In a crowded tram about Misha rubbed the girl in a miniskirt. Examining the hand of her hip, and back of the front, the guy saw that she was without panties. At this time of his start to rub against one another. Quick survey revealed that her panties, no! Leaving the girls winked at him, they already had three. They promised to give Misha a way, just in the park. Misha went behind them, met on the road. One name was Julia, nicknamed Fish, other - Lena, nicknamed Birdie, a third - Shura, named for the lynx. In the bushes the first two girls allowed him to screw up their skirts, squeeze the chest and ass, stroking thighs and pubic hair, introduce a finger into the vagina. When it came to the third minx, Lynx, between her legs instead showed PEACEdy # uy.
Fish and bird stripped crazed Misha and put it on a soft grass cancer, Lynx raised to his mouth nalivshiysya your penis.
- Suck.
- So, right?
- Wow, immediately! Girlfriends my paw-paw in a tram, then here. You work mouth.
- Misha took a member of the hand, tongue licked his head, and began to suck. The girls were discussing his physique and action, stroking her arms around his body.
- Look, he ass and thighs, which are round and plump. It would be nice girl turned.
- And it sucks bad.
- Look-ka between his buns.
- Hole ma-a-vermillion!
- This is easily remedied, was a small, becomes large.
- Hey, kid, and you would like to be a girl? You have our constitution, madamskaya.
They guessed. Misha had long dreamed to his chest, thighs and ass were women. It is not just a pleasure to imagine someone else's terms in his mouth and ass. He wanted to wrong hands oglazhivaet his thighs, ass, fingering her nipples. Misha was a transsexual, who dreamed reincarnated as a woman. He stopped for a moment sucking member of the Lynx and whispered hoarsely:
- Yes I would like to.
- Well done, I approve! So I dream that you buffer and thighs namyali and fucked? Do not get distracted, suck on. In the mouth you I have, and so I have. Fish, squeezed his ass, and you, little bird, nipples remember him.
Mike could not resist such an attack, he came back shaking, poured out of the penis sperm flow. Lynx made a few more strokes a penis in his mouth Man and businesslike, but broken voice, said:
- Cumming, swallow.
Sucked and licked up to shine a member of his nasilnitsy, Misha wanted to rise from his knees, but he was not allowed. The girls caressed his threesome. A member of the Lynx again strengthened, she smeared anus Man gel.
- Do not worry, I'm a big specialist in anal. You've got a hole undeveloped, and I love to deprive the priests of virginity, especially for men. Relax and trust.
Skill Lynx really turned on high. She seemed to feel that the oppressed will be hurt, pause, slow fuck, tasteful, not leaning. From fun Misha finished again, Lynx still played with him like a toy, and flooded with sperm ass. She threw him a towel taken from the bag:
- Utris and rest. Girls, show future babe lesbian play.
Bird Fish and kissed passionately, their hands wandered over the bodies of each other, penetrating the intimate towns. The girls moan with pleasure. Meanwhile, the Lynx took a cell phone and dialed a number:
- Hello! Professor, hello! We are in the park, where you would normally. Please send a car, boy-girl ready.
Bird and Fish finished on time, caressing each other, when the car stopped behind the bushes. He slammed the door, through the bushes was a hefty man. Misha tried to cover their nakedness, but the stranger grabbed his powerful arms, turned, looking around as a commodity, the front-rear.
- Do not worry, I'm yours. Hi girls. Indeed, the good stuff found. Thighs and ass that is necessary. A doctor will construct his tits feast for the eyes. Let's go, babe, ride.
He embraced Misha and held it to his nose and mouth strongly smelling cloth. The boy lost consciousness. The man turned and looked into the body between the buttocks.
- Butt already printed? Lynx, you're always svoevolnichaesh. You know because the professor is also a fan of this case - the virgin anus.
- Sorry, could not resist.
- With a doctor now explains.
When he came to, he saw a mirror attached to the ceiling, and in the mirror - himself lying on his back and nestled sheet. The ceiling was high, all clearly see it was impossible, but something seemed odd Misha in his mirror image, and what - is unclear. Out of the corner of his eye he felt sitting at the nurse bed in her robe, which sticks out from its rich body.
