Marina (early)

After everyone went to the shower, the four of us sat and drank. We talked about sex, life and any nonsense. Suddenly, my friend (Cyril) asked that? it's all? Marina itself said no, and we have the whole night ahead. We were completely naked, and thirsting repeating this crazy sex. My friend said that she wants to make a mad Cooney, and she agreed. We decided that as long as observe this action. And here she lies on the bed, legs apart, he caresses her, she winds, biting his lips, he gently penetrates her fingers into her, licking and gently fucks. I'm Arthur (the name of the third friend), sat and slowly Iron-on transfer its members, then approached her on both sides of the bed and began to fondle Marina, her body, breasts, nipples, and she wanker us as rocking the biceps: sharply and curtly, then faster and faster, then fainting. Then we began to take turns to give her mouth, and she did not mind. Cyril while watching this and did not want to remain indifferent, he got up and walked over to her so that his penis was in her face, and she was beneath him. Here Marina gently stood up and said, "fuck me in the mouth!" Kiruha taking her hair began to poke her with all the power of his cock ... taking it with her mouth water, which flowed down his neck, fell on his chest ... but it did not stop us to masturbate ... reassured, he walked away and went to her pussy while we fucked her in her mouth ... Charter, Marina said that she would like all the turns in the pussy. At first she lay on her back, then stood crustaceans, then sideways, changed a bunch of keys, and we all changed. Somebody fucked in the mouth, to whom she wanker who is fucking her pussy. The first could not resist Cyril, he finished on her chest and smeared a member. Then Arthur, who had finished her straight in the mouth. I did not want to stop, do not want to stop this rush that you can not describe in words !!! (Someone will understand me, who is not), I lay on the bed, she sat down on the top and jump start ... I grabbed her breasts, first wiping sheet, slightly wrenched nipples spanked on the ass, grabbed by the hair, she cried, she moaned. And finally, I threw it on its side, and finished her stomach. Guys vymovshis already sat and chatted. Marinka went into the shower, I joined them. We started to discuss it, and all agreed that it is smart. Listen, Kirill said, and she even tried the anal. I say, well, of course, she told me. And he began to say, how he would fuck her in the ass ... then I looked Marina out of the shower and asked for towels, we were blown up, but Arthur was faster, he brought her a towel and began to kiss her, and grabbing the ass, and she reciprocated and he went with her into the shower, probably thought we wiped. Then 5 minutes later, he comes out and goes for her bag, posed in a bath. We were at a loss ... Arthur has not come out for 10 minutes and we decided to look ... opened the door in front of us there was such a picture. On the floor, on a towel Marina and Arthur were in position 69, at the bottom of Arthur, she made him a blowjob and he ... .trahal her three fingers in the ass, heavily greased with special grease out of the bag, and caressing the clitoris. We decided to leave them alone, wondering what will happen next ... They came in 5-10 minutes. He stood like a stake, and Marina entire ass was in the grease. She walked past us, wagged her ass, and said that who would like to continue, she waits in bed. I went and got cancer, Arthur kept his head, smeared liberally lubricated penis and began to enter slowly. Kiruha says, let's go look. We approached and began to watch. Narrow anus Marina expanding by the minute, Arthur was tender and came slowly ... Marina moaned and finally, the whole of his penis was in her, she gasped and began to fuck her. Kirill, undeterred, went and lay down in front of her so that his penis was in her head, he began to masturbate, and she licked his balls. At that time I just watched and enjoyed the view. Marina full sucked Cyril and Arthur mercilessly fucked her in the ass, and she caressed her breasts and clitoris. Not being lost, Cyril stood up and pushed a marina, Arthur puzzled remained deprived of sweet priests Marinka, but then I realized fantasy friend ... Cyril put his hardened member of her vagina and began to fuck, Arthur bewildered moved closer to him, and went in the ass Marina which was not opposed. Remaining indifferent, I'm not supposed to do anything but get up on the bed and began to fuck her in the mouth. In this rhythm, we fucked her for about 10 minutes, then Kiruha asked me to give him a lubricant and then he greased his dick, turned Marinka back to him and began to insert it in the ass, Arthur, realizing began to fuck her in the vagina, but what I waiting for the moment when I give her ass to rastyarzanie! I worked a little with anyone of the girls in anal sex, because of their penis size (many were hurt, with his wife rare ... very rare ... in my wild desire). I waited, I hoped that she did not give up, especially in the developed ass. Suddenly Arthur took out his penis went up to her face, I pulled out my dick and cumshot in her mouth ... We are once again changed their position ... and porn (where such fantasies) ... began to fuck her with Cyril standing it in the ass I pussy ... but not for long ... tired ... I lay down on the bed, she sat on top, and Cyril (order already tired) fucked her in the ass and still could not finish ... she shouted from a high driving fast ... I kneaded her breasts, grabbed for hair, Cyril slapped and squeezed her ass ... he suddenly pulled out a member and came out of it ... to his own surprise, he finished it in the ass ... but Marina by all appearances was not opposed. She wiped the sperm and looked at me said, come on! Now it's your turn, the big man! ... I was lying, and she took the grease and began to smear my cock, while Cyril Suva lubricated fingers into her ass ... Less than a minute later, she tried to sit down on top of him. Wow! Vskrinula bolshevat it ... !!! I myself felt how tight he enters ... slowly and carefully, I went into it! God !!! It's indescribable, I wanted it in the ass, she jumped on me writhing, screaming and moaning! I only paw it and gave the rest of her ass. I went to fuck her doggy style, turning I went ... drove him to her, she cried and said: Fuck !!! Fuck !!! Fuck me !!! ... and I pecked on the way ... That's the third time I finish it ... and now, for the first time in my life, I took it and finished it in the ass, a stream that she already started. I fell on its side on the bed, and Marina and lay on his belly ... .It softly whispered: "An excellent sex, I love the group" ... but this is only the beginning of our joint games with it ... (to be continued).