Happy meeting

It happened 3 years ago when I was 19. We with my friend in an autumn weekday morning stroll along the only city dostoprimechatelnosti- the bay. In autumn morning there was no one there and we slowly rounded the bay speaking on various topics. Ahead stood on the grass playground, we have more of it away and could not see if there is someone or not, but I was sure that it was empty. We were going to sit there a bit and touched on. Coming a little closer, we noticed human silhouettes, two human silhouette. When were quite close, we saw that these were two girls who were sitting on the seesaw and talking to each other. When we went to the site and sat on the bench, they paid attention to us. We sat for 20 minutes and so my friend suggested that I come to the girls until they are gone and tie but at least some conversation, so we did with them. In general, we are addicted to these girls, in appearance, they were 18-20 years old, dressed in the autumn-tight jeans, jacket and boots, they are cute smiling and flirting with us. The conversation went away and my friend began to ask them questions, "Do you have the guys", "How do you like us for the candidacy" and so on. After a while the conversation became more frank, interesting and we split into pairs and began to walk around the site with me was Kate, a pretty girl who flirted with me. When we had stood and talked, I saw a friend of mine not far from us already kissing the second girl, I was surprised. Kate saw it laughed and winked at me, and trembled with surprise and sat down on a tree stump, and my friend little kiss, so also was the paw of the elastic ass this girl. I sat and thought what all this is, and Kate began to smile at me and nod to kissing, I have decided that it is possible and to take the risk, Kate grabbed his feet and put on his lap, to my surprise, she did not resist. We watched a few seconds at each other and I realized that I really like, then I stared at her lips and hugged tightly by the waist, she also kissed and from that I became excited, realizing that this girl is not against my love, I cupped hands her young elastic ass, began to squeeze and knead her, stroking her thighs, the day has become for me one of the happiest in my life. Then Kate offered to approach our friends, they are still kissing, and when we arrived they just glowed with happiness and smiles. I asked what to do next, Kate suggested they go for a walk along the bay beyond. As we walked, my friend began to whisper to me that these girls can not be overlooked, I knew it but did not know what to do. After a while we walk with Kate again dug his lips passionately into each other and I began to stroke her ass, thighs and breasts, she polsh¸pota said he wants me. My mind clouded over, I told her that if so then let's go together to my house and she smiled happily. We went to my house, passing by some lone kiosk Katya said all that can buy prezikov from the word prezik my cock was ready to break out, my friend went to the kiosk and bought these preziki and we went on. As we walked, I imagined that now and will be constrained only member of my jeans. On the way home I looked at the ass Katya and represented as I take off her jeans and panties, for the first time in a year. My first and only girl left me a year ago considering uninteresting sex with her, I was just on the strength of just 10, and I really did not know that pleasure. When we finally arrived, I offered tea to girls, but they refused. Kate dragged me into the room, and my friend with the second girl retired to another room. Once we're alone began to kiss, undress, I'm pulling off her jeans, then a jacket, my penis has bulged out jeans, I took off her bra and stared at her hard nipple, then spread her legs and began to admire her gray shorts, trying to see through they outline a young pussy. He took off his jeans and underwear, she was happy, I grabbed her panties and slowly pulling off them, my cock already throbbing wildly, my eyes opened shaved pussy Katie, pink and young pussy. Without wasting a second, I put on a member of the condom, put Katya on her back, spread her gorgeous legs, brought his cock to Rozochke and began to rub on it, and then entered, Katina vagina was already vlazhnenkaya because the member went like clockwork, I began to fuck my Kate which just this morning accidentally met her vagina was still wetter, she pleasantly humid pohlyupyvala, Kate grabbed my legs around the waist and fucked her all the more, I looked at her and saw the face a huge buzz is catching, I would stretch fuck that-be Kate enjoyed and also finished, and then I finished, a powerful jet of sperm hit the prezik, what a pity that it is not in the vagina. Little by holding cock in her wet bosom, I pulled it out and Katya asked to approach it, and then when I'm on my knees got closer, she took in her mouth