The young blonde with a member

I was only 16 years old. Sometimes I liked to wear on Mother's underwear, beautiful and looked like a very pretty little girl. In addition, by nature I have almost no hair on the body, as well as a slim figure, skin tanned in the summer, make me a beauty, and I often when dressing, looking at himself in the mirror, masturbate.
In the summer at the cottage with a swim and sunbathing on the beach, I saw a couple of very spectacular. She was 22 years old, beautiful leggy brunette with a stunning figure, it is - about 30 years, a tall young man. After bathing, he came up to me and asked to smoke, and how it word for word, we talked. Igor I noticed that he had a very interesting companion, and he said that it now goes to the city and invited me to his house to have a drink, watch telly and relax. I agreed, and at 10pm he was.
We talked about life, he told jokes and it was all great fun, besides drunk wine did the trick. He turned on the television, asked me whether I like porn, to which I replied in the affirmative. The screen flashed scenes from classic fuck, but after some time the story changed and there was a girl who turned out to be the course of action penis. I was a little embarrassed, but my dick already being torn out of his pants. Igor noticed this and offered to masturbate together. It really was quite unexpected, but I soon got used our trunks were released out of his pants.
What is happening on the screen and his erection finally brought me and I do not hesitate to masturbate nothing. Suddenly Igor hand lay on my stomach and slid to a member, began to masturbate. I'm not surprised at anything and just relax, close your eyes and baldel.
But Igor hand disappeared from my penis and I felt some gentle touch to it, opened his eyes and saw that Igor took it into his mouth with gusto caresses. After a while he asked if I wanted him to do the same? We finished in position 69, we each other's mouths.
The most interesting thing was waiting for me to come.
Igor said: "Do you like this girl from the screen?"
- Very pleased, so I do try to dress - I said
- Nastya, from which you see me, sometimes likes to make love with the girls. Are you willing to stay a girl?
- Yes, of course - I answered without hesitation.
- It will arrive tomorrow, come just as it is today.
As agreed, I came the next day. Nastya was delicious: light blue skinny jeans beautiful ass, high heels, covering the topic high breasts and hiding a beautiful flat stomach with piercing in pupochke and thin waist. It was clear that she was aware of.
Nastia winked, smiled at me, looked away to the side and told me that I bathed and shaved itself downstairs. After some time in the bathroom knock. I cover myself with a towel, he opened the door - Nastia passed a set of lingerie, saying that if it will not turn out, you will call.
Linen was perfect, I have never seen. At first I wore thin silk strings that were attached zavyazochki on hips. They barely covered my cock. Then pulled the stockings. Shoes a little pinch, but it was tolerable. High heels increased the length of my legs in stockings and they looked amazing and my penis began to respond.
Next, I had to wear a corset, but one I could not cope and, embarrassed, called Nastya. Together, we have done it. My waist was to pull and become the same as Nastia. Rezinochkami with corset was fastened to the stockings and to mimic breast corset planted cotton. Top was wearing a dress - just above the knee and zayazochkami on his shoulders, and on her head a wig of white hair on his shoulders. After applying, by the present, make-up, I looked in the mirror. I did not recognize myself! The mirror was a beautiful blonde with long, slender legs and a beautiful figure. I would so if possible would definitely fuck!
Nastya was also delighted with my reincarnation. She kissed me on the lips, took his hand and led him into the hall. While I was in the bathroom and there was another guest, apparently a friend of Igor, a young man of his own age, Andrew. It seems, too, was aware of. When we Nastya appeared in the hall, young people zaopladirovali admiringly. All of this was unexpected, and I'm confused.
- This is Jeanne, - introduced me to the young people Nastya,
- Zhannochka, show yourself he plays.
Not so that it was convenient to walk on his heels, and I have not quite entered into a new image, but it was wildly pleased to feel like a woman, to feel the lingerie and greedy eyes on his body two guys. Turning that would go in the opposite direction, I turned sharply and dress spun, revealing what was hidden underneath. The boys burst into exclamations of admiration.
We sat at the table, drink, music began. Nastya invited me to slow dance. Wine, my new position, the proximity of the beautiful devushki- from all this, I just lost my head. We swayed to the music, Nastia hugged me, we began to kiss, she stroked my body, I did. My cock was on full blast, and she felt it.
Her fingers pulled the zavyazochki on the shoulders of my dress fell at my feet and I was left in his underwear. Guys obviously pants all was in readiness.
Nastya is also pulled off topic, jeans and shoes left in the, thong and bra.
- Lick my pussy - I heard in my ear her hot breath. She took my hand and we were on the bed. I pulled off her Strinko and clung to her pussy. I licked her swollen klitorok, her lips, she moaned, she was beautiful!
Meanwhile, Igor lay near Nastya and kissed her on the lips. A palm Andrei lay on my elastic buttocks and began to stroke them.
- Now lick ass - said Anastasia, got cancer in his mouth and took a member of Igor. My reed caressed her anus, around it, dive into it, slipped on the crotch, fondled sponge diving in pussy back and dive back into the anus.
Meanwhile, Andrei pulled the zavyazochki on my thong and they easily fall off me, leaving his gaze my anus and releasing member. View should be behind me was stunning: Tanned blonde in a corset, with a thin waist, in stockings, in shoes, but no panties, ass licking another girl.
- I want you - prosheplat my ear Andrew.
I was not too against. His hands pushed my buttocks, his tongue slid between them, hand massaged testicles, foreskin of my cock and began podrachivat. I was on the verge of an orgasm! I bent back and stuck out his ass.
Andrew could no longer restrain himself and brushing than my ass, began to gently introduce his penis. Nastya, had finished again under my tongue and lips, he scooted to the side, fingers caressing herself and giving to me by a member of Igor. I was on the bed between the two guys, one I fucked in the ass and another in her mouth.
I would be in the top of bliss, feeling in himself just two male members.
Then I was told to lie down on his back, Igor, throwing my legs over his shoulders, came to me in the ass, Anastasia sat on my face is not pussy and I began to caress her tongue, and Andrew came into her ass. Nastya bent down to my penis, she took in her mouth and began to suck. All were on the verge of a powerful orgasm. Nastia moaned guys just growled.
Igor finished first. I felt his movements have become even stronger and more frequent, it is forced into the trunk of my own, beating balls on my buttocks and soon a powerful jet of hot cum poured into me.
Sensing this, my dick twitched and splashed the sperm in the throat Nasty.
Nastia and Andrei finished simultaneously. Nastya more tightly pressed against my face pussy vigorously pushes her hips, voluptuous spasm ran through her body and sweet moisture began to flow down my mouth out of her pussy, and his eyes and mouth ... sperm flowed out of her anus.
All were happy, drink, rest, and our games continued until morning. Were I in the future, and other meetings, but this is remembered as the most prominent.