Ordinary Weekday

and I hear a pleasant voice behind, "the young man a cigarette not Treat !?" I think that's an excuse poznakomitsya..priznayus I'm not a romantic but I can absolutely meet with anyone, as long as the occasion byl.Tak and with it, a couple of seconds, I already knew her name by the way is not a lot of it (years she was really 23 , the growth of 167-169, chest fourth the size of the elastic tidy popa..a legs just crazy REDD) we are talking to her, it turned out she was married, then my enthusiasm a bit early ugas.No we were talking, we were poputi and to shorten the way I always walked through the woods and she lived just opposite the forest there was not a large cottage poselok.I here when our paths could break up, I suddenly remembered that my brother is now sportsmanship is and release him after an hour the street was poltora.A not a big nasty rain, and then it happened that I had been waiting for 15.Ona minutes invited me for tea, I'm certainly happy to soglasilsya.My entered the house he was quite large and went on uyutnyy.Srazu kuhnyu.Ona brewed tea, we sat chatting. But all my hints stupidly ignore it and do not notice, and then the inevitable happened, she spilled hot tea over himself and the abruptly released from kofty.Tut my eyes opened her charms that were visible even through byustgalter.eto has been beyond my strength, I went and started stroking her breasts, kissed sheyu.Ponachalu she did not resist, but then he pushed me away and said, can not they say her husband do not change, but to be honest I did not care whether or not it changes, before that I did not have sex 1.5, and the self-satisfaction I do not zanimalsya.Ya kissed her all the more passionately on the lips in the neck, and she already knew resistance was futile and even she herself began like this was even seen by its soskam.Dalshe I bent it on the table. She lifted her skirt. I did not shoot stockings, and when my hand was close to her crotch, I realized that all she wanted was menya..tam ozero.Moy friend already full stuchalsya..i here I am freed from all ego..i span came in nee..Zahodil I deeply almost the most eggs (a member of my 18.5 cm and a diameter of 4 cm), her moans with cries more I wound up menya.Konchil somewhere minutes through 6-7, and had a lot of sperm all I pulled into it (because Gandon I did not have to finish it and she asked me to say that the tablet will drink Tipo husband also fucks her without a condom)
Then we went into the shower ... There she has willingly sucked me, I finished it in his mouth, then went into the bedroom, my unit was already gotov.ya put her on the bed and began to peck her in kisku.Delal I a long time in different postures (poses, I know a lot more in the 9th grade Kama Sutra has been studied me from cover to cover) and finish can not get the same for 20 minut.za this time my partner had finished 5-6, and that's even after 15 minutes of sweet agony I still swung at it, then I lay exhausted for 10 minutes lighting a cigarette, and about it I do be quiet, although there she lay bed hearth is not even a sign of life from her pussy flowed my sperma.Ya looked at the time and it was time to go, I kissed her on the cheek said that the tablets have not forgotten, she just nodded her head and I ushel.No I will come back ....