Happy New Year!

I congratulate you, my reader, Happy New Year! Let my gift is this dream that you dream New Year's Eve.
So. Imagine that you dream that you gently kiss me goodbye and say:
- Today I saw your new neighbor. I want it!
- Lena? I understand, my lord! When?
- Yes, this weekend ...
On Saturday the call of his neighbor on a visit. It is necessary to build relationships?
Arrange it in the living room in a chair that you love so much - with curved handles, which you love so much I wear a handcuffed or tied to fuck in front or behind.
Without tricks I go to a neighbor behind and pounced on her neck rope.
- What are you doing???
- Shut up, you fool!
- Stop! You're that crazy?
I pull the rope so that Lena wheezed. I lean to her ear and softly explain that it is not necessary to twitch and scream - too. Corner of my eye I see how tears rolling on the gentle cheeks.
- I'll just let go of the rope, and you spolzesh to the edge of the chair, to your pretty little butt hanging from the edge. Do you understand everything? Do not jerk and do not scream, I still anywhere insulation is thy cry can only annoy me! Nod.
Lena nodded.
She almost slipped, as I commanded. I tightened the rope and tied to the back. She can still jump, but only with the heaviest chair in baroque style. Then I quickly tacked first one arm, then the other arm to the armrests. Now the girl shackled securely.
- That's it, honey!
- Vic, what are you doing? Stop! - Lena sobbed.
I shake my head:
- You like to be or whore or have to give without wanting. Better to relax and enjoy.
- Vic, what are you going to do with me?
- I? With you? Nothing - shrug and leave the room for the camera.
I come back. I turn on the camera.
- Spread your legs.
- Wick, look! ...
- Spread your legs, bitch!
Beau Lena's face.
Whining, but spreads. Hats rising above a little white robe short shorts, tight outer lips sex. Superb views.
- Raise your legs!
Lena executes orders. Slightly lift the hem of her robe to better relief was visible between the inner surface of the thighs.
- Where such sandals got? - On small feet Lena home flip flops on a small heel and with a white edge, closing the toe.
Lena only sob in response.
- Let for hire?
- Of course, of course, Vic, just ...
- Shut, stupid ... - I'll break it.
- Let's see what we have here.
I unbutton robe Lenin chest. She squirms, to give me to do, but stop attempts, grabbing her by the throat without difficulty. Robe unbuttoned completely.
- Good! - I weigh breast girl in his hands. Unfasten one girl's hand, I take the camera again.
- Dotyaneshsya tongue to the nipple?
Lena looks at me pleadingly.
- Wick, look, I'll go to the police, I'll ....
Again beat Lena's face. She quickly lifts the breast by hand and reaches for the nipple tongue.
- Clever! - I say, when it touches the tip of his tongue to his own nipple. - Now bend the back and then lying in the chair as the old bag.
Lena arched, her breasts look up at the ceiling.
- Excellent! - I say, taking the camera on Lena.
- Vika - tearfully asks Lena. - I'm so uncomfortable, sick ass and back. And neck.
- Be patient a little longer ... And in general - how you ebat- then be ?!
- And? .. What? .. I will be ...?
- And you that thought that I'll just shoot, and all? Heck! You're mistaken, my dear! Sorry!
- However, Vick ... - Lena nearly cried.
Ignoring her screams, I brought a knife.
Lena looked at the blade that I was holding in his hands, with utter horror. But when I sent the tip between her thighs, she spread her legs perky.
- Clever girl. - I praise her and ripped her panties.
- M- m- m- m, you are completely shaved ... Charming. My lord will enjoy ...
- Ka ... Which as a lord?
- Which is to fuck you, of course! So now Zaderey feet wide and push the them has done with the nipple that you did before. Do it, bitch! ...... Well done! Now bend your knees. Do not move the hips! Large toes connected. Feet draw out, you fool! So, umnichka! Yes, you have a born porn star! Let's see which of you will ... Well damn, what Revesz? I told you, relax! By the way, do not tell anyone anything, and that pictures will be distributed throughout your friends, parents and friends. And a lot of people will confirm that you adore to pose ... and fuck like that ... With all sorts of perversions ... beheaded? I see that the truncated ... Oh, I need to prepare for the coming of the lord - I looked at the grandfather clock. - Stay here, do not go anywhere!