my cock, licking it, sucking, completely absorbed in her mouth, wondering if she could distinguish the taste of juice own vagina. I looked at all of this from the top down and feel lucky, I saw her lips sex in me again the desire to both be her fuck, a member of the flaccid again become a strong rock, I pulled it out rotika my friend, lay on his back and asked catch rider, she immediately got up and sat on my hard standing member, he entered fully into her pussy, cum in the condom squelched and I ventured that prezik may break, but I was already still, clasping her waist and hips I watched she jumped on me, staring at me with passionate eyes and smiled, her small breasts first size interesting bouncing like balls, then I introduced her pussy lips are so hospitably admitted to her my cock, I took it with me and put it on his back, spread legs and bit the lips of her pussy, I pokusival each sex lips, tongue slips into her vagina trying to go farther, licking her, smacked his lips, and Kate laughed apparently due to the tickling. Taste pussy was excellent, feeling that I wanted her again to fuck me again slipped into it a member, put her legs on his shoulders and with a large amplitude began to fuck her, dick almost out of the vagina and completely by the most pubis was part of her, she made interesting moans and misty eyes looked at me. A little more and I was violently ended, the vagina was just hot, and my sperm prezike even more heightened temperature .... We were lying naked on the bed and laughing with joy, laughing from this fortunate meeting. Then suddenly knocked to us, our second couple, and we called them in the room, they are also behind the wall on slavu.Potom fucked my friend began to take off her panties to the second girl, her name is Ira, and right in front of us, Katya caught fire again and began kissing me. My cock was again ready to rush into the vaginal attack. Then my friend and I to put our girls in front of crustaceans, left their members in theirs pussies in unison and began to fuck, my friend was not prezika and risk. I slapped on the ass Katya and fucked her furiously. My cock expanded in diameter and has become a pull Catino wet vagina, and then I finished, I could have sworn that the hot jet of sperm prezik broke and flooded wet cunt simple Russian woman, these were the feelings. I threw her on her stomach and lay down on it without pulling a member from its narrow, obtrahannoy slits. A friend of mine apparently feel that the ends turned back in Iru, again slipped into it a bit and have sex in the last minute pulled out a member and finished right on his tummy krasivenky girl. Then I knew what to me more hardly enough pulled off member prezik, put Kate on the back and all my cum smeared my dick in her mouth gave my girlfriend. She sucked, it felt the taste of my sperm is not got it in the vagina, a friend saw us too, did the same, his Il sucked his cock, licking it. We were happy on our faces were smiling and laughing, we were young, strong and full of life. After we laughed from such great happiness and everyone went to the bathroom to wash at a time. When I was a quick wash, washed away by a member of semen I went into the room and then I went into the bathroom with my friend Ira. The room we were left with Kate and she was waiting for their turn to see her in a gray tight shorts, presenting as I just fucked my unintentional counter length and breadth of my penis began to rise, I could not restrain myself, approached her, brutally put to bed , pulled off her panties, spread legs, and roughly entered into the vagina without the prezika, a member no matter how that had happened sticking bogatyr¸m, I fell on Katya all the weight and became roughly fuck her bed was shaking, I felt like a Mustang that breaks all on the way, Katya started displeasure angry, but my excitement was stronger, and squeezed her breasts, nipples, her vagina took my cock like a glove, I was not afraid to finish it, I did, and wanted my day could not be unfinished until I I will not do it. And I do not care about the consequences, excitement was stronger. Her vagina clenched member still stronger, but it was still wet, warm and hospitable. I fucked her, she groaned, whether from discomfort, whether of pleasure ... and I had finished, hot sperm gushed into the vagina Katie, mixed with her juice, spread out over all the walls, fell into the most holy of holies ... I lay her and she told me, "are you finished with me? !!!!".
After a while she sat naked on the bed, and I'm here, she looked at her well obtrahannuyu pussy and how from it slowly flows on my white sheets, my sperm, she asked indignantly, "Why did you do that?", And I was already in nirvana, and I have not heard anything, but this girl Kate sunk into my memory for life, and after the event she disappeared, and I have 3 years nothing about it know.