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I woke up on a warm summer night is easy catchable whose groans. I left the room and went into the kitchen to drink some water. Passing by her mother's bedroom, I knew where the sounds and decided to look ... That's the kind of picture I saw my mother naked lying on the floor, legs spread wide, and it quickly moved our neighbor Ivan. He was also naked. I can not believe that my mother fucking with a neighbor ... But it was so beautiful, sexy and I became this exciting !!!

I looked at my mother naked and imagined himself instead, neighbor Ivan, which is roughly pulled on his thick cock this beautiful woman ... I instinctively pulled the penis and began to masturbate. At that time my mother turned her head towards me and saw me, but did not show it.
The next morning my mother asked me, then you like what you saw yesterday? Once you have got ...
I stood member for mom !!! I said yes you are very beautiful and sexy and to be honest, I would be glad if, instead of our neighbor! What! in other words, you want me to fuck! I'm your mother! How can you think about this?
We can not be the same ... it's incest...look is one thing but to have sex with his mother is another ... She blushed. But you're a woman, I'm a man-is nature! Or what the big deal is not, so we are now zaym¸msya passionate, vulgar sex-undressed! ya.Net son said please, we can not, I'm your mother, not a girlfriend! Said mom and wanted to get out of my room. But I stopped her, hugged tightly behind. My hands began to squeeze her grud.ona not soprotivlyalyas ... I kissed her neck and whispered, I want you mom kept silent ... I pulled off her robe and my mother was only in a thong and bra. I said what are you slim and sexy! What mom asked, what is a vulgar sex? I smiled and said, this is when partners allow each other srl everything in sex: both anal and yelled and any alternation of the sexes, for example, after anal sex, I want to insert in your mouth and continue deep and rough stretch your neck fully extended member, having finished on the person or rot.Posle my words my mother stood speechless, fearing sh¸lohnutsya, thinking about what I said! You will like it, relax, I said unbuttoning bra. Sonny I had never had anal sex and throat fucked me, and all I'm your mom we can not make love, but even more so izvrasch¸nno.Pozhaluysta do not ... I could not resist these entreaties, withdrew mom thong set cancer and plaque inserted member of her vagina!
Mom did not say any more words, just quietly began to moan ... In my head I said, cheers fuck your mother my dream come true! I was holding my mother's hips pulling her to his penis ... How sweet ... we soon both experienced orgasm thrusting penis from the vagina, I slowly began to introduce his mother in the ass. Mom asked, now you you want to do with me vulgar sex? Well, ie first you will sadomirovat my anal, then pulled out a member of my ass, getting up in my mouth and be deeply and roughly shove it down my throat., For the most eggs, I correctly understood -Mom smiled. Well done all this will happen, but now Relax your ass, you will first anal sex and how wonderful that his own son!
A member was slippery and I can easily put his mom in the ass, and immediately began to build temp.U mother poured tears ... She began to scream as the last whore, yeah, yeah, aah, aah, fuck me, fuck, fuck your mother like last bitch in the ass and in the mouth and throat, ahhh, ahhh, then began to speak-as well it hurts when you fuck in the ass, it hurts ahhh ahhh. But I have only intensified the pace, a woman should get hard sex, she must experience pain during sex, they like it, and a man with a woman must do all that he wills, even if the woman of his native mat.Posle twenty minutes of anal sex Mom simply groaned as a porn star of the porn ... Then, after an hour of anal abuse, I finished in the points vsyotaki his mother ... my mother collapsed exhausted on the bed without saying a word ...

It is more, I kissed my mother in zasos.Ona I did not answer all the whispered passionate kiss with tongue, lips plexus shorter we sucked like a real couple in love ... then my mother said to me, I love you, son, and I'll do whatever you tell me. ..I her and say, if you do not forget, get up on your knees and take my cock in your mouth, but on deeper ... Of course my mother said, humbly knelt and ... began to suck my cock.

But she did it as something too noble as it slowly. I did not like it and I'm hugging her mother's head with both
hands with the force pulled her face to his groin ... I felt like my cock got into the throat mother! How nice it is with nothing to compare it ... she swallowed ... bliss ... But the happiness did not last long, mom otskachila from me as from fire, son, please do not do that I never, I could not breathe, and I almost threw up ... I explained that this is the throat sex, all okay, let's continue ... no son is better in my ass how many times you want violence, even you can with your friends, but please do not ... please ... at the expense of friends is not a bad idea in the throat, but you're now my woman, and I am your man, and if I say -you create one. ..Mama resisted, but I still
put his penis in her mouth ... she girth tight head in his hands and a sharp movement forward penis entered the throat ...
Without releasing the head, I deeply and roughly fucked his own mother's throat ... Strong, fast, hard, to the groin ...
I heard it was just croaking throat moms and more mmm mmm IMMA mmmaaa. Member entered the mother's throat to its full length, podumal I'm sorry that he is only 40 centimeters, and it would be pulled zheluzhok and the heart of my beloved mother ... the third time to finish on time generally obtained for a long time ... somewhere 45 minutes later I became testing the third orgasm, I struggled, as far as possible propelled his cock into her mother's throat, pressed his strong hands, and finished right knee deep in the throat mom ... then she fell on the bed and cry ... Do not cry mommy, tomorrow I will fulfill your wish, bring ten friends at least and we budum same time, several members love you ... what my mother said, do what you want ... the main thing, I love you ... and fell asleep.