening to my entreaties, she myalas, she hinted that she, in general, and she did not mind, and she also wants to, told me that she even tried to somehow poobzhimatsya with her senior man who trusts, but fears for that we can not stop in time and is afraid for the safety of their virginity. I did not know what to say, the argument was more than substantial. More on this topic, we did not talk, but we were going to sleep together in one tent, two sleeping bags for the truth, that is, again in an embrace. When we calmed down, I began to discuss this topic again and got the same soft failure. But I did not rest on it. When we lay persons to each other, I began gently stroking her back and whispering in the same ear (talk to women like that, and men, too), what is the word that I say, I can control myself, and when I finish then generally I lose all interest in the case (and it's true). Kate said that even if I really think so, it is still not sure that I will be able to restrain himself. And then I blurted out that she can give the guarantee only if it tightly bind my hands and then I can not forcibly deprive her innocence. Katya and I stopped, fearing that she was not offended, decided to turn their words into a joke, when she said that this option could try. I was taken aback by surprise, the blood rushed to my head (and not only to the head), and I realized that I wanted to accept.
That's what I said. Kate probably too pleased with the idea (as it was then she told me later, she longed to try, but suppressed the education of all desires). We began to look for a rope and then I gutted the side braces of his backpack. It turned out lasting about five meters thick cord. Katya took him in his arms and said: "- Come on, take off your clothes". - "How?" - I did not understand. - Well, how? Take off your shirt at least, not in the clothes should we embrace?". It's not believing his luck, I took off my shirt, and a little thought, a T-shirt and was naked from the waist up. Hesitantly, I reached out to sports pants, but Kate stopped me. - "No, it is I myself. Good? Come on, turn your back". Herself! The last word still sounded in my ears, and I did not once hear the rest. Kate had to take the initiative in their own hands, to turn my back to him and pull the hand. Pure I automatically reached for her hand and she carefully tied them crosswise behind his back, he tied a rope around the chest ring and after a pause, firmly tied wrists to the waist, tied a big bow in the front. -
"Get down!" - Whispered Katya and uneven breathing, I realized that she too was very excited (I've read some things about it). And knocked me on my back.
I lay there and waited, but nothing happened. - "Where are you?"- I asked.
- "Now, - he said, and after a pause, she added, - you know what, I probably will bind your feet, yet for the first time, who knows what. You do not mind?" Still, I was against it. Kate took the second rope and wrapped around the shins. Eyes blinded me to the light. It turns out that Kate lit a lantern, then covered it with my T-shirt, it would have remained only a dim light. Our tent was made of thick canvas, well buttoned and I'm not worried that we will see from the street. Kate took off her pants and stayed in some white panties. My eyes immediately stared Cate between his legs, to take him, I was not able to. Katya noticed this, smiled and said: -
"Like?". - "Yes!" - I said, barely holding his breath. But for a long time to admire this spectacle I could not, because ... Katya threw one leg over me and sat on my stomach, or rather a little lower and touched solid as ever member. - "Oh, a fig yourself: Are you comfortable?" - She asked, settling more comfortably.
- "Y-yes. - Only I could answer" Kate put her hands on my chest and said:
- "Well, what would you like to do first?" - "You can now kiss your breasts, even just once?" - "Oh, I guess she would. You know, you tell me what and how to do it right, okay?" - "Okay". Kate took off her turtleneck, so that her body was stretched and habitual movement undid her bra, then hesitated, holding the cup with his hands and exhaled as if for courage it took off, exposing his chest. - "Class!!!" - I could not resist a sigh of surprise. Her swaying in time with the movement of the chest and looked just breathtakingly Katya, emboldened by my exclamation, began to stroke and knead them. I looked into my eyes. [email protected] - "And now what?" - Kate asked. I'm already a little bolder, and asked him to give me a kiss so much beauty. Katya again put her hands on my chest, sat a little higher, and bent so that her breast was in my face. A moment later she had touched my lips. I kissed her, then licked his velvet skin, then again, and finally I was able to grab his lips nipple and draw it into his mouth. Kate took a deep breath, but did not pull away, but on the contrary pressed harder. - "Oh, - she said - cool. Now kiss on the other hand". And again, she clung to me, now she trying to get in my mouth nipple the other breast. I caught it and properly sucked by voluptuous sighs Katie. - "give me a hug"- I said, and Kate lay on my hot pressed elastic breast. I enjoyed her touch. Katya rose slightly and kissed me on the lips, then again, more confident and finally fell on me with all the accumulated passion, getting tickled, persistent tongue in my mouth. Stop further it could not and began to slide down, still kissing my lips, chin, then the neck. Reaching the chest, she wrapped her arms around my body, squeezed me and grabbed his lips to the nipple, then another, began to pull and suck them one by one, what drove me to distraction. Then he suddenly went limp and stopped on my chest. - "What happened?" - I asked. - "You know, - she said, getting up to me - I can not, I already want, but I do not know how you otneseshsya this". - "Do not worry, do what you want, I'll be only too happy" Kate turned off the lights, lay down next to me and pulled me to him. When I was lying on her side, she put her hand on my shoulder, threw her leg on my thigh and put his hand between her legs. Katja quickly began to rub between her legs, with much hugging me. Her breathing was as fast movements to the beat of a hand.
Again she clung to my mouth, and I helped as best he could. But it seems that this was not enough. Then she got up and without ceasing to excite himself, brought me to face bare chest, jabbed hard nipple in my mouth and I immediately grabbed it with his lips and began to passionately caress. After a while, Kate strongly tensed, jerked several times and went limp, releasing me. I rolled over on his back, still not believing what is really going on.
I was lying or not thinking about anything, just resting and even scrolling in the memory of the last half hour. Suddenly I feel the next move is Katya lay on his side beside me, put me on one leg, put her head on my shoulder and whispered: - "How can I feel good, I have never experienced such, really can be something better". - "Sometimes - I say - guess when you marry, you will experience the one-and-Kie sensations:" In this spirit, we talked for a couple of minutes, and all the while her hand wandered over my body. I gave it unimaginable pleasure.
Suddenly, her hand bumped into the waistband of my sweat pants. Kate paused, hesitated again, and finally, gradually, to my utter delight began to penetrate deeper. That's already passed and panty elastic arm came across have long standing member, has not lost during this time elasticity. - "Wow, - said Katya - a big one. I wonder how he can climb back?" She began to pull his pants, but it is not immediately received, so she stood up and pulled off their shoes with shorts to the knees. I froze. Kate gently took cock in hand and began to feel it. Not one girl (lying, as a child playing in the hospital with her sisters) did not touch my penis. Kate walked her fingers along the trunk, felt the head, I enjoyed her caresses. Splash around with a new toy, Kate asked me how to do, so I came. I was able to, and Kate told her as a good student began to gently and evenly stroking my penis, gradually brings me to orgasm. A minute later I tensed his body and fired inside a portion of the accumulated semen. Kate was amazed at how rapidly I had finished and that sperm splashed on her face. I asked her to untie me and Katya asked if I will stick to it. I assured her that once finished, I do not want anything, and she can easily check, touching my dick. Kate touched and saw that he was very soft, just somehow calmed down, very struck by the transformation occurred and untied me. we fell asleep, almost no dressing that night. Kate, do not obstruct me hands and I in all its glory, knew the feeling of a naked female body and that feeling never left me for a long time, and the other women, I subconsciously compare with the feeling of the first time.
Just a month our meeting ended, and a year later, I learned that Kate got married and moved to the glorious city of St. Petersburg. The truth of the month, there was another, the last meeting with Kate, and if I can, then I will tell you about it. Later.
2004. [email protected]