Still ran!

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For the first time in as many games c girls, I really ran. It happened when I decided, once again, to play quickly once in the Railways in a standard way and there it was .. Still Real FemDom is fundamentally different from the game, because here seriously.
In general, I specifically went and now I am absolutely serious knotted with RZD. This is really my last story and I after these events now really not all that. I normally lay with narrative Learn all photos from her page, and finally to tie the game Real Female dominance. The only thing I hope - is that Ksenia let me go.
In general, as it turned out? I then used a standard method for a game that almost everyone knows and this, perhaps, he soon ceased to act. As usual, under the "left" page, which embodies a young mother, I placed in one of the community's Hunters pedophiles and response message: "Read the correspondence of my 12-year-old daughter in the Mile-agent and was horrified It has for several! months of frank talks with a pedophile that it communicates almost exclusively on one subject. that he tells her about his penis, then how to rub between the legs, it offers meet .. it is a nightmare !! And, boy quite young, he . for 22 years and it has been like this Press it, please, ceilings with him somehow, that he was afraid to do it .. that's his e-mail: [email protected] "
I wrote a pretty girl, which I almost immediately pressed:
Freepis Hi)
Ksenia_larina85 Hello!
Freepis Who are you?
I unsuspectingly become immediately prior to sharpening her photos during the correspondence, but there it was:
Ksenia_larina85 Xenia
Freepis Sasha
Ksenia_larina85 So what we will do with you, Sasha?
Freepis mean? !!
In Ksenia_larina85 live.
Ksenia_larina85 Do you know that the five common mode you already have?
Freepis In what sense ???????
I remember that at this point I really the first time is very scared. This feeling of fear, which runs throughout the body distributed as billions of tiny strokes current, yielding not strong tickle in his hands, the chill in his legs and chest. I have a very highly developed intuition, and at that moment I really felt very strong fear of the girl. And it was so scary that even masturbate got sick on her pictures.
Freepis Why ??????
Ksenia_larina85 Do not you guess?
no Freepis
Ksenia_larina85 And maybe you remember a little girl, which you told us about your small penis?
Ksenia_larina85 Or do you now sharply otshibłt memory?
Freepis And who are you ????
Ksenia_larina85 I work in the organs
Ksenia_larina85 Received information that you do defilement of young girls
Ksenia_larina85 This article of the Criminal Code, for which you will receive at least 5 years
Freepis I do not understand what you are !!!!!
Ksenia_larina85 And why are you so nervous then? m?
I'm not nervous Freepis
Ksenia_larina85 You do not worry - your IP known all your correspondence stored in the Archives of Here the evidence is no problem at all, is not the case ...
Freepis right !!!! I was just joking!!!!
Ksenia_larina85 Prompt little girl rubbing between the legs - you call it a joke?
Ksenia_larina85 Did you know that in prison for such "jokes" do?
Ksenia_larina85 and how many more girls are you writing?
Ksenia_larina85 Speak! I still know
Well Freepis esch g were
Ksenia_larina85 How many were there, answer?
More Freepis 3 girls we were talking about sex with them. They do want to talk about it !!!!! They already know everything yourself !!!!
Ksenia_larina85 How old are they?
Freepis 14, 15 and 15
Ksenia_larina85 Clearly all with you
Ksenia_larina85 Why you called it to a meeting? What are you going to do with it?
Freepis Nothing !!!!! Oh, just a friendly !!!!!
Ksenia_larina85 What are you talking about?
Ksenia_larina85 It's time you close the five years
Please do not Freepis !!!!!!!!!!! I will no more!!!!!!!
Ksenia_larina85 And to tell you how you such as the camera tightened his hands behind his back, gagged with a towel, not to yelling and raped by turns throughout the chamber?
Freepis not necessary
Ksenia_larina85 Or maybe you want? Maybe I should still do so to you and then you the next time thoughtful, before the little girls is to write?
Freepis I will not !!
It Ksenia_larina85 kindergarten. You made a terrible criminal offense against children and must answer for it!
Freepis Well, please do not !!!!!!!! Well, I ask you !!!! I beg you !!!
Ksenia_larina85 And what do you suggest? So I closed my eyes to it, or what?
Freepis No !! Well just like anything differently !!!
Ksenia_larina85 How?
Freepis Can I somehow redeem !!!!! ??????
Freepis I do not want to jail !!!!!!!!
Ksenia_larina85 really? so do not want to go to jail?)))
Ksenia_larina85 want to redeem himself in front of children?
Freepis yes
Ksenia_larina85 Okay ...)))
Ksenia_larina85 then will wash dirty diapers for children
Freepis mean ????
Ksenia_larina85 There is a place where are brought dirty laundry of some orphanages, nurseries, etc. They just need volunteers to the dirty work, I will arrange for you ..))
Ksenia_larina85 will walk every day to wash, wash the children, if you do not want to jail.
Freepis What washable?
Any diapers Ksenia_larina85 crap one's pants, socks, dirty, etc.
Freepis you serious ????
Ksenia_larina85 Absolutely!
Freepis And when it is generally done?
Ksenia_larina85 evening. I think in the region of eight
Freepis every day?
Ksenia_larina85 Yes, every day
Freepis long?
Ksenia_larina85 While it's not washed, that the day has come
Freepis I sense at all how much?
Ksenia_larina85 I think for the beginning of the year 3, then we'll see ...
Freepis Che ???????? Are you seriously!!!!??????
Ksenia_larina85 If you want to sit cockerel 5 years in prison, it's your choice
Freepis Do not !!
Ksenia_larina85 Agree?
Yes Freepis
Ksenia_larina85 Oak. Then I find out how you can volunteer to organize and tomorrow you have to say in detail where to go in the evening. Good?
Yes Freepis
Ksenia_larina85 Remember, I will be constantly in touch, if that .. I'll always know how you work there and all that. So, look at me !!!
Freepis I understood everything
Ksenia_larina85 That's clever)))
Ksenia_larina85 Do not worry, in the beginning there will be nasty, then get used to it))
Freepis Maybe another job?
No Ksenia_larina85
Other Ksenia_larina85 will only zone!
Ksenia_larina85 I, in general, believe that you have to drive all of such work
Ksenia_larina85 Everything, tomorrow I will say that you do!
Freepis Oak
Ksenia_larina85 And try not only to get out tomorrow! Once we break through and send over IP outfit for you .. And, believe me, I'm not kidding! I like you really do not mind. I gave you a chance to redeem himself, if you do not vospolzueshsya this, it means that everything that you do in the area, you've earned.
Ksenia_larina85 now on the coming years I am taking you to the special control
Ksenia_larina85 Do you understand me?
Freepis mean a special kontrll ???????
Ksenia_larina85 I will keep track of all your correspondence, communications, can talk to your parents!
Freepis not only with parents !!!!!! Do not say or anyone !!!! Oh please!!!! I'll go wash !! Anything!!!!!
Ksenia_larina85 Well, if you do everything I tell you, no one will know anything)
Ksenia_larina85 In general, according to the new laws, even the whole staircase of pedophilia in which you live should be notified that the entrance of a pedophile lives.
Freepis not necessary !!!!! I also agreed to everything !!!! You promised !!!!
Ksenia_larina85 yes it is I, for prevention)))