- A wake up! Who will call the professor.
The nurse rose from her chair and walked to the door. Opening it, she called:
- Doctor! Masha woke up.
In the study, thin tall man entered.
- Hail, Mary! My name is Valery Semenovich, I - your godfather.
- I do not Masha and Misha. And the godfather of my other hand.
- Yes, Misha was another procession. But Misha confessed my girls - naughty that dreams of becoming a woman, and we are his dream fulfilled. That is why I, as a person who has turned to Misha Masha, am your godfather. Now we'll show you.
He took from the nightstand remote, pressed a button, the mirror from the ceiling was lowered slowly to the bed. Misha's face was always effeminate, but now that feeling has intensified: the nose became thinner lip - plumper, neatly plucked eyebrows and blackened lashes, like lengthening. He breathed heavily from premonitions, slowly lowered the sheet with both hands, and his eyes introduced nipples sticking up. Professor lowered the sheet to the ankle. Hips Misha became a little wider than they were before, but the member remained in place.
- Why did you do that to me?
- You yourself admitted my women that want to be a whore, but I'm a specialist in the transformation of men into women. And vice versa. We have left you # uy. Pobudesh Woman, man-like Lynx. In the future, if you want, and do cut off PEACEdu desired depth and width. They call you now Masha, in Kish named.
- Yes, but I'm working as an engineer in one of the well-known companies, how can I show up there now?
- Do not show up. We found the homeless about your complexion, washed, fed, watered, dressed in a suit, put it in the pocket of your documents, sat in the car and gave him a crash. The corpse was burned. So Misha already buried, buried, and wrote the inscription. And you have the documents in the name of Maria Petrovna Kuznetsova, lime biography, passport, birth certificate, divorce, a diploma, the right to drive, all the cases. That is, to "kill" Misha and "give birth" Masha was worth the money. Now you exhaust their own handles, mouth, breasts, belly, thighs, penis and sing in the company of lovely sluts who lured you here. As long as you - my slave. And after a while I was selling you, if you demand. Do not be afraid, do not be offended ... I carefully study the dossier buyers. Important for me to get the most benefit, of course, but so that you are adequately settled and moved permanently abroad. So I did not hear about you anymore, and that was not by me you headaches and hemorrhoids. At the beginning of my work I had a puncture: Man made of the girl, but, unlike you, the sexual organ he immediately altered, sold, and her body found a week later. With a bottle of champagne in torn PEACEde. As I pulled the morgue for identification, the investigator zae # al interrogations. With difficulty otmazatsya. So I am now your sister, as his own daughter married the other day. Although selling. Let's make your professional education.
The professor stood up and gently turned over the body on the left side of Masha. With one hand he took hold of an object, and Kitty felt that in her ass came dildo. At this time, the nurse sat on the floor and took in his mouth a member of Kisa. The doctor took out the newly-minted female anus manual vibrator, unbuttoned pants, rubbed his penis, lay on the bed, clutching the back Masha, and introduced her to his instrument. A few minutes later the nurse sat on the floor, licking the remnants of sperm with drooping penis Masha and the doctor fills the back of his sperm Kitties. After another 5 minutes, during which the professor soothed raped, he got up and ordered the nurse:
- Wash it properly. Thoroughly rinse inside. Today, the bride. Wear her panties only. In the evening, watch the order in the living room. Allows the client to be blown girls in all holes. Well, Woman, male, Lynx, and Kish, let the work of its members will, if they wish. Itself did not let anyone. If someone you like, you can have sex in his spare time. Or permit any BDSM. We need an unspoiled goods. No bruises, abrasions, bruises. If anything, call security, they soothe any big boys.
Bride were successful, Pussycat mainly used as a woman in the mouth and in the ass. Only at the very end of one of her customers want to suck. Desire customer - the law!