I clipped the arm of the Lena to the chair and went into the bedroom. I wore wide wristbands with rivets, wide bracelets are buttoned at the ankles, wearing a collar, fastened the chain to the nipples and pussy petals. Returning to the living room, I sat on his heels near the Lena in a pose soldering girl, putting his hands on his knees.
- Mister will be here any minute. From you nothing special is required - only to be submissive and to perform all of his or my orders. You understood?
Lena with horror in her eyes nodded.
You put a chair in front of us very close. Looked at us approvingly treplesh my cheek. I sit down next to your new toy. Her face turned toward the ceiling, his eyes screwed up in helpless humiliation. For the first time her naked or something, a man looks at a stranger?
- Why not removed her robe?
I have a snack sponge. You're demanding stretches his hand to me, and I quickly put in it the ends of chains, strapped to my lips sex, and gently puts his knees. You pull the string and my sponge in the grip of crocodiles almost detached. Shipley, and you're doing a circular motion with your fingers.
I crawl into a corner of the living room, open the cupboard, take the stack and crawl to you, holding it in his teeth. You take it out, and I turn to you ass. You beat me slightly. I gratefully otklyachivayu ass and play it, swinging her hips.
- Yet??
Again, I get a slap, and then feel like a stack penetrates into my pussy. Pretty mychu.
- Okay look, we have a new bitch.
- Robe ... Correct?
- Not necessary….
I climbed to my feet at the same time with you, undress you. Member has raised. Awful want to touch him, to take on the lips, but so far I can not. You come to Lena, your dick touches her clenched fists. She withdraws her hand as far as it can be in handcuffs.
I went back and grabbed her by the hair, pull down sharply. Chin girls vzdergivaetsya head hangs over the back of the neck to the crunch.
- What are you doing, bitch? Lord wants you to take his cock into the handle!
- You have a fragile neck? - I smile in a pink ear and pull her hair.
Lena's fingers unclenched, she turns her hand, and your penis lies in the outstretched palm.
- Work on, girl!
Lena squeezes your cock and starts to masturbate. I look at you, and in obedience to the slightest change of expression on your face, the command:
- Faster ... More! Stroke crown! Clever! Dick, fuck who you be, hard .. .. They pat testicles swollen .. Mind you, bitch, Mr. sperm -?!? We two. So do not even count on the full dose of ... Mr. ripe to fuck a new bitch in the mouth? Now!...
Lena again grab the hair and turn her head to one side. You're already there. Next to me, and the face of the girl. Your crimson head pokes in a tightly compressed sponge full of Lena.
- Open your mouth, be a good girl.
- Open your mouth, bitch, I said! - Compress delicate cheeks plump girl fingers so that she has to open her mouth. - Do not try to close his little white teeth, bitch, and then you can be short of them!
Your dick gets into Lena's mouth depth.
- Well, you see ... very scary! Now that really took in the mouth, so that break? Come on, caressed the tongue!
I look at you from the bottom up. You're a pretty smile, then, Lena is still corrected and is trying to do something. Then you pulled out a member and guide it into my side. Any time grateful suck hard dick, serving his lips and tongue. Then again, the guide head in the mouth of the Lena. Her lips, though weak, but move on trunk entwined with veins. I see that you want more, and start to stick the hair on the head of Lenin dick, occasionally tossing it back and nasazhivayas mouth itself.
Finally, you decided to fuck Lena. I order her to lift and push the legs. When she appeared before you fully disclosed and defenseless, I puts your head on the delicate petals of Lenin, reveals her pussy, and you dramatically input. Bites his lip, wanting to me, too, penetrated dick. So sharply and immediately to the heart of ...
I manage Mr. behind, hugging his stomach and pressed his back to the tits and ass - pubis. I feel the blows, he gave me. Almost finish ...
- Vick, caress me!
Kneels down, insert your hand between the man's legs, caress shaved testicles, caressing the trunk. My fingers occasionally imprinted in wet pussy Lena, near the entrance there. Men's elastic buttocks hit me in the face.
- She was wet, so you fuck her! - I'm a little disgusted and razdasovana - bitch gets more fun!
- Sir, can I caress yourself?
- Good!
Stumbling in a hurry in the chains, run his fingers through his sweltering pussy. Cumming almost immediately, writhing on his arm, moaning and kissing male buttocks.
- Vika! - Command the you. I emerges from the pool of ecstasy. I obey, trembling with anticipation.
