Lust trucker

This summer I went to relax on the lake, which disposes of my garden 4 kilometers.
I wore my usual running shoes, shorts and t-shirt, swimming trunks were already on me. The day was very hot, so I
I picked up a cold water,
and looked on his way to the shop, I bought a cold can of beer. After 20 minutes I was at the lake, which despite
hot day, there was no one.
I have not a moment's hesitation climbed into the warm water, bathed in it, to get the desired prhladu day swimming away further and further.
When I swam to the shore, he saw a man in it, and in a hundred meters away from him his Kamaz, which stood on the side of the road.
The man put ashore 1.5-liter bottle of beer. I immediately appreciated all of his sexuality, he was of medium height,
stocky build, although it was the stomach, he gave an extraordinary sexuality of his broad shoulders, powerful
hands and feet, and his thin shorts were given the size of his penis hanging thick sausage between the legs, which is moved by repeating
his steps. I immediately in the mouth all stuck together, and I long climbs out of the water - I stood up. When I "settle down" his penis,
then climbed out of the lake to the beach and sat nepodoleku from him. The man looked at me, drinking beer, and I watched him a little bit.
On the shore it was empty, so he decided without shame to celebrate his need - to urinate. When I saw his fat cock
and unusually large round balls I'm very vozvudilsya I with sweets in the mouth watching how he bares his head, and both of
its members follows a thick stream of urine, I wanted to suck him, and I'm not distracted by watching how he urinates. The man is also to be desired
He looked at me, shaking his head from urine droplets. Then he sat down to drink his beer. And when he hit the beer in the head, he decided to
come to me.
He greeted me, asked: "What is water?" I replied that the good water - warm. We got to know him, his name was Mike, he was
41 years, he worked as a truck driver. We sat with him and talked about everything, and I could not tear myself away from the outline of his penis on his
shorts. Mike realized that I like, so feel free to take my hand and sent a hand in the groin, saying: "Do you want it to be
? Yours today. "I was dry throat, and there was a pleasure in my mouth I bent down to his groin and said." Let me otstosu
? You a member? "He said:" Take off your clothes, "and he undressed We both sat naked on the beach, he put me on his knees, and said!.
fondle his penis. I gently with one hand stroking his balls and the other opened its thick and moist head already swelling member.
After a moment he got up a member of the right, looking at the top of the head. I grabbed his head and his lips began to gently led his lips he
trunk. Since the term was very big, I just sucked it up to half. Misha was very very excited and said in amazement
how well I suck. Then he took his hands my head, and asked me not to move, I obeyed him. Misha began to fuck
in my mouth, I just opened my mouth wider, because the deeper he came to me in the mouth was thicker, his balls banging on my chin.
And the head of the penis, I felt at home at the throat, I was extremely pleased chuvtstvovat taste of this member.
I held his hands behind his ass, greedily taking member. So he fucked me in the mouth for half an hour, he had offered me on the sand, fucked
in the mouth, lying down, lying on his back, he did not otpukal hands on my head.
Misha richly finished in my mouth, not vytskivaya member of my mouth. My mouth was filled with hot sperm. Judging by how many
Misha came, he did not have sex for a long time, and my lustful mouth received its portion of the collected semen.
I swallowed all the sperm and licked up the purity of his head. Misha fell on the sand in bliss, and his cock began to fall, but lost
its attractive bulk. He told me that he had never received such kayfovo blowjob.
We drank our beer, and gathered - I'm on a summer residence, but he later in flight. Mike offered me to take me to the garden.
I sat in the cockpit and his KAMAZ we went. When we were near my house, Mike has suggested to suck, and I agreed.
For a long time I sucked him in the cab, but this time he was not fucked me in the mouth, and I am very greedy sucking this peasant member.
In Misha's cell phone rang, he picked it up. He called his colleagues, he came out of the cabin and talked with them about something for a long time,
Then he climbed into the cab and I went on a passionate sucking. After 15 minutes, I drove another KAMAZ, and Mike with a smile on
face asked: "You consistency to please my friends, let's really up to the end of the pump, you love to suck?" From this I am very
excited, but even more excited when he saw the three truck drivers who came out of KAMAZ. Misha went to negotiate with them,
Meanwhile, I went to prepare the cottage for today's entertainment. The men went to buy beer and snacks.
I went into the shower to wash, and emptied and washed away, because I knew that I will have to fuck with the men.
When I was ready, and the men called Misha in the kitchen, we sat drinking beer, talking about this and that, and then the men bought more vodka
and we sat quite still. Then well-oiled Ivan, unbuttoned his pants at all, came to me and said, "Suck my
boy! "I dutifully took his penis into her mouth, surprising, but it was even sweeter than that of Misha. The men all together began to masturbate and
I turn to roll in his mouth and ended, and I only drank semen. Then I put cancer and fucked in pairs at a time - in the mouth and anal.
I will never forget my first anal penetration - was at first very painful, I asked him not to fuck me, but drunk
guys this is just the factory, and then has brought me, and I humbly gave himself to give heavenly pleasure. All night I fucked
4 man, this was my first experience with men.