As the months passed, Masha Kuznetsova had already forgotten about the time when there was Misha. Work prostitutes was sometimes difficult, but the food is tasty and hearty, dressed - just gorgeous. The only thing that did not like - was not allowed outside the closed area. Mary remembered that when she was an engineer, you've been on a business trip at the closed landfill, and feeling returned almost the same. However, at its present "test site" beautiful flower beds were broken, in the warmer months, working fountains. It was possible to use the swimming pool, sauna, fitness center and solarium. However, the security alarm is not allowed to leave the territory of any of the girls. Exceptions are made only for the duration of operations, such that during Misha and Masha got into this upscale brothel. Escape during transactions for the supply of new whores, which attracted Pussycat was not possible: there are no documents in bra ladies' breasts, and shorts - manhood. With the economy at least you will get to the cops, even to urkam - will not find it. In addition to their institution appeared a man who has gotten a time machine and dreams. Tall, intelligent, not skupyaschiysya on expensive gifts: a ring with a diamond, such as earrings, a mink coat. Somehow, he was like a person with Masha. The bed is incomparable. In his hands, under his lips Kish really felt like a woman, but he had a prosthesis instead of a penis. But Michael Smith (so called guests) enjoyed the various "toys" that clips to your body. Member of Masha he ignored, she was interested in him only as a woman. One day Michael came in with a big bouquet of roses, and said:
- I'll be going home in the States. I love you and invite you to marry me. I promise that I will always gentle and considerate. Well, from a material point of view, you've had time to evaluate my options. There is only one condition: I want you to be completely changed her sex. The professor makes such operations, it can easily replace your cock on soft PEACEdu.
With these words, Michael put his hand in the underpants of Masha, and penetrated between her thighs, stroking her balls and barrel member.
- Just imagine that instead of the male organ here is tender, moist silk, and my fingers will dive right into you.
Kish has long been prepared to ensure that lose manhood. How many times in my dreams she imagined how Michael's fingers pushing her labia and enter deep into his "toys" is easy to sink into it, "the girl." The material well-being of her husband she had no doubt. The professor agreed to do the operation (of course! For such grandmother!). So Masha Kuznetsova lost # yn but acquired PEACEdu.
When she regained consciousness, she saw a mirror attached to the ceiling, and in the mirror - himself lying on his back and covered the sheets. Masha threw a sheet, picked up the remote, lying side by side on the nightstand, and control buttons mirror made to move downward. PEACEda was new and, by car look beautiful.
"I wonder where my virginity he did?" - She thought.
A few days later, Michael had to pick Masha from the medical center and bring to the United States. The professor said that everything is in order, the stitches healed as it should, after surgery, is possible and necessary already in e # atsya. Morning friend, bird, fish and Lynx came to say goodbye to Kisoy. It was kind of a bachelorette party before leaving Masha married and going abroad. The girls started to kiss, kisses made all the more passionate. It started playful fighting and scuffling. Yulia, Lena and Alex, referring to the heat thrown off skirts and blouses, they were followed by bras and panties. Member of Shura has strengthened and stood. Girls, continuing to kiss and squeeze Masha stripped her naked. She felt embarrassed and fun at the same time. Shura said:
- Today, your dedication to the women. Big trahalovo, terrible Gang bang. You should feel a member of the three at the same time. A fourth would later join.
Bird and fish fastened artificial penises, Lynx lay on her back, Pussycat laid on her. Member of the Shura was the first brand-new in the hole Masha. Julia Masha introduced in the mouth, and Lena - in the ass. When they began to move in all her holes, Kish received several orgasms only one feeling that three of its own. Suddenly the door to the chamber opened, entered professor with three assistants. Women have gone from hand to hand, artificial penises were removed, as was sufficient and natural. The professor continued from Lynx case. Mary felt for the first time in her cunt real man's penis. Today was a day of discovery for her. Group sex lasted long enough. When tired, the professor said:
- Well, now you're a woman. Girls, wash it properly. Especially wash the vagina, from the hose. In the evening she was leaving. Good luck to you and the good life in America, Mary.
The girls parted friends. They even cried to the track on the hard female share. The same evening, Michael Smith and Masha Kuznetsova served to the United States.
Several years have passed. During this time Masha Kuznetsova became Mary Smith. Business Michael was good, the couple owned a house in California, Michael became a millionaire. On a hot summer evening, Michael and Mary swim naked in the pool, and then he held it near the wall and introduced a finger into her cunt. Move a little, he took one of his "toys", strapped it planted on her husband. Fuck, standing in the water, it was easy. Then they got out of the pool and sat in a chair, resting.