I manage a couple copulating on my eyes. Lena Cheeks flushed, though her eyes and closed. But sponge - contrary parted. With them breaks a quiet moan, every time dick rammed deep into her pussy. Then I step over Lena and plunk down at her. My popchka - her pubic hair, I'm wide open in front of you feet, resting her fingers to you in the chest. It lord just four holes, any one of which he can choose to fuck. Unless you prefer pussy, planting it me, Lena. You lift the chain on my breasts. My nipples are pulled up, squeezed into the crocodile. I shudder and from shock in me, from gentle sore nipples, and from blows to the girl, they, too, are given in my body, so they are strong. Cumming again, comes in moaning and shuddering on the elastic girlish body. When I come to, Lena sometimes sobbing, sometimes quite moans. Gently stroking her thigh, feeling as they walk shaking ...
- Vika!
I jumped down from the Lena.
- Who do you want in the ass?
You in thought looking at me and stretched in a chair Woman, leaning his head limply in his chair. It does not react to your words ... obkonchalas, Mean Girls! Between her thighs wide apart all glistening from moisture and lips were red and swollen.
- Do you really want in the ass? - You ask me.
I press my passion to you, whisper:
- Fuck me in the ass! Oh please!
You lie down on the sofa, and I hasten to you, press my buttocks to your stomach, whispering:
- Insert me himself, I beg you!
I feel like you puts hot head to my anus, and then planting the most eggs. A member of the whole in the juices Lena penetrates immediately, overcoming sphincter easily. I pierced by a dick and moan, dutifully podmahivaya gross invasion in the ass.
Any time I give myself mindlessly and furiously, and then finish, comes in ecstasy.
You fuck me rhythmically and long planting in the ass, and I kiss your hands, suck fingers, unable podmahivat. Only my foot rests on your hip, that you would freely move in me.
- You want her to lick you? - You ask, and I am delighted to agree.
Away from you for a short time in order to unlock the handcuffs. And unleashes a roughly pull the rope on the neck of Lena.
- Get up, bitch!
- What more do you want from me? Please leave me alone!
- Well, no, dear! You, I think, has got a fairytale? Or I decided that finished a couple of times, and that's your function ran out?
Lena cute blushing and without resistance allowed to drag himself on a rope to the couch. I lay down again and sent your dick in the ass. Crossed his rhythm comes to you on the hip, he pulled Lena:
- Zero on, bitch, lick me! You see, my child misses unattended!
She bent over my crotch, and her tongue timidly touched my wet petals.
- Lick! Sucking clit and lips! Cutting my chain, but cautiously, a gentleman can do it a lot! - I ordered and moaned over me sensations. My ass squeezed tight rough fucking her dick and girlish lips and tongue gently fingered my pussy. Then you began to play a chain on my nipples, and I flew in a non-stop orgasm ... ..
- Do you want to finish me in the ass? - I asked, still panting from the orgasm marathon.
- No! Only a new whore in the mouth!
- I want you to come, my lord! I can no longer stop! What are you doing with me? O o o, you threw it! ...
You sat down, he leaned back. Lena I sat in front of you, and she settled on your chest. Affectionately looking at her, I told her to suck, expanding its disposal the capture of her hair. Lena barely had time to reveal sponge, before flying to her mouth member.
- I swallow? - I asked.
She mumbled something in response, squinting hard and treating your cock. What especially contributed to my hand, presses on the back of her head.
- Aspirated carefully! Cum in half, remember, bitch?
Lena nodded that a member of his mouth was particularly impressive, and I clung to you and his tongue began to caress your nipples. And here you growled, you arched on the couch. I quickly slid down to your feet, took your dick from the captivity of Lena's lips, opened her mouth, waited until you became a fill our faces white fountain. I sent it spasming dick his mouth, then Lena, swallowing and swallowing treat. Thick liquid dripped down his chin, slipped to the tips of her breasts, dripping on the carpet.
I adoringly lick member, sometimes allowing you to do the same thing to Lena that moaning softly, her eyes closed, as if in embarrassment. I slipped my hand between her legs and felt light tremors in the wet hole.
- You're finished, my girl! Sir, your new bitch just finished what you otebal it in his mouth and bit her and fed with sperm! I think it will suit you!
Are you squeezed his eyes shut patted the girl's cheek. She opened her eyes and looked at you. Then I hugged her and we began to kiss your eyes, savoring and passing of sponges sponge your cum ...