Secretary Julia. acquaintance

Hello everybody. In fact, I'm a guy. I am 21 years old. But my name is Julia. (This is my real name and began calling me that after the incident, which will be described below).

After graduating from college, I've been searching for a job, I'm an economist by training with accounting bias. In our group we learned to 15 girls and two boys, one of whom was me. Since that time, I got used to the women's team and felt like a fish in water.

After reviewing thousands of ads and hundreds of adventures to the interview, I found a company where a worker was required in the economic department. After the interview, I can see that they liked, took me to work. Only after that, I learned that my position is not an economist, but roughly speaking secretary (secretary). I had to respond to calls, prepare documentation, serve coffee and so on. D. I could not imagine that I, being a guy, I will perform such work. The staff was surprisingly good. The department has 4 girls and a guy. After a short time we have become as one family) Girls, do not hesitate to me clothed his garments, hosiery corrected. We communicate in a variety of intimate topics). During a working day, they constantly picked on me on the subject, I'm a guy and I work as a secretary, but this place should work girl. Foreign people who come to us in the department, also secretary-surprised guy.

And then one day, the boss of department Vera M. invited me to his office. There was one more employee of the Department of Kate, which was considered glamorous fashionistas. Vera M. told me that he could not go on for so long and that the secretary must be a girl with good looks and good business and intellectual qualities. These qualities are present in me, but the women's appearance as you know is not given to me) Dismiss me she does not want. So she ordered that from now on the job I'm a girl and my name is Julia! After the spoken words, I was dumbfounded. I ask, how is this possible? What for? She said that it's necessary and at the same time increase wages twice. Vera M. told Kate that she took my reincarnation of the girl and gave her the money, saying that it is in clothing and cosmetics. We came out of her office, I was at a loss. I could not believe that such a thing is possible. Katya asked me the sizes of clothing and shoes, take time off work and went shopping, saying that waiting for me at home at 8, for training to be a girl).

All the remaining time I sat in bewilderment. Colleagues asked what had happened, I said that all will know tomorrow.

After work, I went to his house to freshen up. I lived alone, rented an apartment.

By 8 I drove up to the house of Kathy. He climbed to the apartment to Katie. Opening the door, Katya said that I was going to the kitchen. Kate was in a dressing gown and all its forms have been visible to the naked eye. Know thus tea, Kate offered to go to the gym. I was all this time in anticipation of what will happen, was very overexcited, a member of the matter stood. Going into the room, Kate said:

- Well, girlfriend, undressed completely, we're girls should not be ashamed of each other.

- Yes of course.

Kate undid his belt on the robe and took it off. She stayed only one thong. Gently curving, she removed them too. At this point, I also took off his clothes. Since I am not indifferent to the female sex, the overexcitation and seen a naked body Kathy, I quickly finished his underpants. Kate grinned and gave me a towel, I wiped his penis and its stained sofa).

Kate examined my body, he said:

- Um, what do you figure, poured straight girl) And then what a good ass!. Now we'll go to the bath, and I will give your body in order.

I asked:

- And what are you going to do?


- Do not worry Yulyasha, okay, pobreem you and develop your hole), so just in case, you now have a girl) and the girls loved the guys, you know what I mean?

I say:

- I see. But the transformation of the work needed. After work, I'm a regular guy. I'm not going to do something with the guys!


I do not know, do not know) maybe you will like it.

Coming into the bath, Kate turned on the water, took out the cream. I smeared his body cream. And shave your body, making it soft and smooth. Kate drove with their hands over my body, checking his smoothness. Constantly lapaya my ass. Completely shaved body, Kate said:

- And now friend, get up with cancer, will check your hole.

Leaning cancer, I felt like Katya his hand stroking my crotch, while his finger stroking my ass hole. I began to moan with pleasure. But at some point I felt a sharp pain and cried. Kate said:

- Relax and enjoy!

