They made me, but I liked it

That was six months ago, in the summer, but I still can not forget these feelings. I went from a friend back home, it was about 12 hours overnight. It was exciting ominous silence. When I went into the alley tumny (there I never go, but I had a good cut off the way home), where for some reason never worked flashlight, I saw a little further three male silhouette. Knocking kublukov immediately drew my attention to me guys. I slowed down, and the men walked up to me. The silhouette could be seen that all three were good harmoniously. One of them came close to me and asked, "Why a girl without protection Want your guard will I?" I do not remember what I said, but immediately felt the heat of the moment it between my legs. In the first few seconds I was terribly scared, but then I began madly excited. Seeing that I was not really resist, my new "security guard" stared fixedly into my mouth, I immediately felt the taste of cigarettes, while his hand was still hosted between my legs. While I kissed one, I came up behind me and the other wrapped around my waist, and began to unbutton his jeans. In a moment I was without panties and jeans. Anyone who has been behind, sharply bent me and hesitated a few seconds (probably pulled out of his pants his instrument impressive size) entered me without any problems. From my chest I broke groan I myself dreamed of a T-shirt and bra and began massaging her breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples. At that moment I felt that my mouth rests on something tvordoe and hot. I immediately realized that it was a member. I have great pleasure zaglatila him and began frantically sucking, from which received an indescribable pleasure. On the right side I was approached by a third man with unbuttoned pants and put his penis in my hand. I handle their dignity at a time, one sucking, swallowing a member of the full length, the other wanker, then vice versa. After some time, one that I fucked from behind finished, but for some reason I do not have time. Then I said, "More!" One of the guys laughed and said, "You're shalavka! You like it?" Then one of them pressed me against the wall, took his hands began to fuck me in the pussy, I screamed so that you could hear from the other district, and my trahalschik constantly covered my mouth with his hand and kisses. This time I came with a partner. And then one of my sexual predators sat down on some bench and wall and put me over, took me by the hair and forced to bend to the side that was visible my anus. The other guy threw me back. A third gave me in the mouth. I was fucked in every hole and I madly loved !!! We finished together! I was rudely thrown off onto the floor and forced slizivat their sperm. I did it with joy, and again brought one of them to orgasm. They buttoned pants, I sat on the concrete floor, his legs spread wide, and recovering from the incident. Then I was approached by my "guard" (I recognized him by his voice), kissed her on the cheek with his three fingers in my vagina, saying, "You were great," he got up and left with his friends away. I sat for another five minutes, barely found my clothes, got dressed and went home. After that I did a few times especially prohodioa through this unfortunate lane, but nothing like there has never met.