Golden sun

I have a friend the sun. Why honey? Because when I close it to dissolve, but not like a flower, and become very uncool and it is ready to do anything with it easily and gently. She's just the sun.
We met as usual near the subway, she as always a bit of time, but not the essence, in the hours that we are together, sometimes I live most of my life, and certainly most of his life in fantasy. Drop into the shop, we took the beer, eatables and rode me. After a small snack and a bathroom I could no longer restrain himself and stared at her lips a passionate kiss. Oh how I love to kiss girls on the lips, especially when they are flowing and attenuate the mouthwatering scent of desire. There's something exciting and tantalizing. It's like a game in which the objective is not to reach the final, but try to inflame passions.
So, the game. I do not know, but I always think that women feel false at all, especially when you lie between her legs and lick, so to speak for form's sake. No, for me it's just a pleasure, I love Cooney. It allows you, and to know the woman and reveal her to be said in the literal sense.
Well, I was between her legs, slightly conducting tongue on the lips, I taste the delicious taste. It attracts and excites, not possible to break away from him. Velvet skin and lack of hair makes the process as pleasant as possible. Slightly spending on the lips, tongue find the clitoris and start to play with him, lightly touching the tip and slightly warming it with his breath. The sun leans forward, she wants more affection, but I tease her, she almost does not feel my tongue, only mild movement close to the clitoris and the warm air caressing all around. But then I dug sharply kiss on the lips, you can simply say passionately, sucking in the clitoris. I continue, then, fondling and sucking sponge, then I pull away and barely touch it. Sun sharply sighs and starts to hyperventilate, I leave the sponge and begin to move in a circular motion around the clitoris, gradually expanding halo effects. Here I have my tongue from the entrance to the pussy, then up. Linger on the clitoris, a little caress his tongue sharply drops down to her ass. But then I step back and begin to carry out his tongue lightly on the rim of the anus. The sun breaks on appointment tongue, she loves to feel it inside my ass. But not now, later. I'm going back up sharply again weightless touch touch the clitoris, then gradually like a butterfly fluttering its wings around the lips, tongue touching the elusive go down to the entrance to the vagina.
Then, abruptly introduce into the tab on the maximum depth of a cave dug into the aroma oozing desire. The smell excited pussy, in my opinion, can drive mad rhino, not what I have. I enhance the movement and try to penetrate deeper into the language. I bite lips lingering French kiss. Slightly moving away, going back to the clitoris, a little sucking him go down to the ass and reinforcing a circular motion, gently pushes the tongue anus, trying to get inside. Sun first squeezes his hole, but then relaxes me, rushing forward to the tongue, trying to uncover the ass.
- Ah, says while it is, deeper, deeper.
I can not refuse her, and gradually penetrate further, pushing the tongue sphincter and not forgetting the finger caress the vagina entrance.
- I can not, I want you, too - she says, and pulls the
I turn, and here we are in position 69. returns to her cave and begin to caress the clitoris and wield fingers in the vagina and ass. The sun is just trying to string on fingers, but do not forget about me. Few caressed the head, it is spending on the trunk latch, he starts licking my balls. She knows that I like it a lot. Then he swallows whole dick and starts to suck it. I have guns and the language on the top and three fingers in the pussy and two in the ass, mimicking a double penetration. Sun and I'm almost at the peak. So I feel like it szhivaetsya vagina my fingers and I while trying to increase pressure, not ceasing to caress the entrance and walls of the clitoris and tongue. Caressing tongue balls and playing with a finger in my ass, it makes me twitch in time with the movement and I'm not holding back, I spill into her eager mouth my seed and immediately feel like she huddled in orgasm. I'm a little slow down, letting her come to his senses.
Then the classic posture missionary, then I enter the back in the ass. The sun is very fond of, when it is taken there. After half an hour changing positions and holes we are again at the peak, and I poured into her ass.
We lie, relax. She petulantly says:
- I want to write.
We were discussing something with her theme pissing and both were willing to try.
- Well, not in bed, I tell her
- Come on, she said, and held out a pen
We are in the bathroom, standing pressed against each other. She puts one foot on the edge of the tub, take my cock and inserts it into itself. So she can pee on him and bit me.
- I want to write again, she says, looking me in the eye
- Wait a little, - I say, and go down on his knees in front of her. I dig into the pussy and begin to caress the little legs and crotch.
- Oh, - she says, and I feel timid trickle, hit me in the chest. Gradually, the pressure increases. I do not know that at the same time feels the people, but I really wanted to priniknut to the source of the solar rain. Simply irresistible urge to touch the golden stream, and I could not help myself. Priniknuv a pussy, I sent a jet in his mouth, muting all sounds. Sun felt that pisses me in the mouth and the most arched, trying to fully enjoy and see the process.
After filling in all, I was unable to keep her here and juice drip down my chin. At the same time I did not forget to caress the tongue clitoris and vagina. Sun wrote a long time and felt that she likes it.
When she finished, I licked his lips, sat up, she entered her lips at me and said it was simply delicious.
- I hope that you, too, want to, she said, and knelt down, absorbing my boyfriend himself. It was hard to restrain myself, feeling her lips and caressing elastic tongue. I asked for a little more careful, and the excitement overpower me. The sun lowered the tempo and after a while I started up a small trickle of her caressing her mouth. Sun increased the affection on the penis and then a powerful jet broke me. She could not help it, continued to suck me, she let out the excess out. The result was a very exciting mix of sounds. When you have finished writing, I felt that my penis is a stake and excitement growing in me. The sun just milked me a new portion of sperm.
resting a little bit, we went back to bed and continued to love each other.
Suddenly the sun squinted slyly and said: -I want to write
- What - I asked innocently
- You're in the mouth - and innocently looking at me she seemed
- Come, - I said, and we went to the bathroom
I knelt down and approached the pussy opened her mouth
- Shalunishka, - she said - Lie
I lay down on the bottom of the tub and thought that she would write standing over me. But it was not there, she went on, pussy closer to his mouth and took my cock his mouth. Play a bit, she said that she wanted me to pee too. I continued to caress pussy and tried to concentrate on what on what day detached to pee. Slightly squeeze out what you lapped up instantly, I felt that I hit the golden waterfall on me. I just basked in it. Here's something to let go, and I began to write the sun in the mouth.
So we were, I reveled in her gold, bathed in it and caressed the tongue, and she held me in myself and reveled in the fact that I give her. It was delicious and finished, we have merged in a passionate kiss yourself and trying this delicious cocktail of lust and desire. This excitement, I never experienced in my life, and I realized that much earlier lost ....
- I have to go, - said the sun and, smacking kiss on the cheek, left.
Here I sit, look out the window, waiting for the sun, and understand why it is still golden.
I hope that it is still to come.
PS. The first pancake, I hope not a success, I will try to write again soon.
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