I felt like her finger deeper and deeper into my ass. She took her finger more and more often. Once the finger began to penetrate freely into my ass, she began to insert two and then three fingers. I finished with pleasure.

- And you say that it hurts! See how you liked it - said Katya.

After that, we came out of the bath and went back into the room, completely naked. Katya told me to sit on a chair, and she will paint me. Applied to the face Tonalka, lipstick in a bright pink color, glued false eyelashes, paid shadows, eyebrows, make up nails on the hands and feet, put on her wig. After that I went to the mirror and froze. Before me stood a naked blonde girl with a beautiful, bright makeup, a beautiful, long, wavy hair.

- Well, what can you say? - Katya said.

- I want to fuck that girl) - I replied.

- That the same! First, in the morning before work will come to me, I'm going to apply make-up, and then you yourself will do so - said Katya.

I agreed.

Then Katya brought into the hall bags and boxes, while saying that now we will try new things!

Pulling out of the package the things I began to represent them myself. Why dick stiffened again, and stood like a statue. Kate saw it, they said that he was lying and did not prevent us to dress. For this, I went into the bath and began to masturbate until the end. Changeling, I got out of the bath.

At this point, Kate is already unpacked all things. Well, let's begin - she said.

I picked up the panties and started putting them on. They were to me just in size, but sensations were unusual, I never wore a thong) They were black. Kate said that she bought me five more of the same, just different colors. Then I began to wear tights. They were black, from the heels up to the knee was the mesh pattern in the form of flower.

MMM, what are your delightful legs - Katya said.

I'm more embarrassed as clothing dressing. Then Kate gave me an invoice silicone breasts, which I also put. After that, I became the second breast size. After that, she wore a black bra on his chest. Katja gave me to wear tight-fitting mini skirt. Wearing it, I felt like a little girl poured. Then she wore a white blouse with a large chest. Looking in the mirror, I looked like a real secretary, seductive, sex hungry! Kate also took me out of the box black boots on 10cm heels. Wearing them, I went to them like a cow, but passes a little more, just to learn, that all life was a girl! After removing the boots, Katya went to drink tea.

- Well, happy? - Kate asked.

- And how! - I replied. I was just overwhelmed with mixed feelings. The sense of shame, admiration, excitement! How can I come tomorrow in a way to work? - I asked.

- That's the same! This same boss said that since now you go, but the authorities have to obey. The team we have a good, know yourself, we will help you girls, you're girlfriend for us!) - Katya said, stroking my legs. Just do not sing very wag and then raped)

- I'll try!

Sipping tea, we went into the hall. Kate revealed that she did for a short tight dress with thin britelkah bought fishnet stockings, even one with a seam tights, a leather jacket and gray shoes shiny. I was in seventh heaven.

After waiting for a taxi, I packed up and went to his home. On the way, the taxi driver and then stared at me. A ride well on time. I sat in the front seat and embarrassed. I thought, what if he will guess that I'm not really a girl. Yes you never know what can happen in this case. We went all the way in silence. On the way I threw his legs and because of this skirt rode up still higher, baring my hips. The taxi driver immediately drew attention to it). I realized that I have a factory, and I like it when men stare at me as a dissolute girl!

On reaching home, I began to pay off with the driver. He asked me:

- Girl, sorry I do not know your name, if you want, we can exchange numbers and I will carry you very cheaply and at any time!

At first I hesitated, because unusual when I was treated like a girl, but then gathered and said - my name is Julia)

- Victor and me! - The driver replied.

- I agree to your proposal - I said, and he called his phone number, he in turn threw me his.

- Goodbye, Victor!) - I said.

- Goodbye Julia - he said.

Coming out of the car, I specifically did not hold the skirt gathered to specifically were visible to him my panties and legs in pantyhose, closed the door went to the door.

Upon entering the apartment, stripped from overstimulation that now I'm a girl, and that I already want men, I obkonchalsya her panties and pantyhose. Then I went to bed)

I have to go to work tomorrow!