He wanted adventure

    I have the experience of meeting women, a lover strapon guys. I met with Ms. their servant, was their toy, any performer perverted fantasies. It turns out there are many women, who dream to fuck guy. Some used the strap carefully designing my hole and prostate massage.

    There were also lovers of hard-fucking threesome big and long, long time, and with malice. At the same time, they called me in different words, insulted, tried to hurt. The most interesting thing that I liked it too. He liked to feel a bitch.

    We have experience meeting the guys. Usually we do orannym and anal sex. I played the role of the bottom, doing blowjob and fucked me in the ass.
    But I always imagined myself as a girl. However, getting to know and met with the guys, I told them it did not say. Perhaps he could not take the initiative.

    At home, I often wore women's underwear. Katya presents itself. On dating sites can see ads and realize that many guys like to fuck the guy-girl. And now, the dream or fantasy to become a girl, bitch.

    Once, during the next meeting with a guy, after our sex, he said he wanted to fuck a guy in women's clothes and asked me if I could change to our next meeting. The mind I tried not to show, but in my heart rejoiced him. And I said that he had long wanted to be a girl. Not even a girl as a bitch, sosalkoy, dirty whore. He said that he told me the opportunity to be a bitch. We agreed to meet again, and I began to prepare. I bought a beautiful lingerie: panties, stockings and garter belt, short peignoir. And waited for him to call.

    A few days later he called me and said that I made a good lavage enema and was ready for eight o'clock in the evening. I'm a little surprised, why so late, but he said that for girls bitches will be a surprise.

    I was immediately put on lingerie, from top to put on a tracksuit and go to meet him. He was waiting for me at the house by car. I sat down and we have to go somewhere.
After some time, he said that for a big surprise, I have to wear a bandage over his eyes.     I agreed. The street is a little dark. Where we went, I did not see. After some time, the car stopped, he went out and came back five minutes later. I heard some open gates, then the car started, and probably drove into the yard of a house. He told me that I was leaving, but did not take off the bandage. I went out, and he took my hand and began to suggest how and where to go. We went into some room, walked through the corridors, then started down the stairs, walked down the hall again. Sometimes I heard some voices and heard someone talking. But he could not make out the words. Then we stopped, and he said to someone that bitch delivered. I heard someone laughing. I was a little alarmed, I asked, where are we and what is happening. Another voice told me that I bitch silent and do what they tell me. And then I hit some kind of a stick in the ass. The impact was quite significant, and I began to worry in earnest, but he did not mind not to get another kick. He calms himself that game and the next surprise arranged by my friend.

    I heard the clang of the keys in the door, then the creak of a door opening, and pushed me into a kind of room. I was told to stay in a sports suit and give it. That's exactly what I did. Then I was ordered to sit on a chair, sit back and wait in silence, but do not remove the bandage. We had to wait is not long. Twenty minutes later the door opened and I heard in the room includes people. By voice I realized that it was a few men. They began to whistle, to laugh and to express all sorts of vulgarity. Then someone said, it's your bitch, and that it is, ie, I have, at their disposal for the night until the morning. Then I was told to take off the blindfold. I took off and saw the room six strong healthy men. I have realized that I was in the chamber of a detention facility. To be honest, I went cold inside. I'm confused, and said (asked), it means everything. The men just laughed and said I was a bitch, and should serve them in silence. I started to protest, but I was taken by the arms and dragged him to the table in the center of the room. I had not the strength to resist the excitement.

    Then one of them said to me, laid out on the table and begin. They put me on the back. The two held hands, two legs lifted up and lit them apart. I instinctively stiffened, but said that I relaxed and did not resist, and that will be painful. The rest began to undress, I saw how they began to masturbate their cocks. Then, the table was approached by one and began to attach his penis in my ass ...

    I started to fuck. One of the men came up to my face and told me to take his cock in my mouth. I opened my mouth and he began slowly at first and then faster to fuck me in the mouth. The first two fucked fifteen minutes. Then they started almost simultaneously groan, accelerated pace and felt like inside me splattered warm liquid and then into his mouth hit the jet of sperm. Startled, I choked and coughed. Around all laughed. And I was a little hurt the pope, and disgusted in the mouth.

    Then they were replaced by two others, and again began to fuck ... When all at once I fucked, I was left lying on the table, and they collapsed on the beds and rested. They say that good will bitch. And they all rest and repeat, as they have not fucked anyone. Then the same thing happened. The second time they fucked me longer. Popa has burned with fire. Roth and his face was all in the semen, and already swallowed too.
    Then I was left alone for a while and already fucked at will. But in general, all was not until the morning. Forces to get off the table I did not. Everything ached and ached.

    In some time the door opened, the chamber went to the guard and asked the men if they are satisfied. I heard cheers.

    The guard told me to get off the table and out of the chamber. I was led down the hallway and started the shower. I was told to wash well, gave a tracksuit and was taken out. At the gate, waiting for me "friend" who gave me such a surprise. He asked me, liked me to be a whore raped or not. I said that I did not expect such a dirty trick on him. He laughed and took me home. At home, I washed again and went to sleep.
My ass was aching for a long time and heal after such a load. I do not want to see anyone and no one met. I had had enough of surprises ...

    But a month later I again call my friend and asked me if I missed. I would swear to it, but then said he missed.
    I had to prepare for the next meeting and any unexpected surprises. He said that losing my rent for three days as a slave and that I would be interested. I agreed and went ...