I want to tell what happened to me a week ago. And going on to this day.

I have a feminine face, slender figure, round ass. Once, when I was 18, I went to the club, had to give money to the guard to miss. I wore tight jeans, T-shirt and went to the dance floor. I was approached by a guy from behind and started stroking my ass. I was taken aback and did not know what to do. Man molested a couple of minutes, then saw that I was not a girl and left. I was about to leave when the guy came up and said, "That's ass, so any girl would envy." The guy is gone again.

Back home, I stood before the mirror naked, looked at myself and thought: is not it possible that I look like a girl. So I did not pay much attention to it. But the thought that I looked like a girl never left me.
As time went on. And here I was 19 years old, and my parents gave me a gift certificate for photography in the studio, I decided that I would someday go.
By the time I started to listen to rock, and grow hair.

I decided that I shoot booth in a suit. I wore pants, jacket and went to the studio. There I met a nice young man, he was a photographer, by a happy coincidence in the studio there was nobody else.

Filming began. I tried different positions, sitting, doing "kind of brutal." Here the photographer offered to remove his jacket and tie, I obeyed. Photographer all shot on camera. Then the photographer offered to take a break. I agreed. Photographer suggested to drink a little, for the Emancipation. I did not drink alcoholic before, parents are forbidden, but forbidden fruit is sweet, and I agreed. We drank brandy and decided to continue shooting. Immediately photographer offered to unbutton his shirt, I decided that it would be fun, and slowly undid a button of a button. Photographer continued to insist on my outcrop and within 10 minutes I was photographed in his underpants.

Alcohol made itself felt, so I did not hesitate. After another few minutes of shooting photographer said that I took off pants. I decided to let it be, and what will fulfill his request. After that, the photographer started to compliment my ass. I do not know how to react. And he said, I want to get dressed. Then the photographer smiled slyly and said that he has suitable clothing for this ass. He took me into the dressing room, there lay a bundle of clothes for me. It had black lace panties, a bra for size zero with inserts, stockings, short skirt, short jacket. All the clothes were female. Behind me came a photographer, he wordlessly began to dress me, I did not resist, I was as if in a trance. As soon as he put on, we come to the mirror, the photographer with knowledge of the matter, I nakrasili eyelashes, lips a little concealer. I looked in the mirror, from there-haired charming girl looking at me. We again entered the studio and began a new photo session. With each picture frame came closer and closer. He was not asked, he ordered, in what position I stand up. Bend down, push the legs. Unfasten the buttons on his shirt.

Here is his lens has an inch from me. Suddenly he put his camera embraced me, one arm holding my waist, and the other lay on the ass, and immediately climbed under her skirt. He kissed me, I did not step back, I just could not do it. He undressed and kissed me again. He put me on my knees, my face rocked his huge cock. He did not ask, he ordered. He put his penis in my mouth and told me to dig her mouth, I did what was ordered, and his cock easily penetrated into my mouth, but put his hands on my head and began to brutally fuck me in the mouth. This went on for a very long time. At last he shook his cock stiffened and went into my mouth as far as possible. And he came, and I was trying to swallow as much as possible, but did not succeed.

Then he sat down, I stood on my knees, my face was in the sperm. He said that now I am a slave girl, he shot not only photos, but also on the video camera.
The conclusions I have made myself.
I went to him, knelt down and began to lick his penis.
- well done, you learn quickly - said the photographer - now turn around to me popochkoy, let's see what it tastes like.
I complied with the order, he took off my panties, his finger penetrated me in the ass, I trembled. So he put his dick in my ass ... and continued to be very, very soon ...