- ...Listen, my dear! It has long wanted to ask you: why do you speak so well in Russian? And, I'm sorry for the indiscreet question, what kind of injury you received when lost a member? And I wonder why we are so similar to your face? You do not know?
There was a long pause.
- Respond to your questions are not so easy. However, I've long wanted to confess to you. I loved you, but to hide the mystery no longer have the right. Now all the talk, just pour myself a whiskey. You pour?
- Juice, please.
Michael brought the whiskey and juice placed on a chair, took a sip from his glass.
- So. I was born in the USSR. Here is the answer to your first question: why in Russian speak perfectly. My name was born: Maria Kuznetsova.
Mary choked juice.
- You were a little girl?
- Yes. But I was transsexual. Or was transsexual. I wanted to be a man. In addition, in my adolescence I showed criminal talent, and I began to become a swindler ... on trust. Just then the USSR and gave oak, speculators divorced - the darkness! I rubbed people, Lohamei, entices and grandmother - bye-bye. And yet somehow I met with the professor, who often pulled me into revealing the secret that I want to be a man. Professor of you know well.
There was a pause, Michael took a long drink from his glass.
- Well, go away.
- Not so easy. Okay. The case helped me to learn that a rich American uncle left a great legacy nobody Misha Kuznetsov.
- Wait, wait ...
- Yes, it is you. I persuaded a professor at the expense of the future of my wealth to give me the operation and turn into a man. In addition, it was necessary to make a plastic face that you and I are not distinguished. This is the answer to your question: why do we like? Fake documents I got, so I became Misha Kuznetsov, and later - Michael Smith, and take your place. Everything went without a hitch. If the course does not assume that a full-fledged member of the professor I could not prishpandorit. This is the answer to your question: why do I have dentures? I got a huge legacy in America, but the sense of guilt in front of you has never left me. I flew to Moscow with the help of old friends got into your apartment. I do not know what prompted me to this act that I would find there. I found the diary and realized that you want to become a woman. Then I decided to realize your dream, you fork out bucks, and that's that. I thought that guilt go away. I turned to the professor, he organized the m-th-th, the event in the tram and park, you became, uh-uh, was a woman with a male member, woman-man. When I began to visit you, I realized that I fell in love. I like to you all: face, body, character and intelligence. The only thing prevents me your stick. I explained to you the love you reciprocated, you cut that hurt me and you did in the hole, which was not enough. You have become my beautiful millionaire. That's all.
Michael took another sip. Mary silently sipped his juice.
- Do not be silent, Mary. I ask you, if you my story shocked if you feel anger towards me, do not make hasty conclusions. Mary, I really love you and I wish you nothing but good.
- I have no evil to you. Our history, of course, wildly, it is better to about it, no one knew. Michael, I love you too, I am satisfied with everything. The only thing I would have wanted us to have children. But, as you can guess, I have them I can not. Can not you?
- Already humor? As with the soul stone fell, thank you. Interestingly, I've also thought about the children. And something that has already taken. We found a two nominations: a boy and a girl, who lost their parents. If you do not mind, we can meet them next Sunday.
- Wow! You anticipate my wishes! Husband and wife, one of Satan. I do not mind, let's get acquainted with the guys. Well, as long as we do not have children, I want to fool around. Hey, Masha Kuznetsova, go-ka in the room, I fuck you in the gentle ass! You will like it, tonight you will be my whore! Yes, you did not fight back, probably for ages, it's time to fix it.
With these words, Mary Michael led into the room, put him in bed with cancer, anus lubricated with gel, strapped his favorite toy, gently introduced her husband and grabbed him around the waist.
- Masha! What's your ass gentle! Know podmahivat, my sweet girl!
Playing up to his wife, Michael moved his ass, saying:
- Fuck me, Mishka! The girl belongs to all your boy until the morning.
- What are your whorish movement! Hold on, bitch!
And Mary Smith Michael Smith began to fuck in the ass. Or Misha Kuznetsov - Masha Kuznetsova? And then she - him, or he - it? And, they went on ... I confused with them completely, try to understand themselves.