Leszek pizdaliz. Part 2

And what happened next was not included just not in any frame, not only that when I came I opened the bath very old woman with a drunken and smoky face and my first impression was terrible. And when I said I was from someone, she looked with high disgust motioned me inside and I saw two Roma women in the smoke, yes, yes, it is Roma. They smoked and drank port wine stakes.

For a long time, without further ado, they explained to me the meaning of my appearance here. After 10 minutes of drinking a glass of port, I started otlizyvat very nice in my opinion of them, and I knew her name Rigina. I had to serve the old gypsy women with unshaven pezdami, they communicated with each other in their own language as though discussing me and putting me an estimate. When the last had finished my face pussy wiped me of leg hair and pushed me away, I really felt himself by shit, but why it was pleased.

But as it turned out I did not come back to them, the old gypsy employees were bath, and Masha recommended that bitch when I said that I lick everything for the sake of pleasure, free of charge, so they decided he borrowed me, as if at the same time checked my oral capabilities. But the most important guest that I was supposed to serve will come later, and it's some sort of an actress from Uzbekistan with his girlfriend. Hmm ... I did get drunk cool, especially a friend of the actress, a spectacular thing, insatiable. I even asked for sex from her, but she said she could only give me lick it.

Somewhere about two o'clock the night, I came home from the bath, offended, humiliated and wildly aching tongue. Well, what do I own it so much he wanted, and he sought it. But I have fulfilled my mission and actress with a friend and the gypsy were satisfied!

Then everything went wrong, to Masha, I could not get a girlfriend it as if on purpose did not take the phone, the former mine Barbara went with a guy to Yalta, and judging by the photos in contact she had everything well, that alone buhgaltersha resting in the sanatorium at Lipetsk and in general to anyone before me was not the case.

The club took the girlfriend Marina, long nursed and watered it, after the club began to kiss her at the dining room, I sank lower and lower, and almost reached the pussy when suddenly she pushed me and said that he hates Lizunov. This is how! At the bottom of the reunion, classmate sly looking took me to a class where we were working classes and so clumsily hinting and between the hiccuping asked her to kiss her pussy, well before it had heard rumors about how I'm a linguist and I was not surprised recently I openly he wrote on dating sites their addiction, and rumors spread quickly among friends.

Something like, holding drunken classmate while otlizyvaya her I did it. But maybe for young drochuny otliz this would seem these great, but not for me, a man who felt a hundred times more excitement in the other situations. I'm way more then licked this classmate when she was working as a bartender in the bar, but then it was all right.

Then I suffered ....

Saleswoman of larka- Alina said that I am God when I caressed her that zaebis with me after the work week to relax. No Russian (I do not know where it came from) and plump pussy with her big brown lips. Next Marina Ivanovna in huge glasses, aged but with an excellent figure for her age, lives and works in Vyhino boiler operator. Yeah .. smart woman, I met her on the site.

Not all: find a place to meet, we first need to know each other, poskidyvay your photos ... and just come soon, I'm waiting for you, and for you I'll lick you owe me a thousand rubles! That's what I understand the approach. I arrived, get drunk, I paid and went home, and I delight in her appreciation. Kaif. Then casual acquaintance in Gorky Park, and her husband, who accidentally found out that his beloved Betrothed gave me in the mouth, and then looking for me with a view to fill the person. And the restriction is also looking for me then that I would otlizal her again. Santa Barbara is the kind!

As stated in the wine to blame! But the incident that occurred to me when I was 22 years old, I'll tell you in detail. My twenty-second birthday, I'm gonna go to the club, well, I think a rest, drink, chill, forget it. I am calling a taxi and go out to the entrance, lighting up. Taxi pulls up and sitting behind the wheel of a girl with a tired and sad face, nothing much gazing into the distance. I'm glad this situation, sit down in her Opel Astra and cute smiling call address where you want to take me.

It is completely empty without seeing interesting look at me gone. I started to talk unnecessarily ride was decent and she started talking like we slowly began to get acquainted. I learned that she was the mother of three children, works two jobs, plus another taxi. When asked what the husband said that she works too but still the money is not enough for a normal life. The husband was unfaithful, children hardly see their parents generally sad story. When asked what I was doing, I told the truth. The fact that I am a female saint and that most of the adult life lick female perineum and do it perfectly.

She was a little surprised, her name was Anastasia. Looking at me with mild surprise she just said that would not have wanted that her children have grown up with the same interests, and laughed, well, thank God even cheered up the sad taxi driver. We have long talked about it until went, I explained to her the reason for my passion and what I need it in my life. But when we arrived, I took her phone number so I would not look for the taxi drivers at night and immediately call her, and that she would once again earn, gave her twice as much per trip than normal, and left without saying goodbye to the club.

To be continued...

Continued: Leszek pizdaliz. Part 1